How to Transfer Data on MTN Using Code & SMS


With the gifting service you can easily transfer data on mtn to allow your friends enjoy amazing internet experience.

how to transfer data on mtn

MTN offers voice, data and digital services to customers across several countries in which there are licenses for their telecom operations.

Transfer Data on MTN

  • Dial *131*Phone number*Data amount#. For example, to transfer 50mb data to the phone number 0803471760, just dial *131*0803471760*50#
  • Using the text message service, simply text Transfer (space) Phone number (space) Data amount to 131.
  • For example, text Transfer 0803471760 50 to 131
  • This data allows the recipient to browse, chat, download and enjoy unlimited internet access.

About MTN Nigeria

MTN operates in many countries in Africa as well as Europe and Asia.

These countries includes, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Botswana, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Benin, Congo-Brazzaville, Liberia, Guinea, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Yemen and Afghanistan.

They are one of the largest mobile network operators in the world and the largest in Africa.

MTN Nigeria offers amazing data services with fast, strong and reliable connection.

They also offer cheap and affordable data which allows customers surf the Internet.

These data bundles from mtn Nigeria are effective on various devices. They are arranged into weekly, monthly, daily and quarter data plan.

Mtn also have various voice plan packages which helps customers call their friends and relatives both locally and internationally.

MTN XtraValue Bundle plan which allows customers access to a combination much airtime for voice calls and Data to access the internet.

This service also allows customers choose from two types, the XtraTalk Bundles which offers offfers a higher amount of airtime and the XtraData Bundles which offers a higher amount of Data.

MTN BetaTalk plan which rewards customers with three times the value of their airtime once they recharge.

MTN Pulse which allows suscribers to enjoy unlimited “all night browsing” for just N25 per day.

Also, with the MTN XtraTime service, mtn customers are allowed to borrow airtime when they have exhausted their credit and pay back on their next recharge.

All these amazing features offered by MTN has made customers have an easy experience on the network.

Now, with the data gifting service, customers can easily transfer data, anytime and anywhere.

This article would teach you how to easily transfer data using the MTN data gifting service.


Start transferring data to your loved ones today using the MTN data gifting service and allow them get access to the data everywhere they go.


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