How to Check Stanbic IBTC Account Number ~ Best 3 Ways to Use


Do you have an account with IBTC but don’t remember your ten digit stanbic ibtc account number? Worry no more.

stanbic ibtc account number

Why? This write up will show you the various ways you can retrieve your account number.

It’s no longer news that people forgets their account numbers, maybe you own two accounts either with the same bank or in two different banks and you find it difficult identifying them or you have lost your account number.

Every commercial bank in Nigeria has brought out a means of retrieving your account number without stress and at no cost at all.

Stanbic Ibtc bank is not left out in this development.

They made sure they provide a unique NUBAN number that won’t allow anyone to have access to your account except in your carelessness.

Without your account number, you cannot send or receive money, pay bills or make any transaction.

It is necessary you have your account number offhand because of an unforeseen circumstance that may warrant you forward it to the next person for a positive change.

Knowing how important your account number is, you need to write it down somewhere or save it in your mobile phone for easy reference.

How do I go about retrieving my account number?

There are various ways you can follow to retrieve your account number.

1.) Code to Check Stanbic IBTC Account Number

If you want to check your account number with a ussd code, dial *909# and select the option that says check account balance.

Then, enter the last four digit of your Master card or your mobile banking pin to authenticate your transaction.

I know the above is for checking account balance but it comes with the account number.

You will receive a message of the last transaction you did together with your account number.

Before you can enjoy this platform, you must first register for Stanbic Ibtc mobile banking ussd code. But if you have been doing it but you seem not to remember the code, ride with me..

2.) Visit a Nearby Branch

The world today has gone digital and if you don’t play along, you will be left out in the new trend.

It is no longer news that everything is now done online, though resources are not shared evenly.

If you happen to be among those that lacks smart phones, don’t worry an offline representative is there to assist with anything you so need to do as regards to your account number.

Since Stanbic Ibtc bank is scattered all over the country, make out time to check the branch that is close to your house.

You can choose any day except Saturday and Sunday which is an exceptional day for bankers and/or public holidays.

Visit the bank branch in time. Do not go to the bank when it is 4 o’ clock. The Security won’t grant you entrance to the bank.

Be there on time, when you have to speak to a customer care representative, go straight to the point because your likes are on the queue waiting for their turns.

Ask for your account number and await the reply.

Surely, it will be a positive one but you will be asked some questions concerning the account.

Are you wondering what kind of questions you are to answer?

Don’t be nervous, it is what you know. The questions you are likely to answer are…

Your full name, date of birth, the phone number you used in opening the account, year you open the account and the bank branch at which you registered your account.

If you are able to provide the answers to the questions without making it seem complicated then you have nothing to worry about.

Why All These Questions?

Any customer care representative that is not transparent in discharging his her duties down to this point, is tagged a Careless customer representative.

He might end up sending your account number to those scammers if he fails to ask you the above questions.

And remember the answers you give are confidential and it is worthwhile so they can detect of a truth that you have an account with Stanbic Ibtc bank.

When you provide the correct answers, the customer care representative will help you check your account number.

It is best you carry it offhand, write it down somewhere or save it in your phone.

3.) Retrieve Account Number Online

The nature of your job might not permit you to walk to the banking hall for your account number, I think the best means is this.

You can retrieve your account number online by speaking with the customer care personnel through email, phone number and live chat.

Contact details are 0700 2255 782 6242, and their website which is

It is nice you contact an online representative with any of the networks. E.g Glo, MTN, AIRTEL, 9MOBILE etc.

All you need is a working network and data bundle subscription.

Just like the offline representative asked you, an online representative will equally ask you to provide answers to the same questions like date of birth, phone number you used in opening the account, full name, the branch at which you opened the account.

When you provide those answers for them to ascertain you own an account with them, your account number or ten digit number will be given to you.

This is strictly for those that has tight schedule and can operate a Smart phone.

But if you can’t operate an Android phone, then the first means of checking an account number is for you.

Check out the next method of retrieving your account number with ease or stress.

Both those that owns and operate an Android phone can assess this and those that can’t.

Final Note

Retrieving your Stanbic Ibtc account number is not a big deal only if you follow the procedures here without making mistakes or being careless.

Make sure you put it down somewhere or save it on your mobile phone, though, this write up is always there as a reminder.


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