Minister Salary in Nigeria ~ Basic, Allowances & Total 2022

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Everything you need to know about a Minister salary in Nigeria from how much they receive as basic salary to their total take home every month.

It is on record that our ministers are some of the highest-paid ministers in the world. This is a fact.

If you truly desire to know the Nigerian Ministers’ salary, this is the right page for you. Ensure you read this post to the end.

Minister Salary in Nigeria 2022

As stipulated by the Revenue Mobilization, Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMOAF), the annual salary of a Nigerian minister is N487 million Naira in total. This includes all the allowances and bonuses he is entitled to per year. Little wonder most persons would do everything within their power to be appointed into that position.

As you read on, you will find a full breakdown of all the allowances and bonuses they receive annually.

Complete Breakdown of Salary and Allowances of Ministers.

Earlier on, we stated that the annual salary of a Nigerian minister when summed up with all his allowances and bonuses is almost N500 million Naira.

Below is a full breakdown of the whole money:

1.) Basic Salary – N2,026,400

The basic salary of a minister in the Federal Republic of Nigeria is pegged at N2,026,400 per annum.

This is the exact amount they receive every year as their main salary. If you divide that by 12, it means that for every month, they receive about N168,867 as their salary.

So if you are hoping to occupy this position someday, this is what you will be getting as your payment.

2.) Car Refueling And Service Allowance – N1,519,000

No doubt a minister needs his car fueled and well serviced at all times. You don’t want to have him stranded when on an official assignment as a result of his car.

With this, excuses for car disturbance and fuel challenges are completely eliminated.

3.) Domestic Staff Allowance – N1,519,000

This is meant to help the minister take care of any domestic staff working for him and his family. This includes chefs, gatekeepers, etc.

4.) Entertainment Allowance – N911,800

After a busy day in the office, a minister needs to fully relax for the next day’s work. The entertainment allowance is meant to help him achieve this.

With the entertainment allowance, he can get himself good music or movies, celebrate his birthdays, host and attend other parties, etc.

5.) Estacode Allowance – N347, 374

The estacode allowance is one of those allowances I can’t really tell what it is actually for. If you have any knowledge of it, please feel free to let me know about it in the comment section below.

6.) Furniture Allowance – N6,079,200

This yearly allowance is for the minister to use in changing and maintaining the furniture in his office.

That includes his home office and others. Though N6 million is quite a huge money for this, it’s actually small compared to that of the senators and President.

7.) Housing Allowance – N4,052,800

The housing allowance allows the minister to provide a good place of living for himself and his family.

With this money, he can rent or buy a property in any location he chooses and live comfortably.

You don’t want to have your ministers fighting with their landlords publicly over rent, bringing big embarrassment to the nation.

8.) Leave Allowance – N202,640

The leave allowance like the name suggests is money meant for the minister to use and take care of himself when he is on leave.

Regardless of how long the leave lasts, this is what he is entitled to receive.

9.) Monitoring Allowance – N405,280

What comes to your mind when you hear of monitoring allowance? What money is meant for, right?

Well, the monitoring allowance is part of the money meant for the overall running of the office.

10.) Motor Vehicle Loan – N8,105,600

With this money, the minister can acquire any car of his choice that the money can afford.

He can choose not to accept or use the loan each year.

11.) Newspaper Allowance – N303,960

The essence of this money is to help the minister stay updated on the happenings around him.
With the money, he can continually buy and read Newspapers from different sources. For instance PUNCH, Daily SUN, The Nation, etc.

12.) Personal Assistant Allowance – N506,600

Imagine a minister without a personal assistant, he will have to do nearly everything himself.
That’s very time-consuming and stressful.

The essence of the PA allowance is to help him afford the luxury of having a personal assistant to handle most of his day-to-day work in the office for him.

13.) Tour Duty Allowance – N35,000

This is like “pocket money.” It is one of those small amounts of money given to the minister to ensure the smooth running of his office.

With this money, he can take care of himself while attending to official matters.

14.) Utility Cost Allowance – N607,920

This amount is meant for taking care of utility costs on the part of the minister. For instance electricity bill, water bill and so on.

This ensures that the minister is never in an embarrassing position with the relevant bodies in charge of such things.

About Nigerian Ministers

The Nigerian ministers are the official executive members of the Nigerian cabinet headed by the President who at the time of this writing is Muhammadu Buhari.

The office of the minister is one of those government positions you can never get via an election.

Whoever makes it to that position is there strictly by appointment.

Of course, no other person has the right to appoint another into that position except the President himself.

So if you are thinking of becoming a minister in Nigeria, you should start by associating with the right people.

You never can tell which among them will become the bridge to you getting to that position.

In terms of numbers, the number of ministers serving in each administration in the country varies.

The reason is that the appointment of anyone in that position is dependent on the president.

He can decide to have as many as 30 ministers if he so chooses, provided he has specific roles for every one of them.

In the same way, he can choose to have very few of them and allocate more than a role to each of them, as in the case of President Muhammadu Buhari who gave up three ministries to some of his cabinet members.

The most fascinating thing about his administration though is not even that he gave more than two roles to certain persons, he also went ahead to make himself a minister too. Yes, you heard that right! He is Nigeria’s official minister of Petroleum.

By that act of the President, the number of ministers serving in his administration was greatly reduced.

As a matter of fact, there are only 19 ministers serving in the country at the time of this writing.

Who Determines What Ministers Receive As Salary?

Unlike many people may be thinking, the salary of Nigerian ministers is not determined by the President, his vice, or the senate president. None of these people have a say in that.

There is actually a commission created for determining the amount of money government officials receive in Nigeria. This commission is known as the Revenue Mobilization, Allocation, and Fiscal Commission (RMOAF).

The agency is the only agency authorized by law to determine how much each minister receives as salary per month. They also determine the allowances too, based on the Remuneration Act set in place in 2007.

Final Statement

Above are the major allowances and Minister salary in Nigeria in 2022. In total, the whole money sums up to almost N500 million per year.

Little wonder the office is one of the most desired in the country right now.

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