MTN XtraValue Code and Call Rate for International & Local Calls


For years now, Pulse remain the best call plan for most Nigeria using mtn network and majority of them don’t even know about the likes of mtn xtravalue even though they are also special in their own space.

mtn xtravalue

Yes, some plans are better than the others in terms of benefits or / and features that comes with them.

But most of them were made available to offer 1 or 2 unique features or benefits that the rest can’t matched in any way.

Since this write up is about mtn xtra value, here are why i think it is better than other plans or one of the best in its own category.

i.) You get both data and airtime when you subscribe to any of the available bundle.

The bundles are of two categories;

Xtra-talk which gives more airtime than data and xtra-data which gives you more mtn data to surf the internet than airtime for making calls.

ii.) You can use some of the plans for roaming.

Don’t be deceived by the call rate on xtra-data which is actually lower than that of xtra-talk, when you calculate the talktime, you realized that the former is way better (in fact almost doubled). Even slightly better than normal roaming talktime.

iii.) It is one of the best mtn tariff for international calls.

In fact, if you subscribe to plans from 500 and above, you will get a talk time that is close to XtraSpecial which is the best international call tariff plan on mtn network in my opinion with a rate of 9.22 Naira per minute.

MTN XtraValue Code

Dial *131*2# >> Reply 1 for XtraTalk and 2 for XtraData >> Select the bundle you want >> Choose 1 for Auto-renew and 2 for One-off >> Confirm the subscription.

To subscribe directly to Xtratalk or XtraData, use the following codes.

N300V300 to 131; 7 days validityD300 to 131; 7 days validity
N500V500 to 131; 7 days validityD500 to 131; 14 days validity
N1000V1000 to 131; 30 days validityD1000 to 131; 30 days validity
N2000V2000 to 131D2000 to 131
N5000V5000 to 131D5000 to 131
N10,000V10000 to 131D10000 to 131
N15,000V15000 to 131D15000 to 131
N20,000V20000 to 131D20000 to 131

Those on prepaid plan will be automatically migrated to XtraValue upon successful purchase of one of the plans while postpaid customers will remain on their call plans.

MTN Xtra Value Call Rate

Local calls for XtraTalk and XtraData are charged at the rate of 27 Naira per minute and 34.2 Naira per minute respectively and international calls charges is 54 Naira per minute.

Roaming is charged at 630 Naira per minute for outgoing calls and 420 Naira per minute for incoming calls on XtraTalk bundles from 2000 Naira above. Roaming is unavailable for bundles below 2k.

On XtraData, outgoing call rate is 270 Naira per minute for N2000 plan, 240 Naira for N5000 bundle and 230 Naira per minute for 10,000 Naira and above bundles. Incoming calls are charged at N180, N160 and N150 respectively.

Like i said earlier, don’t be deceived by the xtradata’s call rate, check the tables below to see why.

Eligible international destinations that the above call rate is applied to are China, Denmark, Norway, India, Canada, South Korea, United Kingdom, United States, Ireland, Malaysia, Romania and Singapore.

Roaming eligible destinations are Ghana, United Kingdom, Benin Republic, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, USA, United Republic of Tanzania, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, China, France, Cameroon, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Canada, Kenya, Mexico, Sweden, Malta, Czech Republic, Iran, Romania, Croatia, Cyprus, New Zealand, Austria, Poland, Cote d’Ivoire, Spain, Senegal, Netherlands, Uganda, Rwanda, Sudan, Switzerland, Greece, Australia, Portugal and Belgium.

XtraTalk Bundles Price, Benefit & Talktime

XtraTalk BundlesAirtime and DataTalkTime (Local, International)
N300N1000 and 50MB37.04 minutes, 18.52 minutes
N500N1950 and 100MB72.22 minutes, 36.11 minutes
N1000N3900 and 300MB144.44 minutes, 72.22 minutes
N2000N7850 and 650MB290.74 minutes, 145.37 minutes
N5000N19,500 and 1.5GB722.22 minutes, 361.11 minutes
N10,000N39,000 and 2.5GB1444.44 minutes, 722.22 min
N15,000N59,000 and 3.5GB2185.19 minutes, 1092.60 min
N20,000N80,200 and 4.5GB2970.37 minutes, 1485.19 min

XtraData Plans Amount, Benefits & Talktime

XtraData PlansData and AirtimeTalkTime (Local, International)
N300300MB and 300 Naira8.77 minutes, 5.56 minutes
N500750MB and 500 Naira14.62 minutes, 9.26 minutes
N10001.5GB and 1000 Naira29.24 minutes, 18.52 minutes
N20004.5GB and 2000 Naira57.97 minutes, 37.04 minutes
N500015GB and 5000 Naira146.20 minutes, 92.59 minutes
N10,00030GB and 10,000 Naira292.40 minutes, 185.20 minutes
N15,00050GB and 15,000 Naira438.60 minutes, 277.78 minutes
N20,00070GB and 20,000 Naira584.80 minutes, 370.37 minutes

Roaming Talktime on XtraTalk Plans

XtraTalk PlansRoaming AirtimeTalkTime (Outgoing, Incoming)
N2000N785012.46 minutes, 18.70 minutes
N5000N19,50030.95 minutes, 46.43 minutes
N10,000N39,00061.90 minutes, 92.86 minutes
N15,000N59,00093.65 minutes, 140.48 minutes
N20,000N80,200127.30 minutes, 190.95 minutes

Roaming Talktime on XtraData Plans

XtraData BundlesRoaming AirtimeTalkTime (Incoming, Outgoing)
N300300 Naira0
N500500 Naira0
N10001000 Naira0
N20002000 Naira11.11 minutes, 7.41 minutes
N50005000 Naira31.25 minutes, 20.83 minutes
N10,00010,000 Naira66.67 minutes, 43.48 minutes
N15,00015,000 Naira100 minutes, 65.22 minutes
N20,00020,000 Naira133.33 minutes, 86.96 minutes

Final Note

As you can see, mtn xtravalue is indeed one of the best call plans out there from mtn Nigeria at the moment.

Talktime for XtraTalk bundles from 500 Naira and above place it at the same level with the likes of Pulse and Yafun Yafun and TruTalk if not even better than them.

And if we look at the data aspect, you can see that not until 15,000 Naira bundle, you still get the same equivalent of normal data along side the same amount of airtime you recharge.

What else can you ask for when you can also roam with it with numerous eligible international destinations.

Talking of international, you can make call to 12 countries across the globe at a much lower cost than the normal rate for those countries when you calculate the talktime.

Mtn XtraSpecial with its lower international call rate is the only tariff that is better than Xtravalue in this aspect. But when you look at what Xtra Value is offering alongside, i won’t be surprise you might pick it over Xtra Special.

Your turn guys, what do you think of this mtn tariff? Is it something you will consider if you happen to be making international calls to the selected destinations? Let me know in the comment.

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