Xbox Series X Price in Nigeria, Specs & Features


The Xbox series X [XSX], which will be available by the middle of November, is a reasonably priced gaming gadget. Here is everything you need to know from its price in Nigeria, comparison with Series S and their features.

xbox series x

Compared to the high price tags people estimated the console will sell for, it’s going to cost you just $500 to own a build of the gaming engine.

However, if you’ll be buying from Nigeria, when you consider — shipping fee, customs fee, and some other fees, you’ll have to spend about N250,000.

And for those who feel they’ll prefer buying on Nigerian e-commerce platforms like Jumia, expect to spend a lot more than the estimated N250,000.

Also, I understand that there’ll be some of you who’ll like to know about the price of the Series S as well.

For these people, the Series S carries a $300 price tag. And if you’ll be buying from Nigeria, you should be prepared to spend as much as N150,000.

It is further worthwhile stating that the Sony Play Station 5 [the PS5] is also priced at $500, so when it comes to choosing between the two consoles (the XSX and the PS5), price won’t really matter.

Rather, you’ll have to compare and contrast what the two machines have to offer.

While the price of XSX is why most readers of this content are here, I think it’ll be a good idea to also re-examine the console, since we have learnt a lot of other new things, since the last time we discussed the console. So consider reading this content till the end.

Xbox Series X Price in Nigeria

The price of the Series X and S from Xbox are 250,000 Naira and 150,000 Naira respectively in Nigeria.

Series X vs Series S

SpecsXbox Series XXbox Series S
ProcessorCustom AMD Zen 2; Octa-core CPU; 3.60 GHz coresCustom AMD Zen 2; Octa-core CPU; 3.60 GHz cores
RAM16 GB of GDDR6 RAM — 10GB @ 560 GB/s, 6 GB @ 336 GB/s10 GB of GDDR6 RAM — 08GB @ 244 GB/s, 2 GB @ 056 GB/s
GraphicsCustom AMD RDNA 2 GPU; 20 compute units; 1550 MHzCustom AMD RDNA 2 GPU; 52 compute units; 1825 MHz
Storage1,024 GB NVMe SSD; 4.80 GB/s512 GB NVMe SSD; 4.80 GB/s

Computing Performance

When it comes to the aspect of computing performance, the Series X is unlike any other console Microsoft has made.

In fact, aside from the PS5, hardly is there any other console that comes close to the performance of this machine.

Giving details, the XSX is powered by a custom version of the AMD Zen 2 CPU. The AMD Zen 2 CPU is a state of the art processor which many claim to be AMD’s most impressive product, since their existence; and if you really look into the CPU, you’ll have no problem realizing this.

While the standard Zen 2 CPU will have made a great CPU for Series X, Microsoft decided to go a step further by making customization to the CPU; in other words, the custom Zen 2 CPU powering the Series X performs even better than the standard version of the processor.

It is further worthwhile stating that this CPU is manufactured with a 7 nm processor, so not only is it a powerful processor, it is also more power-efficient than many CPUs which aren’t even as great as it is.

As regards how the Series X’s processor compares to that of the PS5, what I’m going to say is, “they feature customizations in different aspects, and right now, it’s difficult to say which will perform better”.

However, chances are that the PS5’s custom Zen 2 CPU will perform much better, but still, this doesn’t mean the Series X’s processor is not a good match for that of the PS5.

It is further worthwhile stating that the CPU featured by the Series S is also a custom Zen 2 CPU.

But while the cores of the Series X’s can be clocked at up to 3.80 GHz, the cores of the Series S’s cores can’t get past 3.60 GHz.

In short, the Series S is not as good in this aspect, but it also happens to be a great console.

While a custom AMD Zen 2 CPU handles the computing tasks of the Series X, the device responsible for the storing of the main memory data of the console, is a cutting edge 6 GB GDDR6 RAM and a remarkable 10 GB GDDR6 RAM.

The 6 GB RAM has an I/O speed of about 336 GB/s, which is of course much better than that of the Xbox One which has an I/O speed of about 326 GB/s.

However, this isn’t the best part, the best part is that the larger 10 GB RAM of the console can way much faster — our tests revealed the 10 GB RAM of the console can go as high as 560 GB/s; with such a speed the processing speed of the Series X will be evidently much better than that of the Xbox One.

As for the Series S, a total of 10 GB of main memory is what it has. The console has one 2 GB GDDR6 RAM and one 8 GB GDDR6 RAM.

The 2 GB RAM is rated at a pretty low 56 GB/s, while the 8 GB RAM is rated at 244 GB/s. In short, the Series S and the Series X not only defer in terms of RAM capacity, they also differ greatly in terms of the type of RAM featured in them.

Graphics Processing

The aspect of graphics processing is one of the major aspects Microsoft focused on, during the development of Series X, and I must say, “they did a pretty great job”.

And although, while the graphics processing of the PS5 is better, the Series X’s GPU is actually a good match for that of the PS5.

Giving details, a custom RDNA 2 GPU is what handles the graphics processing of the Series X.

This GPU is made up of 52 compute units, each of which are rated at 1,825 MHz. But having more compute units with higher processing speed isn’t the only thing that makes the Series X’s graphics processing so cool, the features the console’s GPU supports are actually mind-blowing as well.

For instance, there are so many things the GPU of the Series X can handle that the GPU of the Xbox One can never dream of.

As for those who wonder how the GPU of the Series X compares to that of the Series S, the XSS is also powered by a custom GPU based on the AMD’s RDNA 2.

But while that of the XSX comes with 52 “1.83 GHz” compute units, that of the XSS comes 20 “1.55 GHz” compute units.

It is further worthwhile stating that while the XSX has support for 4K gaming and 8K videos, the XSS has support for only 720p, 1,080p, and 1,440p gaming. And yes, the XSX also has support for 720p, 1,080p, and 1,440p gaming.


Even though the PS5 is hands-down superior to Series X, in terms of storage, the XSX is still something to be excited about in terms of storage. The console also comes with an SSD storage, which has a built-in compression system.

And in terms of the overall performance of this storage, the console can store up to 1 TB of data and can transfer data at speeds up to 4.80 GB/s; with this type of storage, it times to say “bye” to — “slow game loading speed”, annoying waiting time, limit to how fast you can move in games, and so on.

But that’s not all, this also means we’ll start to see more sophisticated games which will take very good advantage of the I/O speed of the storage device.

As regards how the storage of the XSS’s storage device compares to that of the XSX, the Series X comes with the same type of storage featured by the XSX; in other words, the XSS storage device can also transfer as fast as 4.80 GB/s.

But while the XSX comes with 1 TB of storage, the XSS has a smaller capacity of 512 GB.

Backwards Compatibility

Even though the XSX will become available this month (November), there aren’t that many games specifically designed for it, at the moment.

In other words, we currently don’t have many games capable of taking great advantage of the console’s capability.

And to avoid a situation wherein fans will have to wait for months of years before enjoying the console’s power, Microsoft made the Series X backwards-compatible with all games of the Xbox One.

However, the XSX won’t play the games designed for the Xbox 360, except for a select few.


While Series X is truly going to become available this month, it is highly unlikely you’ll be able to get it from a Nigerian store until 2021.

So if you’ll like to lay your hands on a build of the console, as soon as possible, you may have to consider buying online, from a foreign store or on the official website.

In fact, I’ll suggest avoiding buying from a Nigerian store, as getting from a local store will cost significantly more, compared to buying it online.

Final Words

The Xbox Series X is a great console from specs to features and price in Nigeria. We all expected the console to be better than that of Sony, but Microsoft performed better than we anticipated.

However, still, the PS5 is better overall; but please don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to tell you which one to choose between the PS5 and Series X; rather, what I’m trying to say is, “If you are confused, go with the PS5, but if you prefer the XSX, you wouldn’t regret it.”.

And as for the Series S, I’ll only ask you to consider it only if you can’t just afford the XSX or the PS5. If you can try to get the XSX or the PS5, you’ll enjoy it a lot more, compared to the XSS.


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