Nigeria Customs Service Salary Structure 2022

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) is the agency that collects customs revenue and as well as prevents smuggling activities through the borders. The agency is under the supervision of the ministry of finance. If you are interested in joining the agency someday, then it is very important you understand the Nigeria Customs Service ranks and salary structure.

That will help you pass interviews or any form of test during the recruitment exercise.

Apart from that, as a citizen of the country, you ought to know such things. You will definitely need them someday.

Nigeria Customs Service Salaries And Allowances

On average, an officer with the Nigeria Customs Service receives about N75,000 Naira as his salary per month and over N900,000 Naira per year.

The least paid customs officer presently is the Inspector. Prior to the increase in the minimum wage, the Inspector receives N27,000 as his monthly salary. If he lives in an accommodation that is not provided for him by the agency, he receives an allowance of N4000 every month for his accommodation. This can be either paid monthly or yearly.

In the same way, the highest salary earner in the agency is the Comptroller-General. He receives up to N2 million as his basic annual salary. He is also entitled to lots of allowance and benefits.

Some of the allowances and benefits usually received by custom officers include Uniform allowance, Torchlight allowance, Hazard allowance, Utility allowance, Hardiness allowance, Furniture allowance, Detective allowance, General services allowance, House maintenance allowance, etc.

All these allowances when added together, give quite a large amount of money that the officers take home every month.

A Brief History Of The Nigeria Custom Service

The history of the Nigerian customs goes back to 1891 when the agency was formed. Though then it is not as big and organized as it is today.

Over the years, the agency has gone through lots of changes to get to the level it is today.

From just preventing and suppressing smuggling and also collecting and accounting for import and excise duties, the agency has grown to where it carries out several other functions which you will find in this article as you read on.

Functions Of The Custom Service in Nigeria

The Nigerian customs service carries out a lot of functions in the country today. This makes them very important to the stability of the economy. Some of the core functions of the agency as seen on their website are listed below:

The agency implements the Fiscal Measures of the Nigerian government.

The institution also implements bilateral and multilateral agreements between the Nigerian government and others.

The collection of charges and levies as stipulated by the government.

Collaboration with other government agencies like the NAFDAC, NDLEA, CBN, Police, SON, Immigration, FIRS, etc, to combat the importation of illicit goods, substandard goods or fake products, illegal trading of arms and ammunitions, cultural artifacts, toxic substances, money laundering, etc.

So if you are going to work in the NCS someday, the above are some of the functions you will be carrying out.

The Departments In The Nigeria Customs Service

The Nigeria customs service is broken down into several departments. Each of these departments has their specific functions.

The departments are headed by Deputy Comptrollers-Generals who report directly to the Comptroller-General himself.

The departments are as follows:

1.) Excise, FTZ, and Industrial Incentives

2.) Human Resource Development

3.) Strategic Research and Policy

4.) Enforcement, Investigation and Inspection

5.) Tariff and Trade

6.) Finance Administration and Technical.

All these departments work closely with each other to ensure that the free flow of information among them.

They also work together to make sure that goods coming into the country are cleared as soon as possible. Unless the goods are currently banned by the government from entering into the country.

Nigeria Customs Service Ranks

It might interest you to know that the salaries of officers of the Nigerian customs are being dictated and controlled by the Consolidated Paramilitary Salary Structure (CONPASS).

The same salary structure is being used in the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps, the Nigerian Police, Immigration, and several other paramilitary agencies in the country.

How much an officer of custom service earns at the end of the month is determined by his rank in the service as laid out in the Consolidated Paramilitary Salary Structure.

NCS Ranks

The rank of an officer is determined by the qualification or certificates with which he joined the agency. If you just joined with your O’Level qualification, then you will be starting at the lowest level. The higher your certificate, the higher your rank in the agency.

Below are some of the most prominent ranks in the service:

1.) Comptroller-General

This is the highest rank in the agency. The person occupying this position is appointed by the president to head the agency. Since the Nigerian Customs Service is an independent agency under the Nigerian Ministry of Finance, the Comptroller-General reports directly to the office of the Minister of Finance or the Presidency.

The Comptroller-General has his deputy and several others reporting to him. He oversees the day-to-day operation of the custom service. He makes the major decisions on how the custom service goes.

The Comptroller-General also meets with the heads of other paramilitary agencies from time to time, discuss plans or strategies on how to keep the country safe from fake or substandard products, illegal products, and so on.

He can promote any officer who has done exceptionally well to deserve a promotion.

2.) Deputy Comptroller-Generals

This rank is usually occupied by a number of persons at a time. About 6 persons. It is from here that a new Comptroller-General will be selected should anything happen to take the present one out of office.

The Deputy Comptroller-Generals is in charge of the 6 departments in the agency which include Finance Administration and Technical Service, Enforcement, Investigation, and Inspection, Human Resource Development, Strategic Research and Policy, and Excise, FTZ, and Industrial Incentives.

The Deputy Comptroller-Generals reports directly to the Comptroller-General.

3.) Assistant Comptroller-Generals

The Assistant Comptroller-Generals are in charge of a number of divisions in the agency. They report directly to the Deputy Comptroller-Generals. At the headquarters, they also report to the Comptroller General himself.

The office of the Assistant Comptroller-General is a senior office and a very coveted one. A person occupying this position receives very good pay on a monthly basis. Just like the ranks above it. The rank is also entitled to lots of allowances.

4.) Comptrollers

The Comptrollers are next in line to the Assistant Comptroller-Generals, going downward. They are in charge of several functions in the agency and report directly to the office above them.

The Comptroller office is also a senior office though among the lowest in the category of the senior ranks.

5.) Assistant-Comptroller-General (ACG)

This rank sounds like the third ran we talked about above. But look closely, you will see the difference. Did you notice it? Well, I will tell you.

Unlike the one up on number 3, this rank is occupied by an individual. It also has a hyphen (-) in-between the titles. That is, Assistant-Comptroller-General (ACG). The “General” here is also singular.

This rank reports to the office of the Comptrollers. Specific functions are also assigned to it. The rank is also the lowest senior rank in Nigeria Customs Service.

Final Statement

The Nigeria Customs Service ranks begin from the top with the Comptroller General of the agency.

He is the head of the institution and the highest salary earner there. He is also entitled to lots of allowances and benefits running into millions of Naira per annum.

The lowest rank is the Inspector, he is also the lowest salary earner in the agency.

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