Spectranet Plans and Prices ~ Double Data & Coverage (2020)


Let me ask you something. How much do you spend on a monthly basis to surf the internet? My guess is a lot. This is why i am publishing this write up about spectranet plans and prices in Nigeria using the current data prices and volume.

spectranet plans and prices

See, the likes of mtn, glo, airtel and 9mobile also offer great services when it comes to internet subscription.

I am not disputing that but if you are lucky enough to be eligible to use spectranet, only then will you know the differences.

First, let me explain what spectranet is and what they do.

Spectranet is a telecommunication company that offers you fast internet services based on 4th Generation (4G) network.

Like every other service providers in the country, they have their own sim card and offers different plans.

Apart from that, they also have their own MiFi and Router of different sizes and amount as well as outdoor modem.

So, you should get one of their MiFi if you are going to be using this for yourself on couple of devices or get one of their router if you are going to be using it in an office space of say more than 15 people.

Or better still, get one of their fibre services. Either the fibre on air or home fibre. It is the best if you can afford it.

Ace MiFi is their most popular MiFi right now and it costs less than 23,500 Naira and comes with 70GB of data (which is their highest mega value plan). You will need a form of identification that contains your full name and address to own one of this.

They also offer fibre on air and home fibre. Unlike their WiFi, MiFi and Router, they will need to be at your home physically to install necessary equipments such as an outdoor modem.

Their fibre services offers you unlimited access to the internet with no limitations and at a very cheap price.

If you can afford to part with over 20,000 – 30,000 Naira monthly in Lagos or almost 26,000 Naira in Ibadan, Portharcourt and Abuja, then this is what you should go for.

There is a one time installation fee though of up to 70,000 Naira and this cover all the equipment and devices needed.

Having said all this, let’s get to the point of the write up.

Spectranet Plans and Prices

PlansPricesFree Unlimited Browsing
7GB3070 NairaMorning, 4am – 8am
9GB3580 NairaYes, Morning; 4am to 8am
13GB5115 NairaMorning, 4am – 8am
16GB6140 NairaYes, Morning; 4am – 8am
18GB7165 NairaNight, 1am – 8am
30GB10,235 NairaNight, 1am – 8am
45GB12,795 NairaYes, Night, 1am – 8am
50GB13,305 NairaNight, from 1am to 8am
70GB15,355 NairaYes, Night, 1am – 8am
100GB; Always on19,960 NairaNight
200GB; Always on38,390 Naira1am to 8am
300GB; Always on56,820 NairaYes, Night

Spectranet just updated their bundles. Most of their prices remain the same but the data volume has been revised.

All of these data bundles are valid for 30 days. You are also likely to be lucky to get double data but only on monthly plans.

The plans that comes with free night browsing which is unlimited by the way, this offer is available or usable from 1am to 8am.

While those that comes with free unlimited morning plan means you get to browse unlimitedly for free between 4am – 8am

For the Always On plans, your browsing speed will be reduced to 512 kb per second once you exhaust the allocated data.

Data roll over is available for all bundle (not the bonus) and you get a grace of more than 5 days after expiring before it will be wiped.

Spectranet Daily & Weekly Bundles

  • 6GB for N1500 Naira: It is a weekly plan which means it is valid for 7 days. 4GB is actually a promo meaning the real data volume is 2GB.
  • 20GB for 4500 Naira: This plan last for 10 days. 10GB of this data volume is a promo meaning the real volume of data allocated is 10GB.

Spectranet Coverage

  • Ibadan
  • Lagos
  • Abuja
  • Port-Harcourt

If you resides in any of the above cities, you can go ahead and buy one of their devices and subscribe to one of their above plans to start enjoying their services.

How to Buy Spectranet Data

Pay for your internet plans using quickteller and your mobile bank app. Alongside the bundle price, you will be charged additional 100 Naira as service fee for payment gateway you use.

Spectranet MiFi and Routers

  • Blue Freedom: It costs 17,000 Naira and it comes with 45GB.
  • Evo: Its price is 21,500 Naira and you get 70GB with it.
  • Ace: Amount is 23,500 Naira and comes with 70GB data volume.
  • Blaze Home Broadband: Also costs 23,500 Naira and comes with 70GB data, USB slot.
  • Flyt Home Broadband Device: Its price is 27,500 Naira and it comes with 120GB.
  • Spectra Outdoor Modem: It costs 70,000 Naira. This is the best if you are business owner. It’s super faster than the above with strong signal strenght.

Final Words

To be honest with you, i will only recommend you go for their services if you are an heavy internet user. You will really enjoy the night plans and double data offers.

For light internet users, you might want to stick with your local networks. I mean the likes of mtn, glo, airtel and 9mobile.

You can easily check how much spectranet data volume you have left by login to your selfcare dashboard and scroll to the bottom.

Now, i think it’s time to hear from you. What do you think about about spectranet plans and prices? Are they worth the asking amount and what about their devices?

Let me know in the comment. If you find this write up useful, you should consider sharing it with friends and family.


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