Lagos State Minimum Wage in 2022 – The Full Breakdown

What is Lagos state minimum wage? You asked. Stay with me as we discuss this subject on this page in detail.

Having talked about Kano State and its minimum wage in a previous post, let’s go around Lagos State and see what the government offers its civil servants as wages per month.

I remember during my tender age in the village, I saw people living in Lagos State as foreigners.
It never really occurred to me that they were Nigerians because of the way people around me talk about them.

To me, after heaven you see Lagos. Lol. How wrong I was! So today we will discuss the minimum wage of this beautiful state.

Lagos State Minimum Wage

State and Federal workers in Lagos state receive a minimum of 35,000 Naira every 30 days as their monthly wages/salary. This is 5000 Naira above the national average.

Mr. Muri-Okunola Hakeem, the head of the service to the government, in November 2019 stated that the state government is ready and willing to implement the new policy on minimum wage by President Muhammadu Buhari.

He stated that on top of the recommended N30000 by the Federal Government, the state will be adding N5000. This means that according to him, the new minimum wage for the State is N35,000.

He said that governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu had approved the minimum wage for the good of the state workers. He added that the worker’s November salaries were delayed in order to put all protocols in check for the minimum wage to take off.

According to Mr. Hakeem, only workers in grades one to six would enjoy the minimum wage of 35,000 Naira. He urged the civil servants to put in their best and support the government in the good work they are doing for the state.

It is Crystal clear that the state government exceeded the limit the federal government recommended. And so the workers should be dedicated and committed to their work.

He also pleaded with citizens to pay their taxes.

The state governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu made sure that the least worker receives 30,000 monthly. The state is one of the first states to implement the federal policy which the Nigerian Labour Congress, Trade Union Congress, and the Federal Government negotiated.

The Nigerian president issued it as a law that no state government and private sector should pay workers below 30,000 Naira.

Lagos State is on the level of becoming a sovereign state on its own, it has many business hubs, is the first capital territory of Nigeria, and many more.

Kudos to the government of Lagos for all that they are doing to give the state workers a better life.

How Much Was Lagos Paying Its Workers Before

Prior to the signing of the new national minimum wage into Law in 2019, the state government was paying its workers barely N18,000 as minimum wage, just like other states in the country.

For a civil servant in Lagos, living with that amount is best imagined than experienced. Especially if you are just starting out as a worker in the state.

That is the major reason Lagosians received with joy the news of the new minimum wage by the President being implemented by the state government.

Obviously, that increase would lead to a better life and lesser financial stress compared to what is obtainable before.

Lagos Minimum Wage Compare to the Other Nigerian States

Following the signing of the new national minimum wage by the President in 2019, several states moved to implement it while others are still yet to comply, citing the inability of their states to shoulder the responsibilities.

Among such states that quickly complied with the Federal Government in Lagos, Kano, Kaduna, Oyo, Enugu, Rivers, and Anambra States.

States like Kano and Lagos didn’t just begin paying the recommended N30,000 by the Federal Government, they added extra amounts on top.

While Kano State added N600 on top to take their minimum wage to N30,600, Lagos State added N5000 to theirs, making their official minimum wage become N35,000.

With this addition, Lagos State leads in the list of states that pays the highest states in Nigeria.

They are followed by Kano State who gave a massive gap of about N4,400.

States like Rivers, Delta, and Bayelsa which are known to be top oil-producing states and expected to lead the list are nowhere to be found among the top 5. It actually took a little bit of time before their government implemented the new minimum wage.

So, if you attribute Lagos State to be the best place to work in Nigeria based on the minimum wage, you won’t be wrong. Apart from the high wage, you will be getting at the end of the month, the opportunities that you are likely going to come across in the state are much.

The only Lagos state that may not come to mind first when mentioning the best places to work in Nigeria first, is if you are using other parameters apart from the minimum wage to measure them.

For instance the cost of food, water, rent, electricity, transportation, and many others. Being the most populated state in Nigeria at the moment, this is quite understandable.

Who Is Expected To Pay

Effective from the day it was signed into law, all government institutions and business establishments are expected to implement the new minimum wage without delay.

This includes those in the transportation sector, education, commerce, electricity, sanitation, food and water, and many others.

So if you are working in any government position as a civil servant, all you need to do is to calculate your new salary using the new Lagos State minimum and expect exactly that at the end of the month.

Apart from government agencies, some types of privately-owned companies and businesses are also expected to comply with the state government in implementing the new minimum wage in the state.

However, small and medium startups that are owned by individuals are not mandated by the Law to implement that.

Final Statement

As signed into law by the Governor, Lagos State minimum wage for its workers is currently 35k Naira.

What that simply means is that if you are working as a civil servant in the state, you will be taking home this amount at the end of every month. With this, Lagos stands out as one of the best places to work in the country presently.

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