Nigeria Civil Defence Corps Salary {Monthly and Structure} 2022

This write-up features the Nigeria Civil defence corps salary, from the highest rank to lowest rank.

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The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) is one of the main paramilitary agencies that exist in the country.

The agency was created in May 1967. The role of the institution is to provide security measures against various kinds of attacks or threats targeted at the country or the citizens.

Before it became a national paramilitary agency, NSCDC was just an agency that operated only within the then Federal Capital Territory, Lagos.

Hence the name “Lagos Civil Defence Committee” was given to it. It was fully made a national institution in the year 1970 and from then, they began to have offices in different places of the Federation.

How Much Does A Civil Defence Officer Receive As Salary?

The lowest-ranking officers receive 300,000 Naira annually while the highest-ranking officers receive about 2.5 million Naira annually.

The amount of money people in the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps are paid is determined by the Consolidated Paramilitary Salary Structure (CONPASS).

It is a salary structure being used by all the paramilitary institutions in the country including the Nigerian Police, customs and so on.

The Consolidated Paramilitary Salary Structure ensures that people in active service whether in the Nigerian Police, Immigration, Customs or Civil defence are paid what is due to them based on their ranks.

Some high ranking officers in the Civil Defence, earn as much as N2 million as basic annual salary. Some also receive roughly up to N350,000 as their basic annual salary.

In addition to the basic salaries, are lots of allowances and benefits they also receive either on a monthly basis or yearly.

The allowances usually involve furniture allowance and so many others. The higher you go in the ranks, the more salary and allowances you will receive.

Below is a complete breakdown of the ranks and how they are determined. After that, we will follow it up with the exact amount each of the ranks receives.

Nigeria Civil Defence Corps Salary Structure

Here is the exact amount you will receive if you are to be in the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC).

1.) Assistant Commandment General

This is the highest rank a Person can ever attain in the NSCDC. The only rank higher is the one appointed by the president of the country.

A person in this position receives between N2,272,288 to N2,464, 560 as his basic annual salary.

Apart from the above-mentioned amount, he is also entitled to so many allowances and benefits every month.

2.) Chief Commander

The Chief commander reports directly to the Assistant Commandant General.

He is highly revered by his subordinates. Being in level 15 which is close to the highest, he receives N1,759,921 to N1,966,281 as his salary per year. Adding to this are numerous allowances and bonuses.

3.) Deputy Commander

Next in line in authority to the chief commander is the deputy commander. He reports directly to the Chief. His annual salary ranges from N1,619,447 to N1,825,589. He is also entitled to many allowances and benefits.

4.) Assistant Commander

The Assistant commander works hand in hand with the Deputy Commander in controlling the activities of the officers directly under them. His annual salary as stipulated by the Consolidated Paramilitary salary structure is between N1,225, 584 to N1,405,449. Apart from the basic salary, the Assistant Commander also receives quite a lot of bonuses to make his stay in the office smooth.

5.) Chief Superintendent Cadre II

The Chief Superintendent Cadre 11 overseas the activities of his subordinates and executes a lot of functions for his superiors. He receives from N1, 158,12 to N1,325, 234 alongside other allowances.

6.) Superintendent Cadre II

The Superintendent Cadre II works with the Chief Superintendent Cadre II and the Deputy Superintendent Cadre II to carry out specific functions assigned to him. He earns between N1,094,027 to N1,252, 038.

7.) Deputy Superintendent Cadre II

A person in this office receives N1, 012, 562 to N1,143, 539. He also receives other allowances and benefits.

8.) Assistant Superintendent Cadre 1

The Assistant Superintendent Cadre I earns between N939,310 to N1,056,416 alongside other benefits and allowances.

9.) Assistant Superintendent Cadre II

A person occupying this position works for hand in hand with the officer above him. He also reports to him. Every year, Assistant Superintendent Cadre II receives N858,956 to N986,991 as his basic salary.

10.) Inspectorate Cadre

The Inspectorate Cadre earns from N483,014 to N567,065 as his basic salary per year. He also receives other allowances and benefits to complement this.

11.) Assistant Inspectorate Cadre

This is closest to the last position in the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps. A person in this rank is paid between N374,259 to N411,454 as his basic salary. He is also entitled to other bonuses occasionally.

12.) Assistant Cadre

This is the lowest rank in the NSCDC, so it’s not a surprise the money was given to a person in this rank is the lowest. This is where you are likely to start if you joined the service with just your O’level certificate.

How fast you will rise from this level depends on how committed and hardworking you are. If you know your way, you won’t spend too much time on this rank. If you also go for more academic qualifications, you will do pretty well with it here.

At this level, N296,506 to N374,259 is the basic annual salary. You are also entitled to a few bonuses from time to time.

Nigeria Security And Civil Defence Corps Ranks

In the NSCDC, your rank is determined by a number of things. First is your certificate. That Is actually the major determinant of your rank in the service.

A person who joins the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps with just an O’level certificate will be started on the lowest rank which is that of an Assistance Cadet. That would also mean the lowest amount in terms of salary, allowances and benefits.

If you are coming into the service with a higher certificate like Higher National Diploma (HND), you will be started on level 7 as an Inspectorate Cadre.

You will earn so much more than a person who joined with just the O’level. From there you can work your way up.

A person who joins the NSCDC with a bachelor’s degree will be placed higher in ranks than the one with HND. He will be placed on level 8 where he occupies the rank of Assistant Superintendent Cadre II.

Masters’ degree holders are placed on level 9, lawyers are placed on the same level 9 while Medical doctors get a higher placement on level 12 as Chief Superintendent Cadre II.

If you acquire more certificates or qualifications while on any level, that will automatically shoot you higher in rank and will also attract higher salary, allowances and benefits to you.

The second thing that determines your rank, salary or pay is a presidential appointment. This only happens at the highest level though.

The president of the country is the one that appoints whoever occupies the highest rank in the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps.

Here is a full breakdown of the ranks and levels:

  • Assistant Cadre – Level 3 to 5
  • Assistant Inspectorate Cadre – Level 6
  • Inspectorate Cadre – Level 7
  • Assistant Superintendent Cadre II – level 8
  • Assistant Superintendent Cadre I – Level 9
  • Deputy Superintendent Cadre II – Level 10
  • Superintendent Cadre II – Level 11
  • Chief Superintendent Cadre – Level 12
  • Assistant Commander – Level 13
  • Deputy Commander – Level 14
  • Chief Commander – Level 15
  • Assistant Commandant General – Level 16

Commandment General – Appointed by the President of Nigeria Having discussed the ranks and level available in the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, Let’s see the exact salary each of these ranks receives.

Final Statement

These are the ranks and the salary structure of the NSCDC. This information is trustworthy. If you will like to join the service after seeing all these, you can read about their recruitment on this website.

If you have been desiring to know the Nigeria Civil Defence Corps Salary, I hope you are satisfied with the information you get here.

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