Turkey Farming in Nigeria ~ Guide to Start the Business in 2020


In this guide, i will be discussing how you can start your own business of turkey farming in Nigeria and how to market it to make money from it.

turkey farming in nigeria

Everything you need to know about it is featured here.

Do you wish to go into livestock business but don’t know how to start? Here is a great business idea that will grant you time, freedom and give you money.

In fact you will become your own boss. How about that?

Just like every other poultry business, Turkey farming is very lucrative.

The bird grows faster and is best for meat production.

Though it is similar to other poultry birds like, quails, ducks, chicken etc, Turkey is a very social bird.

For you to rank as one of the best if not the best in commercial turkey farming. The following are things you should note.

Turkey Farming in Nigeria ~ Things to Consider

  • Breeds or Species
  • Creating of Cage
  • Feeding
  • Watering
  • Healthcare
  • Administration
  • Sales

1.) Turkey Breeds / Species

White Holland and Standard Bronze, Broad-Breasted Whites are the best breeds in terms of farming Turkey for commercial purposes.

What Do i Mean?

Their cost of feeding is low and they produce more meat which is the main reason for rearing them because meat production is more profitable than egg production.

It’s important you pay attention to the breed of turkeys you buy, as this will determine how well the business will perform.

If you don’t know much about the breeds, the best thing to do is to ask an experienced farmer for help.

You can even observe the breed that has been producing well for him and go on with it.

2.) Creating of Cage

Endeavour to construct a house that has electricity and that is ventilated also. Build with strong materials or metal because Turkey’s are neutrally strong.

Fence the cage properly . Ensure it is very high because of the bird’s size and strength. Make use of electric poultry netting, wooden post, woven wire fencing.

While constructing cage, put this into consideration:

  • Create a cage in such a way that predators will not gain access into it
  • Do not allow the birds to graze hence they have reach grazing age
  • Use wooden litter
  • Make the house to be ventilated and illuminated
  • Create the fence with strong materials
  • Create the fences to be four feet high
  • Construct the house for the birds to have free movements at least to a house that will accommodate a dozen

3.) Feeding

Proper feeding of Turkey makes them to grow well, develop well. It helps them to fight disease.
Lack of good feed, makes them sick and less/ decrease both their eggs and meat production.

A turkey that was not fed well will not attract buyers thereby causing great loss.

How then can a turkey be fed properly?

For the chick , feed it starter for the first six weeks for it contains 28 percent protein which is vital for their growth and development.

Then switch over to Grower feed which contains 20 percent protein.

Take note, while breeding turkey, do not manage feed for them because they need proteins more than any other domestic birds which is why they produce more meat, more money.

4.) Watering

Ensure that you give them fresh and clean water everyday. Wash and rinse their Drinker regularly.

For a dozen of turkey, give them 2 gallons of clean and fresh everyday. As you progress, multiply the gallons as stated above.

5.) Healthcare

From time to time, you may need to call for a veterinary doctor to come have a look at your birds and determine their state of health.

Especially if one of them have been showing signs of being sick.

That is because some diseases can be communicable. The moment it gets to one, it is likely to going to get to the others. So always try to get a vet to check on them once in a while.

If you discover that one of the turkeys is sick, try and separate that one from the rest as soon as you can. Until it is properly taken care of. Always be watchful and treat it as soon as you can.

6.) Administration

Unhealthy environment makes them sick, so for you not to spend your savings on drugs, keep their environment clean and safe.

Do not give them stale, contaminated outdated feed for it will cause them great harm.

Do not rear them under harsh weather, avoid crowding, in fact be conscious of the condition they are in.

7.) Sales

Since you are a commercial turkey farmer, once the bird is 12-20 weeks, sell the birds.

When it comes to selling them, you always have so many options. You can sell them to restaurants, hotels and markets.

You can also sell them to individuals, neighbours, family members, friends and so on.

Benefits of Turkey Farming over other Domestics Birds

Having read up to this stage, I presume you found value in wanting to start turkey business now?
Look at it this way, turkey farm doesn’t smell like chicken arms and when compared to taste, turkey meat leads.

Now, let’s consider other benefits:

  • It saves time. Time is an important factor in business. You might be into Turkey farming as a major business and still have other business to do. As feeding them is once a day, so you give them feed in the morning, clean their cage and go for your other business. How great that is.
  • It saves energy. Because of the adequate spacing, you don’t have to move them or chase them around thereby causing you stress. All you need to do is feed, clean and go.
  • It gives joy. Have you ever wondered the magic behind a chick growing to a turkey? Imagine the joy a mother feels seeing her child growing and maturing into an adult, her joy knows no bound. As a chick grow, one can boldly say she has a business and counts her gains.
  • It is very high in meat production. Turkeys are best in meat production as compared to other Domestic birds.
  • Turkeys are good for egg business. The egg of a turkey cost high more than that of other domestic birds. Again, Turkeys sometimes hatch their eggs relieving you of the stress of going to a hatchery.
  • Turkeys are white meat and as such doctors would advise adults 40 years and above to eat turkey meat. That is more money to you. Turkeys are the fastest growing bird one can rear.
  • It is the most demanded meat in our market today.
  • 85 percent of people prefer turkey meat to other kinds of meat like cow meat, goat meat e.t.c. Because of it’s delicious and soft nature.
  • Since government of today placed a ban on importation of frozen food, turkey now filled the gap of frozen meat, meaning, more demands and more money for you in the business.
  • Turkey is sold according to size and weight. The higher the size and weight, the more gain/profit you get.
  • Because of the high cost of turkey, it is referred to as a big man’s meat.
  • Some companies recycle feathers of turkey into fibres for making clothes, some companies convert them into art products like bag, shoes, clothes, hats or other beauty accessories.
  • Turkey faeces are sold as organic manure. Some farmers prefer it to chemical fertilizers. Pack your turkey faeces in sacks and sell to farmers, that is also more money for you.
  • You can also sell the hatched egg (now it’s a chick). It also prevents you from buying new turkey (breeds).

8.) Marketing Strategies

What is business without sales? Imagine having a product but selling it becomes a tug of war.
If you are concerned about how to sell the turkeys, below are some of the best strategies you can use.

You can market your turkey by:

Contacting those that are in the same business with you and let them know you have Turkeys to sell.

Tell your friends for them to their friends.

As we are in a digital world, take your business to the internet. Create a business page, advertise your business there. I bet you, you will make massive sales.

During festive periods like New Year, Easter, Christmas etc. Take your turkeys to the market and come back home dancing, why? It is because your market (Turkey) will be sold first.

The name alone makes people salivate funny though, but Turkeys are indeed best for business when it comes to domestic birds.

Final Note

Having read up to this point, and you are still wondering on what kind of livestock business you should venture in.

I believe you considering turkey farming in Nigeria might be great for you because of most advantages you would get like selling of their remains, feathers, hatching of eggs to produce yet another chick for your business continuity, selling of the eggs too.

Never forget, they grow faster than other domestic birds.

Just like fish rearing business, it is one of the most profitable venture in Nigeria today.

I hope you found value reading this guide. See you in the comment box.


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