Richest Football Clubs in the World: Top 10 and Their Net Worth 2022

As a lover of football, you might have wondered which clubs are the richest in the world.

There are many clubs all over the world regarding the game of soccer, only a few get to make it big.

Football or soccer as it is also called is one of the sports that has won the hearts of many fans both men and women, and many of these fans adore their football clubs or players like an idol.

They try to stay connected with their fans clubs and keep them updated.

However, here is an update on the 10 richest clubs in the world. This information is current and highly reliable.

Richest Football Clubs in the World By Revenue

  • FC Barcelona – Revenue 840.8m EUR
  • Real Madrid – 757.3m EUR
  • Manchester Untied – 711.5m EUR
  • Bayern Munich – 660.1m EUR
  • Parts Saint – Germaine – 635.9m EUR
  • Manchester City – 610.6m EUR
  • Liverpool – 604.7m EUR
  • Tottenham Hotspur – 521.1m EUR
  • Chelsea – 513.1m EUR
  • Juventus – 459.7m EUR

This ranking is actually based on last year’s total revenue profit of each of the club. Ranging from matchday, broadcasting and also commercial incomes.

1.) FC Barcelona: 840.8m EURO

  • Matchday: 159m EUR
  • Broadcasting: 298.1m EUR
  • Commercial: 383.5m EUR

They won the La Liga and replaced Real Madrid. Additionally, they also emerged as the first and only club currently to have generated more than 800 million euros in a year.

The Spanish club recorded a ten percent increase in the revenue generated. This ten percentage gave them an advantage over rivals. The giants Barcelona won the Spanish title for the 8th time in 11 years.

They also reached the semi-final of the champion’s league. The reigning La Liga champion has over the years continued to witness revenue growth with the help of football celebrities like Messi and well-supportive fans all over the world.

Having multitudes of football fans in various social media platforms such as Facebook – 100 million followers. Instagram – 82.1 million followers. The revenue is broken down as such:

2.) Real Madrid: 757.3m EUR

Seems like this club has been greatly affected by the absence of their key player Cristiano Ronaldo.

The club had a terrible performance which resulted in the fall of the financial status of the club.

Even though that the profit did not reduce so much.

Real Madrid finished in what was not so convincing, appearing in third place in the Laliga.

Madrid was eliminated in the 16th round in the UEFA champion’s league.

They also got a disappointing 6.4 million euro increase in revenue. This increase was generated last year.

Real Madrid also has lots of followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And this helps to keep the revenue increasingly high. Real Madrid is also ranked as one of the best football clubs in Europe.

With the return of Zidan as the coach of this prestigious club, we are hopeful that the club will return on the success track where it has always been for many years now.

3.) Manchester Untied: 711.5m Euro

The Red Devils football club was once recorded as the richest football club in the year 2018. The club was said to have had started hopefully in the 2018/19 session.

Unfortunately, it all ended in disappointment and this led to the eviction of Jose Mourinho.

Actually, Jose Mourinho was rated as the one who will restore united to its rightful position in European football.

However, the football club has been knocked down to the 3rd position on the list of the richest club, for the first time in so many years.

Yet Red Devils remain the wealthiest football club in England. The club had revenue of 51.5million euros which was generated from last year.

Actually, the huge financial state of the club’s 2018 revenue profile was drawn from the club’s commercial deals with Adidas.

It has a big contract with Adidas for supplying kits and champion league return last year. This helped the revenue to grow up to six percent.

4.) Bayern Munich: 660.1m Euro

The Bundesliga Giants are the most successful football club in German Football history so far.

They have won a record of 29 national titles as well as 19 national cups.

The considerable success of the domestic league Giants boosted Bayern Munich’s earning. With revenue of 660.1 million euros, Bayern became the 4th richest club in the world.

The football club also has a lot of fans totaling up to 75,354 fans on average. This is based on the number that attends Bayern home matches.

5.) Parts Saint – Germaine: 635.9m

Paris Saint Germaine (PSG) came up as the 5th club with the most generated revenue. Having a player like Kyllian Mbappe and Neymar have been of great help to the club.

The success of PSG’s revenue profile is enumerated from commercial deals. The club has its two biggest contracts with Nike- technical kit supplier and Emirates-shirt sponsor.

Paris Saint’s revenue increased to almost 100 million marks, this was a big jump for the French club. The club experienced an increase in its revenue in 2019 from 942 to 635.9 million.

The revenue is broken down like this:

  • Matchday – 115.9m
  • Broadcasting – 156.6m
  • Commercial – 363.4m

6.) Manchester City: 610.6m Euro

Manchester City is the second richest club in England. The English club recorded a 42.2million revenue increase last year.

Though Mancity has successfully won the English Premier League (EPL) title on two different occasions, this achievement didn’t prevent the club from dropping one position down to becoming the 6th richest club in the world.

The club’s recent revenue of about 42.2m Euro is made up of massive broadcasting deals, home game fans (54,054 fans), and commercial contracts such as Nike which supplies technical kit, and Etihad Airways- shirt sponsor.

A new kit deal has also been hit with the Etihad management which is said to be making an investment of about a 500million in Manchester City.

This of course would be the biggest backed-up football club deal ever. The revenue is broken down as:

  • Matchday – 62.4m
  • Broadcasting – 287.2m
  • Commercial – 261.0m

7.) Liverpool: 604.7m Euro

After several efforts to win the UEFA champion league but failed. Liverpool, however, won Europe’s top club tournament.

Unfortunately, the club couldn’t seal up the title (EPL). This would have been a wonderful continental double for the English premier league club.

As of this year, the club looked like it was on its way to lift the title after so many years before the outbreak of Covid19. If the current league is resumed, the is a high chance they may still lift the trophy.

The club’s revenue is as such:

  • Matchday – 94.5m EUR
  • Broadcasting – 299.3m EUR
  • Commercial – 210.9m

8.) Tottenham Hotspur: 521.1m Euro

Tottenham Hotspur has surprisingly overtaken Chelsea and Arsenal to become London’s richest club with a wholesome revenue.

With broadcasting revenue of 276.7m, Tottenham Hotspur has been able to climb up two spaces up the top 10 richest football clubs.

The revenue is as such:

  • Matchday – 92.5m EUR
  • Broadcasting – 276.7m EUR
  • Commercial – 151.9m EUR

9.) Chelsea: 513.1m Euro

Although with the support of a billionaire owner of Chelsea, a Russian, known as Roman Abramovich, it was difficult to have Chelsea ranking out of the first five richest football clubs.

However, in 2019 because of the unchanged revenue, Chelsea slipped a place. The club over the year 2019 generated 513.1million euros as its revenue.

The revenue is estimated as:

  • Matchday – 75.6m Euro
  • Broadcasting – 227.1m Euro
  • Commercial – 210.4m Euro

10.) Juventus – Revenue 459.7m Euro

The presence of Cristiano Ronaldo in Juventus has really helped the football club. After the arrival of Cristiano to series A, the club witnessed an outstanding increase in Jersey wears/sales and also an increase in the stock price.

Apart from the Ronaldo factor as it is commonly known, the five-times balloon d’Or star succeeded in creating much more attention to Juventus as well as the series A.

The Ronaldo factor also had a positive effect on the revenue which moved from 64.8m to 459.7m. That pushed the club up to the 10th position in the richest clubs.

Final Statement

The football clubs had a generated revenue which was either increased or decreased between last year and this year.

However, the current state of revenue of each football club determined their ranking in this list of richest soccer teams in the world.

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