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It is no longer news that the bank formerly known as Skye Bank is now known as Polaris. So here is what you should know about polaris bank transfer code.

polaris bank transfer code

On this page, we will talk about this dedicated ussd code for transferring funds from Polaris bank accounts using just your mobile phone. You will know how you can use the Polaris mobile banking code to make funds transfers without leaving the comfort of your home, office or even classroom.

Have you been searching for how to do this for a long time?

Then stay with me as we discuss this super easy way of sending money to your family and friends through the Polaris bank code. Don’t get it twisted, this short code is super easy and fast when it comes to initiating and completing transactions.

Polaris Bank Transfer Code

Using the mobile phone linked to your bank account, dial this *833*7000*3987654321# (The amount and account number entered here are examples. You should replace them with how much you want to send and the recipient’s account number).

After you have dialled the code, the next thing is to enter your mobile banking PIN to authenticate the funds transfer. (The PIN is the four (4) digit security code you selected when you were registering first for the mobile banking service.

If you are yet to do the USSD banking registration, follow the instructions on your screen to do it and receive your security PIN for authorizing any form of transactions on your account).

Next, you will be asked to select the bank of the recipient from a list that will be displayed on your screen. Select “Polaris bank” from the list if you are sending money to a Polaris bank account holder. If the recipient is an account holder in other banks, select the appropriate one from the list shown on your screen.

Confirm the recipient name and proceed with the transaction

If the transaction is successful, you will receive a debit alert next with the amount you transferred alongside the transaction charge.

Note that the transaction charge to send money to Polaris bank customers is N10. while to send to other banks customers will attract a service fee of N10 for less than N5000 transfer, 25 Naira for 5001-50,000 and N50 for above 50,000 Naira.

That is how to initiate and complete a transfer using the bank’s ussd banking service. Do you have any question bothering your mind about using 833 to send money to someone? Find out if it is among the questions we have already answered in the section below.

It is a disappointment that you can not use this code to check your account number with polaris bank like it is for most of the other banks.

On what kinds of phones does the code work?

It works on any kind of mobile phone. Provided you have the phone line connected to your polaris bank account in your mobile, you can enjoy the benefits of using this code.

You can use it on your itel devices, android or no android. You can also use it on your Tecno phones, Infinix, Samsung and any other brand out there. The ussd code banking will work on your phone whether the phone is internet enabled or not.

You will find below how to send money to any bank in Nigeria using Polaris transfer code below . Check it out.

Frequently Asked Questions & Their Answers

Here are some of the common questions people ask about skye bank transfer code *833# and their accurate answers.

1.) What is the highest amount I can send per time using 833?

The transfer limit for Polaris ussd banking is N50,000 per transaction. That is the maximum amount of money you can send to anyone using the bank’s ussd code.

2.) Does the code work for only savings accounts?

No, the mobile banking code doesn’t just work for savings accounts alone. It also works for current accounts as well as other types of individual accounts offered by the bank.

3.) How many times am I allowed to use the code in a day?

You can use it as many times as you want. As long as you have not exceeded the daily transfer limit, you are safe.

When it comes to financial technology, Polaris bank has continued to make its mark alongside other big banks in Nigeria.

Did you know that the bank Skye bank (now known as Polaris Bank) was the first to introduce a Naira dominated Mastercard in Nigeria? Before Zenith, UBA, First Bank or GTB had their first Naira Mastercard debit card, Skye Bank already had theirs.

So it is no surprise that they introduced the Polaris Bank code, which has continued to make financial transactions easier for their numerous customers all over the country.

With *833# you no longer need to wait on a queue to transfer money using the ATM or over the counter within the bank. All you need to do to send money to anyone is to use the transfer code and do that within a blink of an eye.

You don’t need to have airtime or data on your phone line to do it. Just dial the code and follow the guidelines on your screen to do that.

In Summary

This article is all you need if you are searching for help concerning using the Polaris bank code to send money to anyone anywhere in Nigeria.

Are you searching for the ussd code for Polaris bank?

Do you want to know how to send money using the Polaris Bank transfer code?

Just take out your phone and dial 833 followed by the Amount and press * key. Add the recipient’s account number and press the # key and SEND.

That’s all you need to do to make instant transfers using your mobile phone as a Polaris bank customer.

I hope you find this article useful.


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