How to Check Wema Bank Account Number ~ Fast Method 2020


Are you finding it hard to get your wema bank account number? If yes, then this article is for you. It is among the commercial banks in Nigeria approved by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

wema bank account number

It has so many branches scattered all over the country with a good number of customers that kept them going.

In their quest to sustain their customers, they have a unique 10 digit number for every customer and maintain the account for them.

For one reason or the other, you might have forgotten your account number and is in dire need of it or you want to have them offhand maybe for a future transaction.

Here are the easiest means you can retrieve your account number, go nowhere.

1.) Code to Check Wema Bank Account Number

With the phone number linked to your account, dial *945*000#, you will be asked to enter your e-banking pin for authentication, shortly, you will receive an SMS with the ten digit NUBAN account number.

This method is for everybody, those with a smart phone and those without it.

Hence you have a working network, you are good to go.

Retrieving your account number is not a problem at all because you don’t need data subscription or to go to the banking hall. You can do it from the comfort of your home, without stress, delay or time.

As we know all commercial Banks close by 4pm and one can’t tell what will happen in the next second. A variation of this ussd can be used to transfer money from your wema account to any bank operating in Nigeria.

2.) Reach Out to Customer Care

You and I know that we are in a digital world now and that requires of us to adjust to some change.

Banks too are not left out in the Global change. Thus, everything is associated with the internet.

If you have not gotten an Android phone, am sorry the next option is for you. But if you are buoyant to buy one, please do because the world is going digital.

There various ways you can reach an online representative is through email, phone number or live chat.

When you get to speak with the Customer Care representative, quickly request for your account number because they are always busy and have other customers to attend to.

The customer care representative won’t just give you your account number without ascertaining if you are the rightful owner of the account.

So be ready to answer some relevant questions for the safety of your account.

Without being interrogated, you cannot get your account number. It’s done for them to ascertain you have an account with them, they are being careful not to give it to the wrong person.

Do not think far on what kind of questions they will ask you, it is what you already know and you must give the accurate answer at this point in time.

The questions are as follows.

The phone number you used in opening the Wema bank account, date of birth, the bank branch at which you opened the account, your full name and your address.

These questions are not researchable questions and so you can provide the answers with much ease.

If your answers are accurate, then the Wema bank personnel will help you retrieve your account number without delay.

Contact details are as follows;

  • Phone Number: 0803-900-3700, +234-01-277-7700-9, 07000PURPLE (07000787753)
  • Email:
  • Website:

3.) Visit the Nearest Branch

If you are among those that wants everything to be done for them by another person, then having a physical contact is the ideal for you.

Wema bank did a great job by establishing Wema branches all over Nigeria. This brought an end to traffic at a particular branch and it is recommendable especially in this Social distance era, Corona virus pandemic.

Find out the nearest branch to your residence, go there and lay the complaint.

You might find it difficult to retrieve your account number because of poor Network, power failure or money to recharge and subscribe your network.

Nevertheless, an offline Wema bank customer representative will equally attend to you at the due time.

There might be lots of people for the same or different issue, all you need do is to be patient and wait for your turn.

When you finally got to talk with the representative, waste no time in saying why you are there at the first place.

In a gentle manner, request for your account number and wait for his or her reply.

Just as the Online representative might have requested for some important details, an offline representative does too.

Provide him the necessary things he needed for your account number to be sourced, information like your full name, date of birth, the phone number you used in the opening of the account, the nearest bank where you opened the account and your residential address.

Those information are needed for proper verification because you wouldn’t want your account number or details to be forwarded to the wrong person or to get the wrong account.

The representative wants to be sure you own an account with Wema bank.

When you meet all the requirements, the Wema bank representative will help you get your account number.

Isn’t that interesting? I mean the good measure Wema bank takes in safeguarding their customers account and hence an individual’s account is safe without scammers interference, they will continue to have customers in great numbers.

The last method of retrieving your account number is through

Final Note

Checking your Wema bank account number isn’t a big deal if you follow this guide. The methods revealed here are 100% working.

So, if you find this write up interesting or informative or both, kindly share with those you think might also needs it.


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