MTN XtraSpecial Call Rate and Code (Best Plan for International Calls)


Top of the list is mtn xtraspecial tariff if you are looking for call plan to communicate with friends and family in developed nations such as the United States, The UK and Canada.

mtn xtraspecial

Xtra Special offers a very flat call rate for both local and international calls to 12 eligible countries.

There are no hidden charges or daily access fee.

But there is a catch. There are also no other benefits that comes with this plan other than 3 data plans whose prices are the same as the normal mtn internet subscriptions.

Unlike the likes of mtn mPulse that gives free access to education resources for Kids between the ages of 9 to 14 in Nigeria.

Some comes with call charges as low as 11 kobo per seconds and some were launched with some mouth watering offers and benefits.

I am not saying there is nothing good about this offer. On the contrary, i like the fact that it is a straight forward plan.

It is much easier to recommend it to someone as the best plan for international call on mtn network.

The only other mtn tariff that comes close to it is mtn xtravalue with high talktime for international calls and roaming support.

Enough of this, let’t get to the point. How can you migrate and how much do you have to call per second or minute of every call.

MTN XtraSpecial Call Rate

You will be charged 15.36 kobo per second for every calls made to any local networks in Nigeria which include airtel, mtn, glo and 9mobile. The same call rate applies to eliglible international destinations.

The countries you can call at this rate are US, Canada, The UK, China, South Korea, Romania, Malaysia, Denmark, Singapore, Norway, Ireland and India

Let’s do some quick calculations to determine how much it will take to spend 100 Naira on this call plan.

First, let’s convert that call rate to Naira per minute.

  • 15.36 Kobo – 1 Second
  • Z – 60 seconds
  • Z = 60 x 15.36 = 922 Kobo per 60 seconds (1 minute)


  • 100 Kobo – 1 Naira
  • 922 Kobo – Z

Z = 922 / 100 = 9.22 Naira / minute

  • Talktime for 100 Naira Airtime — 100 / 9.22 = 10.85 minutes
  • 200 Naira Talktime = 200 / 9.22 = 21.69 minutes
  • 500 Naira Talktime = 500 / 9.22 = 54.23 minutes
  • Talktime for 1000 Naira Credit = 1000 / 9.22 = 108.46 minutes

MTN Xtra Special Migration Code

To migrate to XtraSpecial tariff, dial *408*1# and you can achieve the same outcome by texting 408 to 131.


It comes with what mtn calls special data bundles, but i can’t find anything special about them.

On this plan, you can buy 4.5GB for 2000 Naira, 3.75GB for 1500 Naira which both has a validity of 30 days and 1.5GB for 750 Naira with 14 days (2 weeks) valid period.

Final Note

I doubt you would have believed it, if someone had told you that international calls can be this cheap in Nigeria.

I mean, imagine talking to someone in the US or Canada for almost 11 minutes with just 100 Naira. Isn’t that amazing?

No wonder mtn made sure there is no extras in terms of benefits.

Mind you, the talktime isn’t the best for local calls. The likes of Pulse and TruTalk are still better.

Comparing mtn xtraspecial with Xtra Value’s XtraTalk with amazing talktime, which of them do you think is the best for international calls?

Let me know in the comment and if you find this article useful, you should consider sharing with your friends and family.


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