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Keystone bank transfer code has made sending money easier and secure without leaving the comfort of your home. The mobile banking code is highly secure and easy.

keystone bank transfer code

Importance of the unique code *7111* cannot be overemphasized due to the challenges which customers encounter on a daily basis in order to execute fund transfer.

The USSD mobile banking code is the fastest and easiest means of sending money from Keystone bank to another Keystone bank account (Interbank) and from Keystone bank to other commercial bank accounts (Intra-bank) with the use of mobile phone device.

Amazing aspect of the tool is, it is not internet dependent. It works seamlessly in both internet enabled phone device and none internet enabled mobile phone device.

However, you don’t have to waste your energy and time on a very long queue inside the banking hall to execute fund transfer. Also, you don’t need to stand on the sun, waiting for your turn to carryout fund transfer in ATM stand.

This powerful tool has made it possible to send money at your convenient time without stress. Therefore, the introduction of the mobile banking code has increased customer friendliness with Keystone.

As you continue reading, we are pleased to guide you step by step to learn and start making use of the code effectively without delay. There are a lot benefits associated with the use of the mobile banking code, we will try to show them to you.

How to Activate Keystone Mobile Banking

It is important to guide you first in the steps to follow in order to activate the mobile banking code with your phone number which is linked to your account already.

  • Unlock your mobile phone device, dial *7111*0#
  • Carefully follow the instructions on the screen and input your account number
  • Choose a unique 4 digit PIN which will enable you to authorize transactions with the code
  • You are now set for the USSD mobile banking opportunity

Having activated your mobile phone device and generated your PIN, you are one step closer to learn the procedures needed to perform the transaction swiftly.

The below method is the same for all kind of transactions. Be it Intra or Inter transfer.

Keystone Bank Transfer Code

  • Dial *7111*Amount*Nuban Account Number#
  • Example, dial *7111*60000*2054376502# to send #60,000 to a beneficiary account which is 2054376502
  • Select the bank name of the beneficiary
  • Enter your 4 digit PIN and authorize the transfer

Benefits Of Using Keystone Mobile USSD Platform

The mobile banking services is not restricted to smart phones. It is functional in all kinds of mobile phone device. All you need to do is to make sure that you have strong signal from the network providers of the sim card you are making use in your area. For example, it works in Java, iOS phones, Android, etc.

  • The mobile banking service is available 24 hours of the day
  • Available for all keystone account holders
  • It can be used to make bill payments like DSTV, GOTV, STARTIME, etc. so, if you have been stressing yourself every time to subscribe your cables, the unique mobile banking code will give you the enablement to carryout bill payments at the comfort of your house
  • Functional with all the network providers like MTN, GLO, 9Mobile and Airtel
  • It is secure, seamless and easy
  • The transaction does not last more than a minute.

If you intend to check your keystone bank account number with code, you can do so with a variation of the above ussd.

Limitations of the Code

The mobile banking code cannot work on a phone number that is not linked to your account. You must make use of the phone number you used when opening the account as we stated earlier.

You are limited to make maximum transfer of #100,000 per day. But if you want the limit to be increased, you can visit any Keystone branch nearest to you. It will be upgraded.

For transfer less than 5000 Naira, you will be charged N10. If you are transferring between 5001 and 50,000 Naira, the charges is N25 and for transfer above 50,000 Naira the charges is N50.

Therefore, if you are making intra-bank transfer, you will not be charged any money.

The USSD mobile banking code works for current and savings account holders. It does not work for domiciliary and corporate account holders.

Other Uses of Keystone Mobile Banking Code

With the unique mobile banking code, you don’t need to per a visit to ATM machine to make transfer again. It is simple, all you need to do is to dial *7111*1#, kindly follow the on-screen instructions carefully and check the balance.

BVN: let’s assume you misplaced your bank verification number and you want to make use it urgently, you don’t need to rush to the bank and start queuing up.

Pick your mobile phone device and dial *7111#, from the on-screen instructions, choose option 8 and follow the step by step guide to get your BVN. Once you follow the steps, you will get your BVN with ease.


If you don’t have an account with the bank yet, it is pertinent you do so. You cannot get access to use make of the mobile banking code if you don’t have account with it. So, kindly create an account with the bank and enjoy the benefits in full.

We have taken you by hand and shown you the guidelines and the necessary steps needed to carryout fund transfer fast and easy with Keystone bank transfer code. You can now enjoy the benefits your bank has provided for you to the fullest.

We hope this concise report is helpful. Kindly leave your comment in the comment box.



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