Untapped Business Ideas in Nigeria Right Now


Do you desire to go into entrepreneurship as a student, a graduate, salary earner or a self-employed youth? Here are some untapped business ideas in Nigeria you should look into that can change your life positively forever!

untapped business ideas in nigeria

Like several other businesses, the ideas shared in this guide may not be easy for a starter. But once you are committed to what you do and give it your best, you are likely to make it big.

Why are we talking about untapped business ideas?

The reason is simply to show you lots of business opportunities that are still fresh.

Opportunities that many people are yet to explore in the country.

The fact that these business ideas are still untapped makes them highly lucrative.

What do I stand to gain?

There are a lot of things you will gain from embarking on any of the business ideas here.

For instance price monopoly, time freedom, financial breakthrough, recognition and so on.

While choosing any of these ideas, ensure you choose the one you are most passionate about.

That will help you stay in the business for a long time and overcome whatever challenge that may come your way.

The ideas i shared here are ones you can easily start with low capital, make your profits and diversify into another business to increase your income. Remember that you start somewhere.

Cucumber plantation is one those business and i have discussed it in detailed in my previous post.

UnTapped Business Ideas in Nigeria

  • Grass Cutter Farming
  • Virtual Top Up
  • Charcoal Business
  • Networking
  • Ice Cooling Business
  • Domestic Birds Feather Collection

1.) Grass Cutter Farming Business

Grass Cutter is popularly called by the Igbos “Nchi”.

Others also call it Greater Cane Rat.

It is looks like Porcupine but with a slight difference.

The major difference between them is that the porcupine is somehow bigger.

The fur on the back and rounded nose makes it different from rats.

When fully matured, it reaches length of 720mm. Venturing into Grass Cutter can make you richer than you can imagine.

Stop wasting your resources and time on white collar jobs, simply start Grass Cutter farming business and you will be glad you did.

Since Grass Cutter are hard or not easily caught by hunters you can buy a female Grass Cutter, construct an iron cage and rear.

What can I feed it?

This is simple. You can feed it Elephant grass, Sugarcane, Congo grass, Guinea grass, Gambia grass and Charcoal. These things quench their hunger.

As a beginner, you can buy one male and three females (they are called colony). Your colony must be healthy in other to produce healthy and agile off springs.

When you want to construct their pen or cage, make the dimensions to be 180cm in length, 60cm in width and 45cm in height.

They are sensitive to good habitats therefore, provide them steeping place, dinning and playing place.

Separate their dinning from their sleeping place and avoid excess humidity and temperature protect them again predators like soldier ant and snakes pour black engine oil to protect them against soldier ant.

Good feeding and hygiene are the most important factor in the business. You can also feed them with groundnut, rice, maize, grain legume, tubers, half ripen paw-paw, plantain, pineapple and palm wine.

There are feed supplements like maize shucks and cobs, brewers grains, oil seed, wheat bran, corn bran, soya, cotton seed cakes e.t.c. their rooms must be neither too cold or too hot.

Warm the young ones between four to eight weeks and mate them between seven to eight months from birth.

The indefinite mating is 140days. Grass Cutter delivers twice a year ranging from 8-20 other grass-cutters in a year for a female one.

Marketing your Grass Cutter

Bush meat or Grass cutter is in high demand in Africa and Nigeria. Even people in the city wouldn’t mind spending a fortune in other to buy one. It tastes great and has no cholesterol.

Restaurants cook with Grass-cutter.

2.) Ice Cooling Business

Due to harsh weather, as the Ozone layer depletes the sunshine increases and this made chilled drinks to be in high demand now both young and old demands for chilled drinks not minding the effects.

Ice Cooling Business has been neglected for years because of its adverse effects but venturing into it especially now that chilled drinks are on high demand, will enlarge your pocket.

Start Small, Grow Big

Do you have a refrigerator at home, it can generate funds for you before you know it.

All you need do is buy some plastic bags, filled them up with water, tie the mouth/seal the mouth well, then put inside your refrigerator, allow to solidify.

After that, you can sell to restaurants and hawkers e.t.c. ice cooling business is one of the stress-free, cost-free business around, with time you grow big.

3.) Domestic Bird Feathers

Do you know people that are into domestic bird business? You can innocently walk up to them and ask them to direct you to their slaughters.

You can select good feathers, make clean and resell to artist. Bird feathers are recycling into fibers used for making clothes, hats, or other beautiful accessories.

4.) Charging Points

That generator (electric) can fetch you cool cash if you open a charging point. In Nigeria or Africa in general, petrol is not on a high price. With N500 you can start your charging point using other things you have at home.

Things like extensions, generator, umbrella, chair e.t.c and remember to meet your customers needs by opening on time and closing at the agreed time.

You can place a price for every charge e.g N50 and N100 Naira per phone and increase depending on the gadget to be charged.

By opening charging points, you will never go hungry and if you can save. Before you know it you will rule your world.

5.) Virtual Top-Up Business

Here people have various misconceptions about this.

Do you know that when you recharge from your bank account, the banks are enriched.

When you buy from Airtime sellers, they too rejoice. Why not take the credit? Register with Recharge and Get Paid and make your money, How?

As you recharge for your customers, you get paid a percentage of that money. It’s that simple.

To do that, you can just search for Recharge and Get Paid on Google and click on their registration link.

While filling the form, simply enter “unstoppable51” in the referral link and then go on to submit the form.

6.) Networking

It doesn’t mean defrauding people or doubling money networking business now is the best because every average individual owns a smartphone which is the only thing needed for the business.

With your smartphones, you can make millions.


When you join a networking company like Oriflame Sweden i.e you register and buy their products.


Yes products, every networking company must have a tested and trusted products which keeps them going. Networking is not a place where you double your N1000 to become N2000.

All you need do is to register buy products, recruit new members and they (the Company) pay you not forgetting the gains/ profit you make from the sales of the products.

Do not allow your smartphone to earn from you, rather earn from your smart phone.

7.) Charcoal Business

Activated Charcoal has been neglected for ages but thanks to you reading this article. You are lucky to have come acnes this.

Charcoal can be used in many ways and it is proven to be good, healthy and safe.

What is Activated Charcoal? Do you cook using wood? If yes, that black thing is left out of the wood is a wonder-worker. How?

Here are the uses of Charcoal:

  • Charcoals are gotten from wood, coal and or other substances
  • It is used in treating poison or dilutes overdoes because drugs and toxins can bind to it thereby helping the body to get rid of unwanted substances.
  • Good for the skin as it smoothens rough skin
  • It relieves stomach troubles be it gas pain or indigestion.
  • Its leaves the teeth sparking clean when grounded properly.
  • It is used as face mask together with an exfoliating scrub from Oriflame leaving your face fresh and dirt free
  • Charcoal is used on the hair to get rid of toxins, just add a tea spoon to your regular shampoo.
  • It boosts Antifungal protection.

Having known this, you can sell raw charcoal or process it to make more money.

Final Note

Staying idle, begging or blaming bad economy is definitely not an option. The only thing that can achieve for you is to attract pity from people for you. Nothing more than that.

With the information revealed in this guide, you can start something today and achieve a meaningful life for yourself and those around you.

I hope this article has opened your eyes to some of the untapped business ideas in Nigeria that really pays. Make a decision today to start one. Soon, you will be having people working for you.

If you have a little more money to invest, you should look into fish farming or the rearing of turkey and thank me later.

Start small and grow big! The big names you hear and celebrate today started from somewhere.

Do the same and others will celebrate you someday.


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