Zenith Bank Transfer Code | Send Money on Phones in 2020


You need to activate zenith bank transfer code before you can be able to send money from your account to any other account in Nigeria. Here is how to in full details.

zenith bank transfer code

On this page, we will look at Zenith Bank ussd code for transferring money. Here, we will show you how to transfer funds from your account to other Zenith Bank account holders using the ussd code. You will also see how to transfer to other banks from your Zenith bank account through the same code. Read on!

When it comes to mobile money transfers using ussd code, Jim Ovia’s Zenith Bank seem to have the easiest and fastest method.

With just a single code, you can send money from your account with the bank to a fellow Zenith bank customer and also to customers of other banks. You don’t need different codes for that. It is one ussd code for all types of transfers.

You can also use 966 mobile banking to check your nuban account number with zenith bank. It is one of the functions of the code apart from using it to send money.

Zenith USSD Code

I will tell you. The Zenith Bank mobile banking ussd code is *966#. That is the code the bank customers can dial on their phones to access mobile money services without the use of the internet.

You can dial the code from any kind of phone and it will work for you. Whether on Android smartphones, IOS devices or on Java mobile phones, the code works on all types of cellphones. Below is a detailed guide on how to use the ussd code.

How To Send Money

Are you ready to make your first transfer of funds using *966#? Do you need to send money to someone now but needs to be guided on how the Zenith transfer code works? Follow these steps below to transfer funds using *966*.

Zenith Bank Transfer Code

  • From the mobile line connected to your bank account (where you do receive transaction alerts from the bank), dial *966*Amount*RecipientAccount# (e.g *966*8000*2111111001#).
  • A list of banks will show up with Zenith Bank listed as the first.
  • Press 1 to select Zenith Bank and “SEND”.
  • After that the name of the person will show up on your screen (e.g “You are about to transfer N1000 to Adazion Hajia Teniola”).
  • Enter your 4 digit PIN to confirm the transaction.
  • You will receive a notification on your screen next telling you “Transaction successful.
  • To save recipient account number, so that next time you don’t have to write it afresh, select 1 for “Yes” or 2 for “N0”.

Transfer from Zenith to Other Banks

To transfer money to other banks from your Zenith Bank account using *966#, the process is almost the same with the above method.

The only difference is that here you need to select the recipients bank which should be a different bank from Zenith when you dial the *966* code.

Let me show you what I mean in the example below.

Let us assume you are to send N1,000 to one Mr. Innocent Oluwole Adegbe, who is a First Bank customer. Below is how you will do it.

1.) Dial *966*1000*3012345678# (Notice how the code is not different from the *966*Amount*Recipient Account Number# above. The only difference here is the amount we entered and the bank we are sending it to).

2.) From the list of banks that will show up, select First Bank Nigeria Plc

3.) You will be required to enter your 4 digits PIN for mobile banking to confirm the name “Innocent Oluwole Adegbe” that will show up on your screen

4.) Once you enter your PIN and press SEND, the transaction will be processed and you will receive a message on your screen next. The message will confirm to you if the transaction is successful or not

5.) After that you will receive two debit alerts from the bank on your phone. One will be for the money you just transferred while the second will be for the transaction charge from your bank.

That is how to transfer funds from Zenith bank to other banks in Nigeria using the ussd code *966#. From this example, you can see that the process involved is almost the same as transferring from Zenith to Zenith.

Things you Should Know about 966

1.) The code allows you to carryout banking transactions from any kind of mobile phone

2.) It only works with the mobile line registered to your Zenith Bank account

3.) It works with all telecom service providers in the country (Airtel, Glo, MTN etc)

4.) Before you can fully enjoy the mobile banking experience, you need to first of all register for the service and set your PIN. The four digit pin is a must have for all who wish to use the service

5.) You can set up the service to work with your Zenith Bank ATM card (Mastercard, Visa or Verve) or set it to work with just your bank account details

6.) For each successful transfer you make using the code to other banks in Nigeria, you will be charged 10-5- naira depending on how much you are sending. 10 Naira for less than N5000 and N50 for above N50,000.

7.) Using *966# Zenith Eazy Banking code, you can transfer a maximum of N100,000 at a time from your account

8.) If you make a transaction and the bank debits you without the transfer of being success, within a few minutes you will have the money returned to your account, So you have absolutely nothing to worry about when making transfer using the mobile ussd code.

Zenith Bank is widely considered one of the fastest growing banks in the banking industry in the country. With their Eazy Banking code, you can now send money instantly to whoever you want.

You don’t have to worry about joining queues in banking halls and waiting for hours just to send money to someone. Regardless of the recipient bank and the time of the day, you can send money to him or her through the Zenith money send code.

All you have to do is pick up your phone and follow the instructions in this guide to do it.

Wrapping it Up

We have in this article revealed how to send money using the Zenith Bank transfer code.

Are you searching for Zenith Eazy banking code? Do you want know how to send money fast from your Zenith bank account bank account without visiting any of their branches?

Here is a complete guide on how to go about it. I hope you find the information here useful. If you do, please do not hesitate to share the post with your friends.


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