Xbox Series X Vs PS5 (Play Station 5) – Specs & Price in Nigeria


I am publishing this write up on xbox series x vs ps5 because most people simply wants direct answer to their question about which is the best between the two.

xbox series x vs ps5

But it is not as easy. Which is why i came up with this and i think you should take your time with this piece to make the selection much more easier.

From what i know about about the Standard PS5, the PS5 Digital, and the Xbox Series X, these gaming consoles are all impressive.

Therefore it would be very nonsensical of me to forthrightly state a particular console is the best among the three.

Rather than saying a particular box is the best, I’m going to say: each console has its strengths and weaknesses.

In other words, it would make more sense to look at what you value the most, then choose a console, based on those factors.

However, even though I’ve refused to forthrightly state which console is the best among the three, for the sake of those who don’t have the time to delve into the details of this article, I would recommend you opt-in for the Standard PS5.

As for people who don’t mind going through more information about the consoles, to help you choose what’s going to be most suitable for you, I’d be addressing every important aspect to be considered, when buying one of the consoles.

I’d start by addressing the aspect of computing power, then move on to aspects like: graphics, storage, controller, sound, game, backwards-compatibility, and price. And before I round off the content, I’m going to briefly discuss the Xbox Series S.

Xbox Series X Vs PS5

SPECSPS5Xbox Series X
Computing hardwareCustom AMD Zen 2 CPU: Octa-core: 3.50 GHzCustom AMD Zen 2 CPU: Octa-core: 3.80 GHz
GPUCustom AMD RDNA 2 GPU: 10.28 Teraflops: 36 compute units: 2.23 GHzCustom AMD RDNA 2 GPU: 12 Teraflops: 52 compute units: 1.825 GHz
Storage825 GB: SSD: 5.50 GB/s1,000 GB: SSD: 4.80 GB/s
Disk drive (No for digital edition)
ControllerNext generation controllerClassic controller
SoundNext generation soundClassic sound
GamesMany new games would be available shortly after releaseSome new games would be available shortly after release
Backwards-compatibilitySome backwards-compatibilityMassive backwards-compatibility

Prices in Nigeria

Both console have been scheduled to be made available in November 2020 and for a price of 150,000 – 200,000 Naira.

When trying to determining which of the three consoles to buy, price might be a thing you’d also have to take into consideration.

But due to the fact that there’s yet to be official information about the prices of these console, it’s quite difficult to say much about this price aspect.

However, I will update this aspect, once the official prices of the consoles become known.

Computing Power

The three consoles we are all expecting, the Standard PS5, the PS5 Digital, and the Xbox Series X, are all impressive in terms of computing power.

They all feature computing power that’s a magnitude of times better, compared to their respective predecessors.

Starting with the Standard PS5, the console comes with one of the best heavy-duty processors we have out there, the AMD Zen 2.

This CPU is an item heavily discussed and it’s worth the all the hype around it. The processor comes with eight physical cores, each of which can be clocked as high as 3.50 GHz.

This kind of processing power, is a magnitude of times better than those of both the PS4 and the PS4 Pro.

However, you should be aware of something. The processor that powers this console is not the standard AMD Zen 2.

Its processor is rather a custom Zen 2 and this custom Zen 2 is in fact quite better at what the PS5 is meant for.

While the AMD Zen 2 serves as the processor of the PS5 console, an high-speed GDDR6 random access memory [RAM] is used as the main memory.

This memory is also one of the most impressive RAMs we have out there, so the PS5 can also be considered remarkable in terms of RAM.

As for the PS5 Digital, the console features the same processor as the Standard PS5. The processors of the two consoles are similar in all aspects.

So the PS5 Digital can be considered to be one the same level as the Standard PS5.

The AMD Zen 2 is a processor you might be unable to grasp how powerful it is, if you don’t have some good understanding of computer CPUs.

The processor is unlike most CPUs we’ve seen in the gaming world. Its cores are not only faster, its caches, registers, process, etc are also impressive.

And as a result of how impressive this processor is, it’s also what’s featured in the Xbox Series X.

Just like the Zen 2 of the PS5 and the PS5 Digital, the Zen 2 of the Xbox is also customized.

But unlike Sony which customized their Zen 2 CPU cores to be rated at 3.50 GHz, the cores of Microsoft’s Zen 2 CPU are rated at 3.80 GHz.

Since the RAM of the Xbox is also a 16 GB GDDR6 RAM, a thing that matches those of the PS5 and the PS5 Digital, the Xbox X can be theoretically considered the best among the three, when it comes to computing power.

However, while the Xbox is the most powerful, in terms of computing power, choosing your next console, majorly based on this, might not be wise.

The reason for this is that there’s going to be very little performance difference between the two Zen 2 CPUs, that you are very unlikely to notice any difference.

In short, when trying to determine which of the three consoles to chose, I’d recommend you avoid taking computing power into consideration, as the consoles are all almost on the same level.


In the aspect of graphics, the three consoles being discussed in this article are massively better than their respective predecessors. These three consoles all features graphics hardware that promise next generations graphics.

Starting with the Standard PS5, the item included in it, for its graphics tasks, is also from AMD. Being more elaborate, the AMD RDNA 2 graphics processor serves as the GPU of the machine.

This GPU is also another marvel in the gaming world. It not only features very powerful compute units, the GPU also features loads of impressive technologies that make it possible to create graphics typical GPUs are incapable of.

The refresh rate, power-efficiency, 8K support are also some impressive things about the CPU.

Just like the CPU of the PS5, the GPU of the console isn’t the Standard version, it is rather a custom version.

The aspect of CPU is not the only aspect where the two PS5 consoles are identical. The aspect of graphics is another aspect where these two machines are identical.

So when it comes to this aspect, the two machines can also be considered to be on the same level.

While the two PS5 consoles manage to match the Xbox X, in the aspect of computing power, they aren’t as good as the Xbox, when it comes to graphics.

Even though the Xbox console also uses the RDNA 2 GPU, its own RDNA 2 is rated at 12 Teraflops, compared to that of the PS5 consoles which is rated at 10.3 Teraflops.

The Xbox GPU’s has 52 cores which are each rated at 1.825 GHz, while Sony’s RDNA 2 comes with 36 compute units rated at 2.23 GHz.

In short, if you’d be choosing your next console majorly on graphics, the Microsoft Xbox Series X is your console, since it is quite more powerful in this aspect.

One thing you should however note is that not all Xbox games are guaranteed to be significantly graphically better.

While Microsoft’s console is truly better in this aspect, not all games would take full advantage of its graphics power, for reasons I can’t discuss in this article.

So once again, it may not make much sense to choose your next console based on graphics alone.


The aspect of storage is one of the primary aspects Sony focused on, during the development of the two PS5 consoles. And they did an incredible job in the aspect.

No console on the planet dares compete with them in this aspect. In fact, a vast majority of gaming computers are also not a match for them, in the aspect of storage.

The Standard PS5 makes use of an SSD storage. The storage it makes use of, uses the NVMe protocol. The storage is rated at 5.50 GB/s.

With this kind of data transfer speed, long load times would disappear in the Standard PS5.

This kind of storage would further raise how fast games can be; for those who have always wished they could go fast in games.

As for the PS5 Digital, its storage is the same as what’s seen in the Standard PS5. In other words, the two consoles can also again be considered on the same level, in this aspect.

The Xbox X is quite more impressive in the aspect of the CPU and storage, but the console lags behind in the aspect of storage.

While there’s no doubt the Xbox comes with a 1 TB SSD, compared to the 825 GB of the PS5 consoles, the data transfer speed of the Xbox’s SSD is 4.8 GB/s, compared to the 5.5 GB/s of the PS5 consoles.

In short, when it comes to storage, the PS5 consoles are clearly the leading consoles. But since the performance difference isn’t so large, I wouldn’t recommend using this as the only factor, when determining which console to buy.

There is one thing to note. While the Standard PS5 and the PS5 Digital truly come with the same storage device, the aspect of storage is also where they differ.

The Standard PS5 not only features an SSD storage, it also features a “disk drive”. This disk drive makes it possible to load games from disks. This disk drive is also what makes it possible to play movies from disks.

The PS5 Digital does not come with a disk drive, so if you decide to opt-in for the PS5 Digital, you’d also be saying goodbye to getting games from disks.

Rather than getting them from disk, you’d have to download them online. A PS5 Digital would also mean you can’t watch Blu-ray disks movie anymore, on your console.

If you would be opting in for a PS5 console, but not sure about which of them to choose. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Would I want to watch movies from disks, with my console?
  • Do I have high-speed internet access?
  • Would I be playing old games?

If you’d be watching movies from disks, choose the Standard PS5. But if you wouldn’t, you can save yourself some money, by opting in for the Digital version.

If you don’t have access to high-speed internet or you don’t have a lot of data, you should also opt-in for the Standard PS5.

The PS5 Digital demands having high-speed internet access as well as a lot of data. So if you don’t have these things, don’t even think of the PS5 Digital.

To determine which of the PS5 consoles you should choose, also ask yourself if you’d like to play PS4 games on your console.

If being able to play PS4 games on your console is very important, then the Standard PS5 should be the best option for you. As for those who wouldn’t really be playing PS4 games on their consoles, you can save yourself some cash, by opting in for the PS5 Digital.


The creation of the best next-generation gaming console is a thing Sony and Microsoft approached quite impressively.

However, Microsoft made the mistake of not being imaginative enough — as a result, Sony gave Microsoft a heavy blow, in the aspect controller.

The aspect of controller is an aspect the Xbox X can’t compete with the Standard PS5. The PS5 Dual Sense controller is massively better than that of the Xbox.

This could, in fact, result in Microsoft selling much less, than Sony. And the reason why the DualSense is better is not because of its design or shape. What makes the DualSense so impressive is it’s haptic feedback.

During the development of the PS5, Sony invested a massive amount of effort in the DualSense controller. And they were able to come up with something that delivers highly-impressive haptic feedbacks.

Can you imagine making a sharp turn, while driving a car in a PS5 game, and feeling the drift on your skin, like you’re actually in the car?

Can you imagine shooting a gun in a PS5 game, and feeling like you actually have a real gun in your hands? This is how impressive the DualSense is.

Or to put in simple terms, the PS5 offers a level of immersive no other gaming controller on the planet can match. And this level of immersion is so impressive that if you choose your next console based on only this, it shouldn’t turn out a bad decision.

The PS5 Digital comes with the same controller as the Standard version. So it’s safe the two Sony consoles are on the same level in this aspect, but both better than the Xbox.


When trying to figure out which console to consider, sound is also one of those aspects you should take into serious consideration.

The aspect of sound is a thing that has lagged quite behind for a very long time. But with the PS5 console, Sony has done this aspect some justice.

The sound of the PS5 is just too impressive to ignore. The sound of the console is massively more immersive, compared to those of other consoles.

The sounds of the PS5 sound so real that you’d frequently forget sounds from the game aren’t coming from the real world.

The PS5 also offers an impressive 3D sound support, which makes it possible to hear sounds coming from any direction.

To help you better understand what I mean, can you imagine being able to hear the breathing of someone behind you, in a game? Well, this is how realistic the sound of the console would be.

In short, when it comes to the aspect of sound, the Xbox X, once again, falls behind the PS5 significantly.

So if you’d be choosing your next console based on this alone, the Standard PS5 or the PS5 Digital is what you should consider.


For someone like me, the number of games that would be shortly available for the console, would also influence my decision on which of them to buy.

If more PS5 games would be released for the Standard PS5 and the PS5 Digital, shortly after their release, compared to the Xbox, I’d opt-in for one of the two PS5s.

But if the Xbox X is the console which many Xbox X games would first be available for, then it is what I’d consider.

However, unfortunately for the Xbox Series X, the PS5 consoles are the ones which more developers are currently developing games for.

So if you want to have access to as many next generations games as possible, the PS5 consoles are what would offer you that.

Backwards Compatibility

In the aspect of backwards-compatibility, there’s a big difference between the two PS5 consoles and the Xbox Series X.

The Xbox X has a better backwards-compatibility, but this doesn’t mean the Xbox X can be considered significantly better, because of that.

The Xbox console would seamlessly play almost all games developed for older Xbox consoles.

So if you have a lot of old Xbox games, you might greatly appreciate this about the console.

But note that most of these old Xbox games wouldn’t be able to take good advantage of the capabilities of the console.

The Standard PS5 and the PS5 Digital, on the other hand, support only PS4 games, compared to the Xbox which supports almost every Xbox games that have ever been released.

But the reason why I wouldn’t consider Xbox’s backwards-compatibility to be significant, is that the hyper backwards-compatibility of the Xbox X is not needed, because most console owners wouldn’t be playing a lot of very old games.

Also, when new games get released, this hyper backwards-compatibility wouldn’t mean much, since most people would move on to the next generation games.

In short, the Xbox Series X wins in this aspect, but the win isn’t significant.

Final Words

The Standard PS5, the PS5 Digital, and the Xbox Series X are not the only latest gaming consoles.

Another console we’re expecting is the Xbox Series S. The Xbox Series S is somewhat a smaller version of the Xbox X.

And since it’s not in the category of the three other consoles, it wouldn’t have made sense to compare the Xbox S with them.

I can’t also provide much information about the specs and features of the console, as there’s very little authentic information on the console.

So once again, if you ask me, which is the best: the Standard PS5, the PS5 Digital, or the Xbox Series X, I’d wouldn’t answer.

What I’d rather say is: choose, based on what aspects matter to you the most. But if you’d like me to pick for you, I’d pick the Standard PS5.

As for the Xbox Series S, the console is what I’d recommend if you can’t afford any of the three other consoles.

So guys, what do you think. Xbox Series x Vs PS5, which are you going for? Let know why in the comment. If you find this informative, consider sharing it with friends and family.


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