Recycling Companies In Nigeria ~ List of Top 10 in 2020


Do you have used items you wish you can turn into something valuable? If yes, then you need the services of the top recycling companies in Nigeria right now.

recycling companies in nigeria

This article contains about 10 of them. You can choose from the list the right for you at the moment.

What is a recycling company?

It is a business firm aimed at turning waste materials into useful products.

They usually work on things like plastics, paper, rubber etc, and turn them into valuable items.

These type of companies play a very important role in the economic development of the country as they help minimize wastages and also create employment opportunities for the youths.

Without these companies, we will always have certain waste products littering our environment and constituting nuisance to it.

Some of these companies might need a hand from at least one of the best logistic firms to ensure things are transported at the right time and to the right place.

To find some of the top companies that are in this category in our country today, check out the list below.

Top 10 Recycling Companies in Nigeria

  • Chanja Datti Recycling Co. Ltd
  • Shongau Packaging industry Ltd
  • Recycle Points
  • Verde Impacto
  • Wecyclers
  • Takman Recycling Services
  • GreenHill Recycling
  • EcoFuture Nigeria
  • Metal Recycling Industries Limited
  • Envirocycles

1.) Chanja Datti Recycling Co. Ltd

From the word Chanja Datti one would guess that the company hails from the northern region of Nigeria.

Yes! This company was born and located in north region- Abuja company was born and located in north region- Abuja.

The name ‘chanja datti‘ is gotten from the Hausa language meaning “transform dirt.”

It is a social enterprise that deals with collecting waste materials such as pure water sachet, PET bottles, aluminium cans, tires, glass bottles and papers such as old textbooks, cartons, old newspapers, card-board etc.

They transform these waste materials into useful products. Chanja Datti was founded in 2015 and it’s located in other parts of the country apart from Abuja.

However it is Abuja ‘s first and only recycling company with nothing less than 10 employees who work hard to provide their clients with recycling solutions.

2.) Shongau Packaging industry Ltd

Shongai packaging industry was founded in 1977 but started it’s production in 1981. they are focused on crate productions.

They manufacture different shapes and size of crates ranging from 12, 18 to 24 bottles of crates, which is why they are the biggest producers of quality crates.

Shongai also has the best crate printing facility.

Apart from bottle crate, the firm is also involved in manufacturing different types of basins , drums, tray, laundry basket as well as chairs etc.

They also produce paint containers, different types of covers/caps screw caps, welding shield etc. They also supply glue labels of all sizes and shapes to export market.

All products from the great industry in summary are: plastic crates, cosmetics Jaiz, 20 ltr, 4 Ltr paint containers, storage crates, 35 Ltr basin Yoghurt bottles, plastic chairs, plastic tables and also bottle labels it is located at Ogun State, Nigeria.

3.) Recycle Points

This industry is in partnership with LAWMA- Lagos State Waste Management Authority in waste recycling and also sanitation legacy. They are also Nigeria’s foremost waste recycling company.

As the name goes, Recycle Points are given to their customers or rather subscribers to redeem valuable household equipments.

These kind of program is called iRecycle Network. It is primarily targeted at individual customers exchanging recyclable materials for house-hold items which are collected in their iRecyle store.

Apart from the iRecycle Network program, Recycle Points host other programmes, such as:

WastePicker Initiative which is targeted at individual or customers. Exchanging recyclable materials for money.

Schools Recycling for academic establishments

Corporate Recycling for corporate establishments, of which corporate organisations such as Chellarams, Access Bank, Union Bank, First City Monument Bank, Saipem, Nigerian Army Shopping Arena, Thistle Praxis, DeltaAfrik and so on, have signed up to this corporate recycling program.

According to their products, they collect and produce plastics, aluminium cans, electronics, batteries, tyres, pure water sachets, glass, paper, hangers, pegs, craft papers, carpets etc.

These materials are processed in their collection and sorting Hubs (CoSoHUB}. This CoSoHuB centres are situated in different locations around the country.

4.) Verde Impacto

Verde Impacto is another recycling company in Nigeria. It is said to be a recycling and recovery company.

They deal mainly with post-consumer recycling. It is located in ota, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Concerning their products, they work with mental, plastic, carton and e-waste products.

Their work processes are: first they get waste materials in warehouse, and then finally, they transport these wastes to the recycling factory.

5.) Wecyclers

Wecyclers was established in June 2012. it was founded by Bliss Adebiyi-Abiola and her co-founder Jonathan Kola.

They were inspired to start up the organisation during a class project for a development venture in MIT.

The company started in Lagos State and has its partnership with Lagos State Waste Management Authority (LAWMAN).

It is a waste management company aimed at expanding the concept of waste sorting and recycling in Nigeria, starting from Lagos.

They give households the opportunity to generate value from their waste.

They collect recyclable materials as aluminium cans, plastic bottles, plastic bags etc. They have been able to successfully engage several community clean-up events across the country including Surulere and Ebute-Melta in Lagos where there current hubs are situated.

So far, they have been able to create jobs for about 150 Nigerians. Lots of households are currently enjoying a cleaner environment as a result of their efforts.

Interested households can as well register with Wecyclers. With this registration, Wecyclers come to them directly and collect their waste materials according to an agreed schedule.

Because they hope to reduce urban waste in low-income.

6.) Takman Recycling Services

Takman Recycling Services is an innovative metal recycling and scrapping company. Location situated in Lagos State. They recycle and also scrap metals.

They have also enhanced socio-economic development through their recycling and up-cycling activities.

This has also helped to reduce the rate of inadequate exploration of solid minerals in Nigeria.

7.) GreenHill Recycling

Greenhill Recycling is a recycling company that have been able to improve the community health, socio-economic as well as sustainable development through their recycling and up-cycling activities.

GreenhHill Recycling also provide opportunities for people living in low-income areas within Lagos to create value from their waste items.

This value is called GREENPOINTS which are then converted to valuable items like household items, groceries, bill payments and cash. They also accept materials like aluminium cans, water sachet and old newspapers.

These are usually collected from households in exchange for GREENPOINTS. The GREENPOINTS are exchanged for any valuable item of their choice.

Another service is school recycling programme where they work with children. They educate children in primary and secondary school on how to re-purpose waste materials into valuable materials.

Corporate recycling is another service rendered by Green Hills Recycling for corporate organisations like financial institutions , religious bodies, educational institutions and commercial institutions.

Generally they recycle recyclable materials such as all plastic containers like bottles, bowls, bucket etc, cartons, pure water sachets, aluminium cans and office paper. Green Hill is presently situated in Lagos state.

8.) EcoFuture Nigeria

It is a Nigerian waste recycling company that provides opportunity for households and micro-entrepreneurs to make value from their everyday recyclable plastic waste.

According to their stages, first they collect waste materials from schools, restaurants, school and household.

Then they channel or place them into a unique facility. Finally, these material are sold to domestic manufacturers in Nigeria. Their waste materials are also exported to other countries.

This organisation has been in operation since December, 2014. Presently over 1,000 households and business organisations have successfully registered with them.

9.) Metal Recycling Industries Limited

This recycling Organisation was founded in 2010. It’s headquarters is located in Ogijo, Ogun State, Nigeria.

This organisation recycles recyclable materials of metals only. They make use of modern and advanced technologies for their recycling activities. They presently boast of a number of employees, totalling up to 1000.

10.) Envirocycles

This company is located in Lagos State. It is one of the best plastic recycling company in the country. They specialize in paper and wood recycled materials.

Their main market for their recycled products are outside Nigeria. Of course, they market internationally.

They deal with non-degradable waste like PET bottles, polyethlene etc. Most of the waste are then processed into usable wears outside the country, like shirts worn by the Brazilian football team during a particular World cup.

They have been able to raise up job opportunities too for the youths.

This company has been in existence since 2008 but started its business in 2010. This company also has a waste tyre recycling plant, fertilizer plant and also a nitrogen plant. They also have their centres in Lekki, Ikotun and Badagry Expressway, all over Lagos State.

This company was established by Chief Ernest E. Onyenze.

Final Note

From this article, it is quite obvious that our country is blessed with many of this type of companies.

However, the ones listed here are the current best recycling companies in Nigeria at the moment.

They are well developed and share a few similar activities such as reaching out to household of low-incomes and providing a more neater and comfortable environments while creating job opportunities.


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