Kano State Minimum Wage in 2022 – The Complete Breakdown

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This article reveals everything you need to know about the exact amount Kano workers receive as a minimum wage at the end of each month.

According to Wikipedia, “wage is a compensation paid by an employer to the employee in exchange for work done.”

As a civil servant, you get paid for the time and devotion you put in to make your organization efficient. This helps keep you passionate and focused on your job.

If you are not getting good pay at the end of the month, you will end up frustrated as a worker and the passion to keep working will not be there.

How Much Is Kano State Minimum Wage

Federal and state government workers in Kano states currently receive 30,600 Naira every 30 days as their monthly wages.

In 2019, the President of Nigeria signed the bill which ensured that every worker within the federation gets an increase in the amount of money he received as a salary.

After that, the governor of Kano State, Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, without wasting any time, commenced the payment of the salary.

The Governor even upgraded it by adopting 30,600 Naira as the new minimum wage for Kano State.

What that simply means is that workers within the state are entitled to getting a minimum of N30,600 at the end of every month.

Mallam Muhammad Garba, the Commissioner for Information, stated that workers had started receiving their minimum wage in December 2019.

He urged the civil servants to dedicate their all and bring forth positive results.

Furthermore, he appealed to those in the Revenue generating section to see to it that individuals and corporate bodies pay their tax to enable the government to deliver efficiently in paying salaries.

The deputy president of the Nigerian Labour Congress, Comrade Muhammad Sani Kiri, appreciated the governor for his warm approach toward the minimum wage issue.

Kano State head of service, Alhaji Muhammad Auwal Na’iya recommended the zeal with which Dr.

Umar Ganduje meets up with the payment of salaries and pension, regardless of the fact that Kano State has the highest pensioners and civil servants in the federation.

He clearly stated that the government of Kano State settles every sector of the state.

They pay 1 billion Naira monthly to pensioners in the state, yet, they meet up with the minimum wage bill and are ever ready to comply.

How Much Was Kano Paying Workers Before

Prior to the introduction of the new national minimum wage in 2019, the workers in the states were getting just N18,000 at the end of the month.

This caused untold suffering to the workers in the state. Imagine when top government officials are getting incredible amounts of money at the end of the month, some are getting just peanuts.

Following the signing of the new Nigerian minimum wage, the state government quickly complied with the federal to implement the payment.

In addition to that, the Ganduje administration added N600 on top of the recommended N30,000 to make it N30,600. That’s a difference of N12,600 when compared with the former.

Kano Minimum Wage vs the Other Nigerian States

When you compare the amount of money the Kano State government pays its workers as minimum wage versus the amount other state governments in Nigeria are paying, it is not rocket science to discover that Kano is one of the top-paying states in Nigeria at the moment.

As a matter of fact, only the Lagos State government offers its workers more money (N32,000) than Kano State (N30,600).

According to popular opinion, this is one area of government that the Ganduje-led administration has done incredibly well.

His quick implementation of the new minimum wage and the extra amount he added on top, proves he truly has the interest of his state workers at heart.

Little wonder his people voted him to serve the second time amidst numerous allegations of corruption against him from many angles.

Who Should Pay The New Minimum Wage In Kano

Based on the signing of the new minimum wage into law, all government agencies within the state are expected to pay their workers that amount starting from the date it was signed.

This means that as a worker in Kano State, you are to calculate your new monthly salary with the new minimum wage and know exactly what to expect at the end of every month.

If you didn’t get that, you won’t have difficulty knowing that something is wrong and will have to fight to get what is truly due to you.

Though this amount is the recommended minimum wage in the state, certain businesses, startups, and organisations are not mandated by law to pay their workers that amount.

This includes small businesses owned by individuals and the ones operating outside the boundaries of the state.

Apart from these, all government institutions are expected to comply with the law in paying their respective staff. Failure to do that, the law will catch up with them.

Why I Choose To Discuss Kano State

Kano State is the second-largest industrial centre in Nigeria and the largest in Northern Nigeria in terms of cosmetics, tanning, plastic, enamel ware, textile, ceramics, footwear, pharmaceuticals, furniture and other industries.

The state is actually nicknamed the “centre of commerce.” Based on the state’s internally generated revenue and overall GDP, they have all it takes to pay workers.

Being the “capital” of Northern Nigeria, Kano State is a subject of interest to so many persons.

That is one reason you will find the state among the top search queries on Google console.

So without taking much time, let’s quickly see how much the Kano State government offers workers within the confines of the state.

Final Statement

Kano State minimum wage is one of the highest in Nigeria at the moment. Yes, I know it is just a few hundred above the national average but know that some states can’t even pay the minimum wage and as you get a promotion, it adds up.

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