Man City vs Burnley: March 18th, 2023 FA Cup Match Live on DsTv

Man City will be hosting Burnley this weekend at Etihad Stadium for an FA Cup match. As a Nigerian with a DsTv decoder and the right package, you will be able to watch this match Live.

The Kick-off time for this match is 06:45 PM and of course, that is Nigerian time which is the same for the rest of West African countries.

The DsTv Channel showing Man City vs Burnley FA Cup match in Nigeria is Channel 205 which is SuperSport Football Nigeria.

Man City vs Burnley March 18th, 2023 FA Cup

Subscribers on DsTv Yanga, Confam, Compact, Compact Plus, and Premium packages will be able to catch this match Live and all the actions from it.

The only DsTv package that will not be airing this match is the Padi package which is also the cheapest DsTv package.