How to Check Airtel Number ~ Best 4 Methods


Inside this write up are different ways on how to check airtel number with or without airtime in Nigeria. I find the ussd code method to be the best. Why? Because it is fast, free and easy to use.

how to check airtel number

However, if you receive a connection error while trying to use it, you can use the SMS, calling and customer care method.

In 2020, it is difficult as a Nigerian to have just 1 phone number especially if you have a smartphone.

Depending on where you work, where you live and how much you earn, you might need different networks for browsing and making calls, for home and offices.

In addition, considering the fact that airtel network has one of the best night plans in Nigeria, you might need to have more than one sim to enjoy this offer to your satisfaction while it lasts.

One common problem that most people with more than 1 sim card have is that they find it very hard to remember most of those numbers.

If you happen to be on airtel network and fall into the category of people i describe above, then this content is created specifically for you.

Without further ado, let’s get to it.

How to Check Airtel Number 2020

  • USSD Code
  • Using SMS
  • Calling Another Number
  • Speaking with Customer Care Agent

Code to Check Airtel Number

  • Calling *121#, reply with 3 and finally, reply with 4
  • *121*9#
  • *282#

If you dial any of the 3 codes above, your 11 digits number will be displayed for you in a matter of seconds.

Know Airtel Phone Number with SMS

All you have to do is text another number be it a friend or even stranger. Once the person received the message, your number is the sender’s number that appears on their mobile.

This is simple but it requires you have at least 4 naira on the line whose number you want to retrieve for it to work.

Calling Another Number

Its working principle is similar to that of SMS above. If you have credit on the line / SIM, just call a friend number and ask him / her to text you the caller’s number. Better still, if the person is nearby, you can just retrieve it once his / her phone starts ringing.

Speaking with Airtel Care Agent

  • Just call their customer center number on 111 because 121 is no longer in use
  • Choose your Language (English is 1)
  • Press 1 to manage line
  • 6 to know your number.
  • You can choose 9 and you will be transferred to an agent.

This method might take more time than the ones explained above. I will advise you only use this when the ussd isn’t working for you and you do not have airtime to neither send sms nor call another number.


As you have read, there are numerous ways by which you can check your airtel number and inside this write up are the best and the fastest how to means.

Phone number is necessary for so many reasons. For example, if someone or even you wants to transfer to or share data with another airtel number. Anyone can easily missed out on that if they can’t retrieve their number and doesn’t have access to this information.

So if you have any method that you think is better, please drop a comment and i will look into it.

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If any of the above details changes, you will be the first to know as i will quickly edit and update this piece once i became aware of it.


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