How to Check Keystone Bank Account Number


There are several ways you can check your Keystone bank account number and in this write up, I will show you everything you need to know about each of the methods.

keystone bank account number

Keystone bank is a new generation bank in Nigeria. They have provided a mobile banking system to attend to their customers’ needs in order not to inconvenience them while making their transactions.

Mobile banking system has made transactions convenient, fast, secured and easy for the customers.

1.) Contact Customer Centre

Using this method you can check it online or at their office. But that will be your choice as you will find different channels like Instagram, Facebook, Email, Twitter, Phone number, Live Chat etc.

They will question you to confirm your account. Then you will have to provide details such as Full Name, Email address, Date of birth, Phone no, Mother’s maiden name, where the account was opened and home address.

After your account is successfully confirmed. The customer care representative will communicate your account number to you.

You can contact them through their;

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Phone Number: 0700 2000 3000
  • Social Media Accounts:,,

2.) Code to Check Keystone Bank Account Number

To check your keystone account number, dial *7111*1# from the phone number registered with your bank, enter your PIN and you will immediately be provided with your account number and balance.

This method makes transactions very convenient and fast for the customers. Keystone Bank code gives instant response to your transaction without depending on the officials.

The above code can also be used to transfer from your keystone bank account to any other accounts in Nigeria.

3.) Using Internet Banking

This is one of the easiest methods to check your account number. You can decide to create a new profile or use login details of their app.

Click “register” to provide your account number and last 6 digits on your debit card this should be done if you have not yet registered.

4.) Mobile Banking Application

Keystone Mobile App is easy and simple and the App was created to help Keystone customers have access to their banking transactions anywhere from their mobile phone.

At the top left corner of the app is your account number.

Sometimes going to the bank or using ATM can be frustrating due to poor server and bank officials attending to you on time due to technical problems.

I think it’s better you have keystone bank app to save yourself from unnecessary disappointment from the bank, bank officials and ATM machine.

5.) Visit the Nearest Branch

If you are not able to check your account number using the previous method. Then you have to visit any keystone branch near you.

If you were able to answer the personal questions relating to your account correctly, they will write down your account number for you on a piece of paper.

6.) Monthly Account Statement

If you submitted your email address at the point of registration (you can do it after too), you will receive an email at the beginning of a new month which contains the details your previous month’s debit and credit transactions.

Final Note

Keystone bank has made transactions easier, fast and reliable for their customers by providing different convenient ways by which customers can reach out to their officials and check their account number without stress.

I think banking with them will make transaction enjoyable, easy, and fast and secured for you. I hope you find this information useful. Please share with your friends and family.


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