How to Check Spectranet Data Balance, Usage & Bonus Online


As a new user that doesn’t know everything about a new gadget, you might struggle a little bit, which is why even though you are are not new to the internet or MiFi, you might need help with how to check spectranet data balance or their double data offer at first.

how to check spectranet data balance

You are not alone in this. Most people had the same issue when they first got their Ace or freedom MiFi.

If you are an heavy internet user and you resides in cities like Lagos, Ibadan, PH and Abuja, there is high possibility that you aren’t browsing with the local networks such as mtn, airtel, 9mobile and glo.

Most will rather opt in for a 4G service such as smile, swift, WiFi (in Ogun state) and of course spectranet which is one of the first of its kind in Nigeria.

Why is that, because they all focus on small areas usually less than 10 cities and offer their consumers a much more better services in term of speed and price.

One thing we are all always curious about when it comes to our browsing data in 2020 is how much we have used and how much we have left before we run out.

Hence, this article, for those using spectranet.

How to Check Spectranet Data Balance

  • Visit with your phone or Pc
  • Login using your user id and password
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page
  • There you will see data bank (main data balance), free data (double data bonus) and night data (for subscription above 10,000 Naira)
  • The balances is in order of GB:MB:KB
  • Above it is your next renewal time and current plan expiry date

Final Words

If you are connected to the their network, you can also get access to whole new set of options which include how many devices is connected to your spectranet MiFi, your data usage.

Just visit spectranet.mobilewifi/index.htm, click on connection and you can easily check your data usage and do numerous other things.

I have been using spectranet for more than a year now and i can say they offer one of the best internet services out there.

So guys, was this write up on how you can check your spectranet data balance useful? Let me know in the comment and do not hesitate if you have something to add or ask about it.


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