GoTv Decoder Price in Nigeria 2020

You are most probably here to know gotv decoder price in Nigeria but you by the time you are done reading, you would have know all it is to know about the Pay tv in general.

gotv decoder price in nigeria

This will help you in making a better choice when next you decide to choose a cable TV for you and your family.

Most homes in Nigeria today use cable TV as a major source where they get information, get entertained and as a source of relaxation.

Viewers get to know the latest happenings around them from the comfort of their homes.

For a while now, many homes have opted to use GoTV as their preferred choice of TV cable because of the number of local and foreign channels available for a cheap amount of money.

The image quality of GoTV is another reason it became the choice of many homes.

GoTv Decoder

GoTv is also owned by Multichoice and it is usually seen and referred to like the cheaper version of DSTV.

Even though GoTV is still different in some ways from DSTV, it still boasts of a relatively high number of channels that covers both local and foreign news, shows, events, movies, and series.

GoTV also maintains good quality in terms of sound and picture.

The signal level is equally strong and the installation process is quite easier compared to that of dstv.

You can actually install GoTV yourself as it doesn’t require any technical skills, unlike DSTV where you will need to hire the services of an expert to help you out.

Features of GoTv

In order for you to know and understand how this decoder works and functions, we have come up with the features of this cable TV.

This will enable you know what you will expect when you decide to buy a decoder today.

  • GoTV is a terrestrial digital TV service that doesn’t need any satellite dish or rigorous installation process before it starts to work.
  • It operates on the DVB-T2 platform which enables the decoder to be used with any TV antenna so that the signal level can be stronger.
  • The decoder works only in locations with GoTV transmitter coverage. This is because DVB-T2 technology deployed through masks which makes it accessible to locations where the masks are planted.
  • Presently, GoTV is supported in Nigeria, Zambia, Malawi, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Zimbabwe, and Namibia.
  • The latest versions of the decoders come with HDMI and USB ports.
  • With the HDMI, you may not need the AV cable to connect it to an output device.
  • You can make use of the HDMI cable to connect decoder to your TV.
  • You can get access to GoTV channels to get informed and entertained for as low as N400.
  • This is way cheaper when compared with DSTV or other Cable TVs.
  • With the least subscription plan, you can still get access to over 20 local and foreign channels with non stop entertainment.

GoTv Decoder Price in Nigeria

The cost of gotv in Nigeria ranges from N6,500 to N7,500 depending on your location.

It comes along with all the necessary kits needed to start using immediately. This include the antenna, popularly known as goTenna, cable, remote, screws and bolts.

They are relatively cheap and plus the fact that you do not need to budget any additional money to get any installation expert or technician.

Once you are able to buy it, you can easily follow the simple steps to install it and start using it immediately.

It also comes with a full one-month GoTV Max which is the most expensive package on GoTv cost 3,600 Naira and gives you access to a wide range of movie, news and music channels.

But the Jolli package on gotv is what i believed to offer the best value for money.

IUC Number

This IUC number is a very important 10-digit code that you must always remember because it is a unique number that links you to both your GoTV account and decoder.

No two decoders have the same IUC numbers just as there are no two persons using the same BVN.

The IUC number is also known as the serial number of your GoTV, that is why, when we talk about the decoder, we also need to understand what the IUC number is and how important it is to you.

There are three ways you can easily get your GoTV IUC number.

  • The first way is by turning your decoder upside down as it is written under your decoder.
  • The second way to press the menu button on your GoTV remote, press the OK button when you get to ‘Information Central’, there you will see your IUC number at the top-left corner of your screen.
  • Last option is to contact the GoTV customer service and give them the required answers you will be asked about your GoTV account.

Now that you know how you can get your decoder IUC number, let’s take a look at what you can use the IUC number to achieve, this will help you understand how important the number is.

Uses of IUC Number

The first thing you do after buying a decoder is to activate it so that you can use it efficiently.

  • Activating your new decoder requires your IUC number. Without activating your new decoder, even with an active subscription, you will still not have access to any channel.
  • The IUC number will also be required any time you wish to renew your subscription. This is what links you to your GoTV account and decoder.
  • Your IUC number will serve as your password when you want to manage your GoTV account.
  • There are many activities you can carry out on the GoTV online portal such as subscription, paying for your packages or even for other persons and also to check for updates about the products.
  • Without your IUC number, you can not be able to log in.
  • You may want to know your GoTV account balance or know your subscription due date so that your subscription doesn’t get expired without you knowing.
  • Your IUC number can be used to achieve that.
  • When you face any error while watching a channel on your GoTV, with your IUC number, you can log in easily to your GoTV online portal so that you can fix the error.
  • You just need to input your IUC number on the page, select the error displayed on your TV screen and then click on ‘Fix Error’.
  • You can also clear GoTv errors by dialing 2881# from your mobile phone. Give in the accurate details as required by the system. This way, you can clear the errors easily.


GoTv was not introduced by Multichoice as a replacement for DSTV but so that digital TV services can be extended to everyone irrespective of their financial status.

With gotv decoder you now have access to cable TV channels at affordable price in Nigeria.

You can now go ahead to get yourself and your loved ones a decoder today and enjoy non-stop entertainment 24 hours a day.

It is important you know that with GoTV, there are no hidden charges. Just buy and start to use it.

So over to you, do you think gotv decoder price in Nigeria is fair? What about their services> Let me know in the comment.


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