How to Transfer Airtime on 9mobile Network


Do you use the Etisalat network? Have you ever thought of sharing credit but don’t know how to go about it? Worry no more. This article would teach you how to transfer airtime on 9mobile.

how to transfer airtime on 9mobile

9Mobile over the years has been a recipient of several awards, such as Fastest Growing GSM Company of the Year, Best Marketing Company, Market Friendly Operator and Best Telecoms Customer Service, etc., because of its quality service delivery.

9mobile has always provided quality services for its users, ranging from amazing voice and SMS services, excellent data plans which allows subscribers to enjoy an unlimited internet experience, to the provision of the 9mobile self-service application which has helped customers to manage their accounts better.

Also, the launch of 4G LTE in October 2016, which has enabled high speed data and quality voice services has attracted more customers to the network. Do you know you can also borrow airtime from 9mobile Nigeria and you pay later? Yes, you can.

These and many more has undoubtedly made it among Nigeria’s top telecommunication company.

Now, with the 9mobile Easy airtime transfer, you can easily transfer airtime from one 9mobile sim to another to ensure you, your relatives or friends continue to enjoy the amazing services on the 9mobile network.

Transfer Airtime on 9mobile

To transfer airtime using the 9mobile Easy airtime transfer service, you can use one of the steps below.

  • Simply dial *223*pin*amount*recipient’s number#.
  • For instance, to transfer N600 worth airtime to the number 08182112363,
  • Dial *223*2038*600*08182112363#. A pop up message would appear afterwards, just press 1 to confirm the transaction.

Alternative method is using the 9mobile service Menu which can be accessed by dialing *200#.

  • Simply dial *200#, a menu would appear showing some options. Select option number one {My Account}
  • After choosing option one, a sub menu would appear with further options. Select option number four {Credit Transfer}.
  • Enter the transfer pin, amount and recipient’s number.

How to Create Transfer PIN.

You must be wondering what the transfer pin is and how to get it.

The transfer pin is a four digit pin which allows you to transfer airtime from your 9mobile sim.

Generally, the 9mobile airtime transfer pin is 0000. However, it is important to change this default pin to avoid transactions from unauthorized 3rd parties.

To change the pin, just dial *247*default pin*new pin#.

For example, changing the default pin to 1999 or 2038, just dial *247*0000*1999# or *247*0000*2038#

A confirmation message would be sent which states the successful change of pin.

Also, you can keep changing your pin from time to time using the above stated step.

It is important to use digits that can be easily remembered but difficult to access by others to change your pin.

Also, if you have forgotten your pin, simply call the customer care line for pin reset by dialing 200.

If you notice any act of fraud, contact the 9mobile customer care as soon as possible.

It is however important to note that.

9mobile airtime cannot be transferred to other mobile networks. In essence, you cannot transfer airtime from 9mobile to Mtn, Glo or Airtel. Thus, this only works for 9mobile to another 9mobile sim card.

You must have above the amount you wish to transfer, on your sim. There should be at least a balance of at least N10 left on your sim after transfer.

Transferred airtime cannot be averted. Hence, you need to be very careful in dialing the amount and recipient’s 9mobile number.


With this service, you can now easily transfer airtime on 9mobile from your sim to another sim on the same network, using any of the above stated steps.


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