MTN Data Balance – Comprehensive Codes to Check


MTN is one the major service provider in Africa and the best network provider in Nigeria and here is how to check your mtn data balance without any stress.

mtn data balance

This telecommunication company provide services which include making of calls, text messages and data subscription.

We all know how essential data is to browse, surf the internet, download musics and videos.

Though data subscription these days is now expensive but still, we need it in our everyday life.

But it will be unwise of you surfing the internet daily without checking your data balance regularly to monitor your data usage.

In this article, you will be guided on how to check your browsing plan balance on MTN.

Moreover, this article will be more useful and valuable to new MTN subscribers who don’t know much about the usage of ussd codes.

There are several ways in which you can check your data balance easily. Written below are the ways to check your MTN data balance.

Code to Check MTN Data Balance

Dial *131*4# with the mtn number and in a matter of few seconds, your data balance will be displayed on your phone’s screen.

How to Check Balance with SMS

To check your data balance using sms, send 2 to 131 and a message will be sent to you regarding your remaining data balance.

Checking SME Data Balance

MTN SME is a service whereby you are allowed to share your data bundle with your friends and loved ones.

To check your data balance on this platform, there are two ways.

1.) As the Sponsor (buyer): Here, you are the one sharing out your data. To check your MTN SME data balance, you dial *461*2*3*1#.

2.) As the beneficiary: In this part, you are the one who data is being shared to. You just have to dial *461*2*3*2# to check your SME data balance.

Night Browsing Balance

I am sure you are all aware of the mtn night surfing plan where you will be given up to 500mb to surf the internet active from 11pm – 6am.

Dial *599*96# and your remaining data balance will be sent to you.

Check Beta Talk Balance

If you are on beta talk call plan, you can check your data balance by dialing *599*43# and your remaining data balance will be sent to your mobile phone.

Check Extra Value Data Balance

Dial *556*61# to check your data balance on MTN ExtraValue tariff plan.

Check Awuf4u Balance

You can now check your Awuf4u balance by simply dialing *559*14# on your device.

Check Starter Pack Balance

Simply dial *559*17# to check your data balance if you are using the MTN Starter pack tariff plan.

Check Balance Using MyMTNApp

Apart from checking your data balance through USSD codes and sms, MTN also developed an app called my MyMTNApp.

This app offers different services which include recharging of your MTN line, paying of bills, checking of your account or data balance and other uses.

Using MyMTNApp to check your data balance is simple and straight forward. To use the app to check your data balance, you have to.

  • Firstly, go to play store and download MyMTNApp.
  • Install and launch the app on your mobile device.
  • Then you register your name and MTN number on the app.
  • Open the app and your data balance will be displayed at the home screen.

However, always make sure your mobile data is turned on each time you are to use this app.

Check your MTN Data Balance via email, Internet chat or calling the customer care(MTN operator)

Another method of checking your data balance is by email or calling the customer care (MTN Operator) but this method is not as fast and reliable as using USSD code or sms.

Moreover, you can also try using the MTN internet chat but the internet chat has limited working hours of 8am – 5pm on week days and 8am – 1pm on weekends.


All you need to know about how to check your data balance on MTN have been discussed here.

Like every other telecommunication companies in Nigeria, MTN doesn’t charge any service fee for checking your account or data balance because it is totally free.

Lastly, i will like advise you to write these data checking codes somewhere in case you might forget, you can go back to where you wrote it and recheck the codes.


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