How to Check MTN Number ~ Top 6 Methods i Use in 2020


You are obviously here because you do not know how to check mtn number. But the truth is that we all have numerous things to think about and trying to remember all our mobile phone digit is the least of your problem.

how to check mtn number

But, you will also agree with me that at least knowing how you can get it if and when you need it will be great.

It’s a fact that more than half of the population with access to mobile phone have more than a single sim card.

Obviously, you most probably will be able to remember your main number anyday anytime but what about the rest?

If you are like me back in the 2013 – 2018 with up to 5 mtn sim cards just so i can get the best out of the mid night browsing from mtn then, it is impossible to remember all their numbers.

So what i do anytime i want to recharge them with my mobile banking app is to use the information i am about to share with you to retrieve each sim card’s number.

Meaning i do not have to remember all of them, just 1 of the 6 ways below to retrieve them.

How to Check MTN Number

The codes to know your mtn number are *663# and *123*1*1#. Dial them and the 11 digit will appear on your phone screen.

Using Call Me Back

To check your mobile number using mtn Nigeria call me back service, dial *133#, select 1 of the options and send.

Once the number you sent to receives the message, your number will appear as the sender number. You can send to your main line since you can easily remember that.

Talking to Customer Care Agent

You can also ask mtn customer care representative your phone number just by calling 180.

This might take a little bit of your time but like the above method and unlike the below methods, it is free.

Calling Another Number

Yes, call any other number that’s nearby and your number will appear on their screen and you can easily retrieve it from there.

Again, if your main line is in another phone, you don’t need another person’s help. You can do this yourself.

Remeber, you need to at least have 1 Naira to do this.

Sending SMS

If for some reason none of the above methods works for you which is highly unlikely, then you can consider sending an sms to another number to get your own number.

But remember, sms costs 4 Naira making this one of the most expensive method but you don’t have to use it as the first method above remains the fastest and the best.

Installing My MTN App

Download the app from your OS app store and install it. You will be asked for your number at the point of registration and you can always go back to check it there.

You need data and must be using a smartphone to use this method. This makes it the most expensive method.

Final Note

The first method is still the best in my opinion. I mean, all you need to do is to just dial any of the two codes and your number will not just be display for you in your screen but you will also receive an sms from mtn containing your phone number.

Okay, now it is your turn. Now that you know how to check mtn number, which of the method do you think is the best and easy to remember?

Whichever method it is, i am sure you should have no problem getting your number back. Which means you can get as many as possible for night surfing or just to have different sim for different tariff plans on mtn network that serves different purposes for you.

If you find this write up helpful, do not hesitate to share with your friends and family. If you have something to add, kindly make use of the comment box.


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