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Sending money has been made easy with stanbic ibtc transfer code. With it you send funds from your account to any bank account across the country.

stanbic ibtc transfer code

Stanbic IBTC Holdings Plc may not be one of the top 5 or even 7 most popular and the best banks in Nigeria right now, but they are certainly a very strong force to reckon with in the banking industry. Talk about their numerous products and you will be amazed.

As of 2017, the bank’s total assets was worth about N1.42 Trillion. Fast forward to 2 years later and they have surpassed that figure by far. Their dominance in Pension Fund management speaks a whole lot about this bank.

Though many Nigerians see the bank as “rich people’s bank”, the same way they see GTBank, the financial institution has products designed for the common man out there. Let’s go on to take a quick look at one of such products which is the ussd banking.

Stanbic IBTC USSD Code?

The official Stanbic code is 909. That is the ussd code you can dial on your phone to enjoy the bank’s mobile banking service.

By dialling that code on your mobile phone, you can be able to transfer money to Stanbic IBTC bank subscribers (their account holders) and its non-subscribers.

The code is quite easy to memorize and can be dialled from any kind of phone at all. You don’t also have to be using an android device or any kind of smartphone before the code will work for you.

You can dial it using your IPAD, Samsung Galaxy, Infinix or Nokia (torchlight). Whichever make of phone you dial the code on, you can be able to enjoy the Stanbic mobile banking service on the go.

Are you wondering how you can send money to someone using Stanbic bank code? Let me walk you through the process, below.

Stanbic IBTC Transfer Code

  • To transfer to Stanbic ibtc subscribers, dial *909*11*TheAmount*RecipientAccountNumber# (e.g*909*11*7500*0987654321#)
  • To transfer to other bank subscribers, dial *909*22*TheAmount*TheRecipientAccountNumber# (Example, *909*22*8500*9876543210)

Here is how to transfer funds using *909# which is the official mobile banking code for Stanbic ibtc. Full explanation.

  • From the mobile line connected to your Stanbic ibtc account, dial the ussd code *909#. (lots of options will show up like: Buy Airtime, Transfer Money, Virtual Banking, My Balance etc)
  • Enter 2 and press SEND or OK (A list of options will be displayed like: 1-To Stanbic Account, 2-To other bank, 3-To Stanbic Wallet etc)
  • Enter the appropriate number of the type of transaction you want to make and click OK or SEND
  • You will be required to select the bank, do that and continue
  • Enter the recipient account number, followed by the amount and proceed
  • Enter your 4 digits PIN to authenticate the transfer and press OK
  • You receive a notification of a debit transaction on the phone line connected to your account confirming the status of the transaction (whether it is successful or not)

That is how you can transfer money from your stanbic account using the *909# code.

The following method is how to transfer money from your stanbic ibtc account to other banks using their transfer code.

After dialling any of these two codes above (depending on the type of funds transfer you wish to make , follow the onscreen instructions to authenticate and complete the transaction.

That is the alternative method of using *909# to send money from your Stanbic ibtc bank account to any bank in Nigeria at the moment.

Like I said earlier on, the second method is faster but if you encounter any challenge using it , try the first method.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Use this Code

The Stanbic bank code is highly secure so you don’t have to worry about the security of your transaction.

  • It works with all kinds of phones, regardless of the operating system or the brand
  • In case of emergencies, the ussd code saves you from delays you are likely to encounter by going to the ATM to use the machine for money transfers
  • You can change your transfer PIN at any time without having to walk into the bank to do that
  • It takes just seconds to process any transaction made using the Stanbic ussd code.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any question you feel like asking concerning the Stanbic bank code? Check out the ones we have answered below.

1.) What do I do if my transaction is not successful but I was debited?

The first thing you need to do is to wait for 24 hours. Such transactions are usually reversed within 24hours. Within that period, your money will be credited back to your account.

If its not returned to your account within that time frame, feel free to contact their customer care service through their helplines.

You can also send them to a mail or use their social media handles to contact them. If you are close to any of their branches, walk into the bank and lodge your complaint there.

2.) Can I make multiple transfer in a day?

Of course you can. You can transfer as many times as you need using the bank ussd code. You only have to make sure you do not exceed the daily transfer limits.

3.) Can I use the Stanbic Ibtc code on my current account?

Yes you can. Provided it is an individual current account. The code is meant for both savings account and current account holders. All you need is to dial the *909# and follow the onscreen instructions to begin.

4.) How much does Stanbic bank charge to transfer money to other banks using *909#?

The bank charges 10 Naira for transfer below 5000 Naira. But if you are sending between 5001 and 50,000 Naira, the charges is 25 Naira and for transfer above 50,000 Naira the charges is 50 Naira. This is for funds transfer to other banks in Nigeria using *909# ussd code.

Final Word

On this webpage, we have revealed the Stanbic IBTC transfer code for sending money from a Stanbic bank account to another and to other bank accounts in Nigeria right now in 2020.

A variation of the above code is one of the ways you can use to check your stanbic ibtc bank account number.

Are you searching for how to transfer money using the Stanbic IBTC transfer ussd code? Right here is the webpage to find it. I hope this information meets you well.


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