Richest DJs In Nigeria {Top 10} 2022

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Who are the richest DJs in Nigeria? You may have asked. Well, you will find the answer here as this article features the top 10 wealthiest Disc Jockeys in the country presently.

In this write-up, we will take a look only at the Nigerian DJs considered to be the biggest and hottest in the country at this moment and see who among them is raking in more money.

Except for the top American stars, we hear their names like DJ Khaled and co, not many people have thought of the work of a DJ as being very lucrative to the point of making one a millionaire.

Ask the average Nigerian about ten things he could probably do to make money consistently and you will hardly come across people mentioning being a professional Disk Jockey.

The reason is that for many, being a Deejay is only about using a laptop to play and change songs during a funeral, wedding, birthday celebrations, and children’s Christmas parties.

Well if that is the opinion you have about these music stars, then you have probably not met or heard a “real” DJ. Their work involves a lot more.

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For instance, they carefully study different records and absorb endless lists with the aim of bringing out that special thing within them to the public.

The kind of research and accumulation of musical information that professional DJs do, is something that so many out there cannot muster up the courage to do.

That is why people are beginning to recognize the importance and the place of DJs not only at parties but in the music world entirely.

Little wonder you can hardly find a record Label now without an “in-house” DJ.

Richest DJs in Nigeria 2022

Below are the top 10 earning DJs in the country today. I am sure you are familiar with most of them.

1.) Florence Otedola aka DJ Cuppy

Daughter of the popular Nigerian billionaire and Oil mogul Femi Otedola, popularly known by her stage name “DJ Cuppy” is the richest DJ in Nigeria presently.

She is also among the top 5 female DJs in Africa. So she didn’t just make it to the top of this list simply because her father is a billionaire, the young Deejay is a master at spinning turntables.

Regardless of the fact that Deejaying is an aspect of music greatly dominated by men in Nigeria, Cuppy has been able to make a name for herself in that very niche.

She is currently an official DJ Ambassador for Pepsi and as well Global Citizen Education Ambassador.

Cuppy has received so many nominations and awards for her efforts. She is today not only a Deejay but also a music producer and singer.

2.) Oluwaforijimi Adewale Amu aka DJ Jimmy Jatts

Born on the 15th of October 1966, Jimmy Jatts is highly regarded as one of the pioneering Hip-hop DJs in Nigeria.

In 2006, he won the Hip Hop World Hall of Fame award at the maiden edition of The Headies.

Born and bred in Lagos, DJ Jimmy Jatts is a native of Ijebu Ode in Ogun State. Just like Starboy Wizkid. He initially began his music career as a rapper with the stage name Master J.

However, when he was unable to get signed to a record label after a long time, he switched to Deejaying and changed his stage name to DJ Jimmy Jatts.

Till today he is still one of the biggest and best talents to come out of Nigeria and he is not even showing any signs of slowing down.

3.) Rotimi Alakija aka DJ Xclusive

Rotimi Alakija was also known by his stage name “DJ Xclusive” is a nephew to the popular Nigerian billionaire businesswoman Folorunsho Alakija. He is also one of Nigeria’s biggest disc jockeys.

Signed to Empire Mates Entertainment, the Record Label owned by the popular Nigerian musician Bank W, DJ Xclusive is one Deejay you can’t fail to mention his name when you are counting the best of the bests in Africa.

In 2010, he won the Nigerian Entertainment Award for “World Best DJ.” He was also nominated for “Best DJ” at the Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television Awards 2011.

Apart from the fact that he is the in-house deejay for Empire Mates Entertainment (EME), he is also the resident Deejay for the popular radio station Cool FM (96.9).

4.) Imohiosen Patrick aka DJ Neptune

This Nigerian Disc Jockey is one of those you can’t withstand his magic on the dance floor.

So good is he that described him as not being of this planet.

The amazing Deejay who is gifted at spinning different categories of music together including Afrobeats, Jazz, Dancehall, Hip-hop, R&B, and Funky House, has received so many international recognitions and awards.

Though he was born and bred in Lagos, this unique DJ is from Edo State, Nigeria. He is one of the hottest deejays in Nigeria at the moment.

5.) Sodamola Oluseye Desmond aka DJ Spinall

Top Boy DJ Spinall is a multi-award-winning Nigerian disc jockey that has worked with so many local and international acts. He is currently an Ambassador of Pepsi Nigeria and Smirnoff Ice.

He is one of those Nigerian deejays that has won the most awards. The Deejay is presently signed to Atlantic Records UK and TheCap Music.

6.) Afagwu Benedict aka DJ Humility

From an ordinary bus conductor, Afagwu Benedict who is popularly known by his stage name DJ Humility is today one of the top wealthiest Deejays in Nigeria.

Born on the 31st of October 1979, the Deejay is one of the best things happening in the Nigerian music industry now.

He is the owner of the popular record Label H-Records and is the resident DJ at Urban Radio station and Rhythm FM, Lagos.

7.) Thomas Ama-Aigbe aka DJ Sose

Thomas Ama-Aigbe popularly known as DJ Sose was born in Ibadan by a Hungarian mother and a Nigerian father.

His father an Edo State man, is the one that named him “Soseneyayi” from where the stage name “Sose” is derived. The name actually means “bear witness.”

According to the Deejay with half of his face covered with a tattoo, the reason he wears the tattoo on his face is for branding. It has nothing to do with any secret cult or demonic activities like most people erroneously believed.

The young man once worked as an IT personnel before abandoning it to pursue a career in DJing. According to Channel O, DJ Sose is one of the top ten deejays in Africa presently.

He has been nominated three times now for the Nigerian Entertainment Awards. Talk about the Nigerian disc jockeys that are worth millions of Naira and the Ibadan brought up will be among them.

8.) Derin Phillips aka DJ Caise

This disc jockey is widely regarded as one of the most educated deejays in Nigeria and Africa at large. He is the resident DJ at Beats 99.9 FM and the deejay at Chocolate City, the record owned by the popular Nigerian rapper M.I.

In talking about his success in his career, the talented DJ has this to say:

“I was lucky enough to meet the General Manager of Beats 99.9 FM and he gave me a platform for me to prove myself, and with the platform, I guess I grew from strength to strength.

So from Beat FM, I traveled the world performing at Big Brother Africa twice, MTV, BET, and headlined festivals in Kenya and Cardiff, Wales.”

Since his debut in the entertainment industry, the young man has performed in several popular events and shows across Nigeria.

9.) Olawunmi Okerayi aka DJ Lambo

Also called “DJ Lamborghini,” Olawunmi Okerayi is another top Nigerian disc jockey that is a female. Just like Cuppy, DJ Lambo is giving the men a run for the money in the music industry.

She is the head and president of Choc Boi Nation (CBN), an imprint of the record Label Chocolate City Music. She has performed at several big events and shows including the popular Big Brother Naija for 3 times.

10.) Ayorinde Kehinde Okiki aka DJ Kaywise

Soundcity in-house disc jockey DJ Kaywise is one of the hottest and richest deejays in Nigeria at the moment. He has performed in several notable events and shows across the country.

His latest music featuring T-Classic has received several positive reviews and massive airplay within a few days of being released.

A few hours ago, the popular deejay announced his new mansion as he becomes a new Landlord. We wish him many more achievements in the future.

Final Statement

These are currently the richest DJs in Nigeria. If you have been searching for who is the richest DJ in the country, I hope the answer you found in this post satisfies that curiosity.

So from this list, tell us who and who are your favorite Nigerian Deejays. Even if his name is not mentioned in this article, feel free to add it in the comment section below.

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