New MTN Night Plan ~ Time, Code, Balance, Price & Limitations


It is no longer a news that mtn night plan has been revised again in 2020. Yes, again as this is not the first time or second that it will be happening.

mtn night plan

If my memory serves me right, i think the first revision was in 2018 when the price was bumped up but later dropped last year.

The midnight offer was introduced in early 2016 and i was always looking forward to get the 500MB for N25 then. It was a money safer and one of the best data subscriptions from mtn for Nigerians.

At the end of this write up, i will give you some tips to get the best out of this internet bundle. So, if you don’t mind, let’s get to the main point.

MTN Night Plan 2020

  • Dial *406#
  • Reply with 3 for Nightlife Bundles
  • To buy 250MB for 25 Naira, reply with 1
  • Reply with 2 to buy 500MB for 50 Naira

Eligibility & Limitations

One of the most important point to take note of here is that the mtn call plan you must be on to enjoy this offer is Pulse. So if you are currently on beta talk or Xtra or mpulse etc you are not eligible for this offer.

So, let’s say you’ve now migrated to Pulse tariff and ready to enjoy this mouth watering offer, you should know about the fair usage policy of 2GB per night.

What the above statement mean is that, you can only do up to 200 Naira which translates to 2GB of data volume per night.

So, if you are doing the 25 Naira plan, you can only do it 8 times per night and the 50 Naira plan 4 times per night.

Which means you can get 1GB for 100 Naira and 1.5GB for 150 Naira. That’s a great deal right there if you ask me.

But you know what? I will share my first tip with you on how to get the best out of the midnight plan.

That limitation of 2GB is on a sim card right? So, what stops you from getting up to 5 sim card and that increases it 10GB per night and everybody wins.

I wish the offer was this juicy back in the days. Things are sort of getting better now, I currently uses spectranet and their unlimited free night offer is the best.

Time You can Use the Night Plan

This offer is usable between 11pm in the night to 6am the next morning. That’s 7 hours to enjoy browsing at affordable rate.

And here is my second tip. Subscribe around 11:10pm and your data will last more than subscribing before or by 11pm on dot.

How to Check MidNight Plan Balance

Dial *406# >> 3 (night plan bundles) >> 3 to check your balance. It will show you how much volume of data you have left.

MTN Old Vs Latest Mid-Night Bundle

I will compare this new offer to the original one which is what was valid between 2016 to late 2018.

The original offer was 25 Naira for 500MB per night and the validity was from 12am to 4am (4 hours).

Which means to get 10GB using my tips, you will need 20 sim cards and you have to exhaust it within 4 hours. That amounts to 500 Naira for the night.

This latest offer however, cost more but offers more time and more the fair data usage policy has been raised. Let me explain.

The current offer is valid for 7 hours (3 hours more than the original), you can subscribe up to 2GB per night on a single sim.

This means you can get 10GB with just 5 sim cards but for 1000 Naira and you have 7 hours to use it.

In my own opinion, i think the new offer is the best as it offers more volume of data with a single sim and at almost twice the validity period of the original. Though the original is cheaper.

I will like to know what your own opinion is though. So leave a comment.

Final Note

Yes, it isn’t easy to wake up in the middle of the night and start browisng but the fact that it is cheaper at that period than the normal bundles is the selling point.

Though it has had its ups and downs but i think this right now is the best mtn night plan offer since it started.

Not everybody will be able to get up in the mid night to start browsing but if you are into it, i think you should try and sleep between 8pm and you will be awake by 11:30pm or 12pm to start enjoying this offer.

For those that will be subscribing on more than one sim card, make sure you know different methods of checking your mtn phone numbers, to make recharging each line easier.

If you find this write up interesting and informative, you should consider sharing it with friends and family to educate them too about the topic.


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