DStv Compact Plus Price in Nigeria 2023 (With Extra View)

DStv Compact Plus Price in Nigeria

DStv compact plus monthly subscription in Nigeria at the moment is NGN 14,250 Naira.

This package gives you access to watch over 160 video channels which include but are not limited to Sports, Movies, Tv Shows, Music, documentaries, and more.

I have recently published an article on the list of DStv compact plus full channels in Nigeria and it will be updated if and when there are any changes.

How Much is DsTv Compact Plus Package Plus Extra View?

The price of DsTv compact plus with extra view in Nigeria is NGN 17,150.

  • Compact Plus Package = NGN 14,250 Naira
  • Extra View = NGN 2900 Naira
  • DStv Compact Plus + Extra View = NGN 17,150 Naira.

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