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OPay USSD Code for Money Transfer & Buy Airtime


I am sure you must have heard about O-Pay or maybe you are even using it already. For those that are hearing it for the first time, it is a mobile based payment platform with lot of services in its ecosystem. In this write up, i will introduce you to Opay USSD code and how to use it.

opay ussd code

In my own opinion, most Nigerians use O-Pay for some of their services like Oride and Ofood while numerous also uses it to buy airtime, transfer money, pay bills (Pay tv subscription, electricity), buy data etc.

With the help of Opay, lot of people can perform a lot of banking and financial transactions on their mobile phones at the comfort of their home.

What makes them unique and better than other that have came and tried to utilize this strategy was their introduction of services like Ocar and the aforementioned two. To use these services, your payment will have to be within the O-Pay app and since they are cheaper than the existing ones and sometimes there are discount, majority just went for it.

You still don’t understand the whole thing? Okay let me ask you some questions.

Let’s assume you stay in Ibadan and you want to go from Bodija Market to Jericho, the normal price the traditional bike men will tell you will be within the range of 250-300 Naira but with Opay you probably will have to pay 100-200 Naira. Tell me, which one will you opt for?

This same strategy is what they have implemented across their services including the discount they have placed on so many financial services.

They are simply ready to lose short term to gain long term. Once they have huge customer based across various markets, they can simply start raking in profit even with slight increase in price which they can now single-handedly determine.

One of their services i really enjoy the withdrawal option. So you do not have a bank account right but you have an account with Opay? Someone can transfer from his/her own O-pay account to yours and you can withdraw the money from one of their agents.

Sorry, i digress.

Let’s head back to the primary objective if this write up which is the ussd code of opay and how to get started with it.

OPay USSD Code

Dial *955# to send money from one opay account to another and other local bank accounts, buy airtime, check account balance and make withdrawal.

This code works on the phone number connected to your OPay account and works on any mobile phone.

Before now, all those services and transactions explained up there can only be performed with their mobile app.

But thanks to Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) code introduced by the mobile payment platform, you can use some of their services without access to the internet.

Though you will still need the mobile app for most of their core services for now but ussd gets better we have seen how fastly improved it can be with that of our local banks.

Using ussd is one of the best means to send money in Nigeria today and it is similar to other bank’s code such as 737 is for gtbank users.

How to Transfer Money with Opay 2020

Dial *955# >> 1 (Send Money) and follow the on screen instruction to complete the transaction.

To Purchase Airtime

Call *955# from the screen that loads, input 2 and send. Follow the on screen guide to complete the credit top up.


Reply with 3, 4 and 5 after dialing the ussd code to withdraw, change PIN and ask for help respectively.


To makes it easier for everyone and anyone to perform financial transaction, Opay has introduced their own ussd code which doesn’t require you to have smartphone meaning no internet connection neededin other to make simple banking transactions.

Among the things you can do for now on this ussd platform is transfer funds, but airtime, check your balance, withdraw money and ask for help regarding your account.

I am expecting more of their service to be integrated to this platform and once they are, this write up will be updated to reflect those new additions.

If you have any question, you should use the comment section for that. Same things goes for request. In the mean time, if you enjoy this write up, kindly share it with your friends and family.



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