How to Share or Transfer Data on Airtel Network


Data sharing or transfer has become popular in recent times among most network subscribers. You will learn all the methods you need to transfer data on airtel with ease.

how to transfer data on airtel

From instances where a husband would like to share some of his surplus data with his family to a student looking to transfer some of his data to his buddies.

The need is numerous. No surprise then that the major network providers in Nigeria have stepped up their game.

They have made data sharing and transfer options available and easy. In this article, we shall discuss how to share/transfer data on the Airtel network.

This isn’t as hard as most people think it is. It is as easy as sending credit from your airtel sim card to another line on the same network.

Data transfer/sharing on the Airtel network is pretty simple. The necessary ingredients are

  • An Airtel SIM card
  • A valid data bundle. Confirm your status by dialing *140#. You will be notified
  • Sufficient data
  • The recipient is on the Airtel network
  • If the listed criteria are all met, you are good to go

How to Transfer Data on Airtel

  • Data Me2U
  • Data Gifting

Before you can perform either operation you have to first change the PIN.

This is applicable to customers doing this for the first time.

The default PIN is 1234. We shall discuss this last. Read on

Data Me2U

The Me2U option allows a user to transfer some of their data.

The user must have adequate data balance to do this. You can only make this transfer once daily.

You are allowed to transfer a maximum of 200MB only each day.

This means that if you subscribe to a 3GB monthly bundle you can transfer up to 200MB to family or friends daily.

Follow the steps under to do share data on airtel.

  • Dial *141#
  • Choose “Data gifting and Sharing” (option 6)
  • Select “Data Me2U” (option 4)
  • Choose “Send me2U from existing data balance” (Option 2)
  • Enter recipients phone number
  • Enter the data volume you wish to transfer
  • Input PIN number
  • You will receive a success message

Airtel allows Me2U users to transfer all types of data bundles. This includes daily, weekly/biweekly, monthly and megapack bundles.

Free data and social plans do not qualify for this offer.

Furthermore, the transferred data will expire at the same time with the original data. There are no auto-renews.

Data Gifting

It is unique as its name. Here, you purchase a data bundle for a friend using your airtime.

Unlike Me2U the currency is airtime and not data.

One customer buys data for another using his data. The major advantage is that the validity of the gifted data is independent of the source.

It expires according to the duration of the regular bundle. Again, unlike Me2U there is no restriction on the volume of data you can send.

Follow the following steps to use this service:

  • Dial *141#
  • Choose “Data gifting and Sharing”
  • Select “Data gifting” (option 2)
  • Choose the bundle you wish to purchase
  • Select the data volume/plan
  • Choose active (option 1)
  • Input the recipient phone number
  • Finally, enter the PIN
  • You will receive a success message.

Ensure that you have sufficient airtime to purchase the bundle you wish to gift.

Don’t forget that the sender pays for the data or bundle gifted. Otherwise, the purchase will fail.

Once you know the cost of the bundle you want to gift recharge the needed amount in airtime. You can then follow the procedure above with success.

How to Change PIN

The default PIN for data transfer/sharing is 1234.

As a first time user you are usually required to change it.

Once this is done the new PIN is immediately activated.

And it is required to approve all data share/transfers.

Otherwise, your data transfer will be rejected. This is done to ensure security.

A PIN helps to prevent unauthorized access to your data bundle. To change PIN follow these steps:

  • Dial *141#
  • Choose Data gifting and Sharing (option 6)
  • Select Change PIN (option 1)
  • Enter old PIN
  • Input a new PIN
  • Confirm the new PIN
  • You will receive a success message.

Always remember your PIN. If you forget it and try to use the service you may be blocked.

This usually occurs after your fifth attempt. To resolve this call the customer care center. They will reset the PIN.


As you can see, as a subscriber, you can easily share or transfer data on airtel to another subscriber.

This service allows an act of generosity that can make some people considering the chunks of information on the internet this days.


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