Richest Footballers In Nigeria: Top 10 (ten) in 2022

Are you interested in knowing the current richest footballers in Nigeria at the moment? This write-up features the top 10 wealthiest of them as of 2022.

You may be surprised to see the name of your favourite players in the list. When it comes to African football stars that have made a name for themselves across the globe, Nigeria boasts of quite a whole lot of them.

From the likes of Austin Jay Jay Okocha, Kanu Nwankwo, to many others. Including the ones that are still very active in the game.

Who Is Nigeria’s Richest Footballer Presently? You may be asking.

Based on our research, John Mikel Obi is undeniably the wealthiest footballer in Nigeria at the moment.

The former Chelsea midfielder boasts of a net worth of over 23 billion Naira in 2022 to make him Nigeria’s richest football player.

Unlike many Nigerian players, Mikel is highly respected around the world, especially in England where he has spent most of his time in the sport.

You will learn more about him as you read on.

Having revealed the wealthiest football star in Nigeria 2022, check out the others that made it to our list of top 10 richest footballers in the country.

I’m going to start the list from the 10th richest person to the highest.

If you are serious about knowing every one of them, you should read the post to the bottom.

The following are Nigeria’s current richest footballers and their net worth.

Richest Footballers in Nigeria 2022

  • Alex Chuka Iwobi = 1.3 Billion Naira
  • Kelechi Promise Iheanacho = 1.4 Billion Naira
  • Anichebe Victor = 6 Billion Naira
  • Emenike Emmanuel = 6.4 Billion Naira
  • Musa Ahmed = 6.5 Billioin Naira
  • Victor Moses = 7.3 Billion Naira
  • Enyeama Vincent = 10 Billion Naira
  • Odion Ighalo = 12 Billion Naira
  • Obafemi Martins = 14 Billion Naira
  • John Mikel Obi = 23 Billion Naira

1.) Alex Chuka Iwobi – N1.3B

Number 10th on our list is Alex Chuka Iwobi, simply known as Alex Iwobi. He is a professional football player and currently plays for Premier League side, Everton Football Club.

The midfielder was born on the 3rd of May, 1996 at Lagos, Nigeria. He is a cousin to former Super Eagles of Nigeria captain and playmaker, Austin Jay Jay Okocha.

Having played both in the Junior and Senior team of Arsenal FC, Alex Iwobi has printed his name on the sands of time in English Premier League.

The young man also enjoys a great followership on his social media profiles where he has never relented in showing his love for both his country and club.

He is one of the players you would enjoy watching in the Nigerian senior team.

As of now, Alex Iwobi is estimated to be worth about N1.3 billion. This puts him on the list of the richest Nigerian footballers at the moment.

2.) Kelechi Promise Iheanacho – N1.4B

Kelechi Iheanacho has been a subject of criticisms as a result of his performance on the pitch, one of the reasons the young player did not feature so much in the last African Cup of Nations.

The Leicester City man has in the past been rated one of the most promising Nigerian footballers abroad, before his form started going down.

Having played for Premier League giants, Manchester City, where he made so much money, Iheanacho remains one of the top wealthiest footballers in Nigeria currently.

The player is reported to own a Rolls Royce, Mercedes C300 and even a Range Rover. He also own one of the most beautiful houses among Nigerian players.

With a net worth of about N1.4 billion, Kelechi Iheanacho is the 9th richest Nigerian player presently.

3.) Anichebe Victor – N6B

Anichebe Victor is one of the Nigerian footballers that made headlines a few years ago.

Playing as a forward for the Super Eagles, Anichebe dominated games alongside other top Nigerian players.

After making a name for himself in the Nigerian senior team, the young man played in other leagues around the world, especially the Chinese League, where he made so much money for himself.

Though a free agent at the moment, Anichebe still holds the record as the 8th richest player in Nigeria. He is estimated to be worth about 6 billion naira.

4.) Emenike Emmanuel – N6.4B

In his prime, Emenike Emmanuel was one of the most lethal strikers in the Super Eagles team.

He was very instrumental to many of the wins Nigeria recorded in the 2013 African Cup of Nations.

Having featured in so many leagues around the world, the striker has accumulated so much wealth to deserve a mention in this list.

With a net worth of around N6.4 billion, Emenike Emmanuel is highly regarded as one Nigeria’s top wealthiest football stars. This net worth puts him in the 7th position on this list.

5.) Musa Ahmed – N6.5B

If there is one player that deserves a spot in this list, it will be no other than Ahmed Musa.

If not for his philanthropy, Musa would have been among the 3rd richest Nigerian footballers at the moment. He is known to help so many people, in and outside of his community.

When it comes to very important games, Ahmed Musa is always known to rise to the occasion.

He has scored against top dogs both in the African Cup of Nations and World Cup.

He is currently playing for Al-Nassr in Saudi Arabia where he has been very influential to the team’s success.

He is estimated to be worth around N6.5 billion, making him the 6th richest Nigerian footballer at the moment.

6.) Victor Moses – 7.3B

With a net worth of about 7.3 billion naira, Victor Moses is Nigeria’s 5th richest footballer. The former Chelsea FC midfielder was one of those players Nigerians looked forward to watch in the English squad.

He has featured for Nigeria both in the African Cup of Nations and World Cup.

Having left Chelsea, the player is expected to prove his quality in his new team and bounce back to public eye anytime soon.

7.) Enyeama Vincent – N10B

Unarguably Nigeria’s best goalkeeper, Vincent Enyeama is the most capped Super Eagles player in history. He is also the oldest player in the team at the moment.

Enyeama is one player you can never underestimate, he is known to score goals (penalties) as though he is a striker.

He is a well-respected player in Israel where he has spent most of his career as goalkeeper.

Enyeama is worth around 10 billion naira, making him the 4th wealthiest footballer in Nigeria.

8.) Odion Ighalo – N12B

Manchester United forward, Odion Ighalo, is undeniably one of the best strikers to have made it outside of Nigeria.

The former Chinese Super League player did not just build a great name for himself while in the league, he also accumulated so much wealth there.

With his recent move to the English Premier League side, Ighalo has once again returned to a place where he can be watched by the whole world. He actually called the move a dream come true.

Odion Ighalo is estimated to be worth about 12 billion naira. With this net worth, the Manchester United player is the 3rd richest footballer in Nigeria presently.

9.) Obafemi Martins – N14B

Which Nigerian football lover hasn’t heard of Obafemi Martins? The former Super Eagles striker was so good at scoring goals they nicknamed him “Obagoal” which means “the king of goals.”

Talk about the fitness, the speed, accuracy and skills, and the name “Obagoal” comes to mind.

He is one player considered a great force in the Super Eagles team.

Having played in Italy and England, Obafemi Martins moved to China where he actively plays in the Chinese Super League with the team Shanghai Shenhua.

He is currently worth about N14B, making him the second richest Nigerian player at the moment.

10.) John Mikel Obi – N23B

Number 1 on our list of the richest footballers in Nigeria, is John Mikel Obi, one of the best players Nigeria has ever produced.

When you talk of the most successful footballers in the country, Mikel’s name is definitely going to be among the top 3.

Although he is not a very prolific goalscorer, the former Chelsea FC player has won nearly every major trophy there is to win in all the leagues he has featured in.

This includes the popular English Premier League and Champions League titles. He is one of Nigeria’s greatest football stars and the richest of them.

Final Statement

As a football fan, what do you think of this list of the richest footballers in Nigeria at the moment? Do they deserve it? Tell me why.

Here i about their career and the exact amount each of these stars are currently worth.

With that information, you can be sure of what you are saying when you start claiming that your favourite Super Eagles player is the wealthiest Nigerian player at the moment.

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