Kaduna State Minimum Wage ~ Complete Breakdown for 2022

Today, I will be talking about Kaduna state minimum wage and everything you need to know about the state as a worker desiring to move over there.

The President of the Nigerian federation, in 2019, passed a law that every state government and private sector should with immediate effect pay workers the minimum wage of 30,000 Naira.

Based on that order, numerous states quickly introduced some amount of money to pay their workers. Among those states is Kaduna State.

Kaduna State Minimum Wage in 2022

The present minimum wage in operation in Kaduna is N30,000 Naira. The governor of Kaduna State, El Rufia promised to pay civil servants their minimum wage starting from September 2019.

He clearly stated that it has been in their mind to improve the lives of civil servants of the state before the federal government declared it as a must-do.

Having said that, he urged the workers to dedicate their all to their cause of duty because the new law will drastically affect revenues.

Thus, it will take a greater share in the state’s expenditure. Though he has commenced payment and the workers are testifying to that, he promised to give pensioners their right too.

One of the civil servants, Zubairo Bello, a level 10 officer, expressed how happy he was to have received 65,500 Naira as his monthly payment instead of the 40,000 he receives monthly. His joy knew no bound on the extra 25,500 naira increase.

He said, “Now I can feed my family, pay hospital bills, pay school fees and still have something to save.”

The good works of Governor El-Rufia are seen in the lives of the civil servants. They, the civil servants pledged to support and promote the good work which their governor has begun in the state.

It is seen that the minimum wage which the president advocated for, the Kaduna state governor obeyed without delay.

I urge other states of the federation to look into the plights of their citizens and do as the Kaduna governor did in paying the minimum wage.

Kaduna Minimum Wage Compared To Other States

When compared to other states in the country, Kaduna State remains one of the best states to be as a worker. The state government does not just say how much they appreciate their workers, they show it in their actions.

The following are some of the best-paying states when it comes to the minimum wage in Nigeria:

  • Lagos State – N35,000
  • Kano State – N30,600
  • Kaduna State – N30,000
  • Rivers State – N30,000
  • Ondo State – N30,000
  • Gombe – N18,000
  • Kwara State – N30,000

These are just a few of the states in Nigeria and how much they pay their workers. Based on the figures shown above, it is not difficult to see that Kaduna state is among the top-paying states in terms of minimum wage in Nigeria.

Sectors The New Minimum Wage Applies

There are several work sectors available in Kaduna State. This ranges from teaching to security, finance, transportation, and so on.

The new minimum wage does not only apply to one or two of them, it applies to every one of them. That means if you are working on any of these sectors, you should be getting nothing less than N30,000 as your monthly payment.

If you were getting more than that amount at the end of the month before now, your salary now should increase beyond that amount.

You can calculate your new salary using the new minimum wage and expect to get properly paid at the end of the month. If at the end of the month you didn’t get what is due to you, you can easily detect it and fight for your right.

Does The New Minimum Wage Apply To Private Institutions?

Mainly speaking, the minimum wage applies to government institutions. There are also some firms that are required to implement it by law.

However, some private companies are not mandated by law to pay it. For instance, newly established companies that are owned by individuals and so on.

This law though applies to persons within the state.

But before we talk about how much is the new minimum wage in Kaduna State, let’s take some moments and talk about the previous payment available in the state.

How Much Was Kaduna Paying Before Now?

Prior to the introduction of the new minimum wage in the country by the President of Nigeria, His Excellency, Muhammadu Buhari, workers in Kaduna State received about N18,000 as their minimum wage.

This was the exact amount usually issued to them at the end of every month.

Following the signing of the new minimum wage into law, the state government has to do everything in its efforts to ensure that the state complies with the latest development.

Kaduna State And The New Wage

When it comes to following the executive order of the President on the subject matter, Kaduna State remains the first state in Nigeria to adopt and as well implement the new national minimum wage.

It is noteworthy to mention that while other states were still debating and giving excuses as to why they cannot afford to pay their workers the said national minimum wage, the Kaduna State government has already paid their workers the money. Thanks to the efforts of the state governor Nasir El Rufai and the state lawmakers.

Final Statement

Like every other state of the Federation, the Kaduna State minimum wage has been revised to the amount that is approved by Governor Nasir El Rufai and the state lawmakers to be paid to workers within the state.

Regardless of the sector, you are working in, you are entitled to receiving this at the end of every month.

The money is actually the least you can be paid. Based on this amount, you can calculate and get to know the amount that is due to you at the end of every month.

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