Nigerian Air Force Salary Based on Their Ranks 2022

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A career in the NAF is quite an exciting one. However, climbing through the ladder of the ranks is not as easy as you think. It requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and selflessness. This write-up is about Nigerian Air Force salary.

As one moves up the ladder of the ranks as a military officer, that is when the officer begins to enjoy the benefits of being a top officer, like having an escort of junior officers, traveling abroad for special skill training, and other allowances.

Nigerian Air Force Salary 2022

Aircraftman WomanN53,892
Lance CorporalN55,832
Flight SergeantN87,119
Warrant OfficerN101,974
Master Warrant OfficerN165,697
Cadet (Trainee)N44,564
Air Warrant OfficerN171,793
Pilot OfficerN187,159
Flying OfficerN218,400
Flight LieutenantN232,484
Squadron LeaderN248,004
Wing CommanderN342,586
Group CaptainN352,631
Air CommodoreN677,895
Air Vice-MarshalN1,376,343
Air MarshalN1,486,451
Air Chief MarshalN1,724,283

History of the Nigerian Air Force {NAF}

The Nigerian Air force was initially suggested in 1958 but most of the members of the National Assembly still like to depend on the United Kingdom for air defense.

But after the peacekeeping operation in Congo in 1962, the Nigerian Army discover that they don’t have any means of air transport and the matter was presented to the National Assembly.

On the 18th of April 1964, the National Assembly passed the Air Force Act, which leads to the establishment of NAF.

The Nigerian Air Force was charged with the responsibility of protecting the Federal Republic of Nigeria by air.

The establishment of the Nigerian Air force was done with help from Western Germany. The first set of personnel of the Nigerian Air Force was trained in Canada, Ethiopia, and India.

The Nigerian Air Force is a section of the Nigerian Army and presently, it has about 15,000 officers.

This is one of the biggest in Africa. They also run joint operations with the Nigerian Navy.

Command Structure of the Nigerian Air Force

The headquarters of the Nigerian Air Force is in Abuja, FCT.

It is made up of the office of the Chief of Air Staff and Eight (8) other sections namely:

  • Policy and Planning
  • Operations
  • Air Engineering
  • Logistics
  • Administration
  • Account and Budget
  • Inspection
  • The Air secretary

Each of these offices has a head which is an officer with the rank of Air Vice-Marshal. It also has five (5) commands under its control which are;

1.) The Tactical Air Command (TAC)

Headquarters is in Makurdi, the capital of Benue state.

This command is responsible for implementing and controlling the Nigerian Air Force operations and plans.

Other Tactical Air Command (TAC) branches in Nigeria are;

  • Forward Operations in Badagry
  • Air Defense Group in Makurdi
  • Strike Group in Yola
  • Air Maritime Group (81 AMG),
  • Special Operations Group in Port Harcourt
  • Air Combat Training Group in Kainji
  • Nigerian Air Force Hospital in Makurdi
  • LOG Group in Makurdi
  • BSG Group in Makurdi
  • Nigeria Air Force Hospital in Yola
  • CG Group in Maiduguri

2.) The Mobility Command, the headquarters is in Yenagoa, the capital city of Bayelsa State.

It has the responsibility of performing airlifts during any military operations. It has other commands in Lagos, Abuja, Ilorin, Calabar, and Warri.

3.) The Forward Operational Bases, Detachment and Wings in Lagos, Warri, Yenagoa, Ilorin, Calabar, Minna, Sokoto, and Ibadan.

These are the places used by Air Force officers to carry out military operations of Aircraft. They are as follows;

  • 61 NAF Detachments, Warri
  • 235 BSG Yenagoa
  • 201 HAG Lagos
  • 203 MAG Ilorin
  • 205 RG Lagos
  • 207 SMG Calabar
  • 209 EAG Minna
  • 237 BSG Minna
  • Ibadan (FOB)
  • Sokoto (FOB)

4.) The Training Command, the headquarters is in Kaduna. It has the responsibility of training recruits and other officers. The training centers are as follows;

  • 301 Flying Training School Kaduna
  • 303 Flying Training School Kano
  • 305 Helicopter Group Enugu
  • 325 Ground Training Centre Kaduna
  • 330 NAF Station Jos
  • 333 Logistics Group Kaduna
  • 335 Base Services Group Kaduna
  • 337 BSG Enugu
  • 339 BSG Kano
  • 347 NAF Hospital Jos
  • 349 NAF Hospital Kano
  • 345 Aeromedical Hospital Kaduna

5.) The Logistics Command, the headquarters is in Ikeja, the capital of Lagos State.

It has the responsibility of procuring and maintaining equipment in readiness for any operation or mission. The following are other branches of the logistics command;

  • 401 Aircraft Maintenance Depot (401 ACMD)
  • Ikeja, within Murtala Mohammed International Airport
  • 403 Electronic Maintenance Depot (403 EMD) Shasha
  • 405 Central Armament Depot (405 CAD) Makurdi
  • 407 Equipment Supply Depot (407 ESD)
  • NAF Ikeja
  • 435 Base Service Group (435 BSG) Ikeja
  • 445 NAF Hospital Ikeja

NAF Bases in Nigeria

The following are the Nigerian Air Force Bases and their locations

  • The Nigerian Air Force, Abuja (based within the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja)
  • NAF Kaduna (Kaduna State)
  • NAF Port Harcourt (Rivers State)
  • NAF Benin (Edo State)
  • NAF Maiduguri (Borno State)
  • NAF Makurdi (Benue State)
  • NAF Kano (Kano State)
  • NAF Enugu (Enugu State)
  • NAF Jos (Plateau State)
  • NAF Ipetu-Ijesha (Osun State)
  • NAF Shasha (Lagos State)
  • NAF Kanji (Niger State)
  • NAF Katsina (Katsina State)
  • NAF Yola (Adamawa State)
  • NAF Mando (Kaduna State)
  • NAF Unguwan (Kaduna State)

NAF Quick Response Squad

In recent times, as Nigeria is going through attack by Boko Haram in the North-Eastern part of Nigeria which led to the destruction of the Nigeria Air Force installations, the Chief of Air Staff decided to establish a special task force called ‘QUICK RESPONSE FORCE’ in the Nigerian Air Force, which is saddled with the responsibility of combatting the Boko Haran insurgency in Nigeria.

This squad is specially trained by the British Military Advisory and Training Team (BMATT) and their training are above the regular combat training of the Military.

Nigerian Air Force Ranks

  • Marshal of the Air Force
  • Air Chief Marshal
  • Air Marshal
  • Air Vice Marshal
  • Air Commodore
  • Group Captain
  • Wing Commander
  • Squadron Leader
  • Flight Lieutenant
  • Flying Officer
  • Pilot Officer

All the ranks in the Nigeria Air Force are the same or are copied from the Royal Air Force in Great Britain. However, there are two types of officers (cadre) in the Nigerian Air Force namely.

A.) The Commissioned Officers: these are officers that are graduates of the Nigerian Defense Academy or those that are recruited through the Direct Short Service Commission.

They have the following ranks;

1.) Marshal of the Air Force

This is a five-star rank. It is the highest senior rank in the Nigerian Air Force and no officer has ever attained this rank in Nigeria. It is equal to the rank of Admiral of the Fleet in the Navy.

2.) Air Chief Marshal (ACM)

This is a four-star rank and the second-highest rank in the Air Force. In Nigeria, two former chiefs of defense staff have been able to get to this is equal to Admiral in the Navy.

3.) Air Marshal (AM)

A three-star Air Force rank. This is the highest rank most of the officers get to in most countries Air Force. It is equal to the rank of Vice-Admiral in the Navy.

4.) Air Vice Marshal (AVM)

This is usually a two-star rank of the Air Force. It is the same as the rank of Rear Admiral in the Navy.

5.) Air Commodore (Air Cadre)

This is known as a one-star rank and a junior General rank of the Air Force. It is the same as the rank of Commodore in the Navy.

6.) Group Captain

This is usually a senior commissioned rank next to Air Commodore in the Air Force. It is the same as the rank of Captain in the Navy.

7.) Wing Commander (Wg Cdr)

This is the rank next to the Group Captain in the Air Force. It is the same as the Commander in the Navy.

8.) Squadron Leader

This is the rank close to the Wing Commander in Air Force. It is the same as the rank of a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy.

9.) Flight Lieutenant (Flt Lt)

This is a junior commissioned officer rank in the Air Force. This is the same as a Lieutenant in the Navy.

10.) Flying Officer (Fg Off)

This is known as a junior commissioned rank in the Air Force. This rank is obtained through the Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC). It is the same as the Sub-lieutenant in the Navy.

11.) Pilot Officer (Pl Off)

This is known as the most junior commissioned officer rank in the Air Force.

This rank is obtained by newly commissioned regular officers upon commissioning.

This is the same as a Midshipman in the Navy.

B.) The Non-Commissioned Officers: these are officers who came in through the normal general recruitment process. They have the following ranks.

1.) Air Warrant Officer.

2.) Master Warrant Officer.

3.) Warrant Officer.

4.) Pilot Sergeant.

5.) Sergeant.

6.) Corporal.

7.) Lance Corporal.

8.) Air Craftsman/Woman. Same as Trainee in the Navy and Recruit in the Army.

Final Statement

In Nigeria, becoming an Air Force Officer is not as easy as you think.

One has to go through a lot of processes starting from one’s state of origin, local government, traditional ruler, and above all, a high-rank officer that will act as one’s referral.

However, the best means to join the Air Force is through the Nigerian Defense Academy, because their graduates always start from a high rank and enjoy rapid promotion through the ranks.

I hope this write-up was informative and satisfy your curiosity about the Nigerian Air Force Salary as well as an eye-opener about this military part of the country.

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