House of Representatives Salary In Nigeria ~ Total Benefits and Allowances 2022

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This write-up features a complete breakdown of the House of Representatives salary in Nigeria. That’s how much they take home on a monthly basis.

On this page, you will learn about the exact amount a member of the house of rep takes home per month and annually. Trust me, this will be worth your time and attention.

House of Representatives Salary in Nigeria 2022

Members of the Nigerian House of Representatives take home a total of One Million, Nine Hundred and Eighty-Five Thousand, Two Hundred and Twelve Naira (N1,985,212) as basic salary per year. Although this figure is actually big, it is nothing compared to the annual allowances which total up to Twenty-three Million, Eight Hundred and Twenty-two Thousand Naira (N23,822,00).

These allowances include money for the constituency, vehicle fueling, and maintenance, newspaper, wardrobe, and others that you will come across as you read on.

Who Determines How Much Reps Members Collect

Interestingly, these very large amounts of money the members of the House of Representatives receive, are not actually determined by them. They are also not determined by the President of the country or his vice.

There is a set body for that. The only part the Lawmakers or the President may have a say in all of that is when it comes to the approval.

The body is known as the Revenue Mobilization, Allocation, and Fiscal Commission (RMOAF).

The agency is the only agency authorized by law to determine how much each member of the House of Representatives receives as a salary per month.

They also determine the allowances too, based on the Remuneration Act set in place in 2007.

Below is a detailed breakdown of the total amounts of money members of the Nigerian House of Representatives Receive. Take your time and check it out.

Complete Breakdown Of The Salary And Allowances

If you by any means get elected to the position of a member of the House of Rep in Nigeria, the following is how much you will be receiving per year. Tighten your seat belt as it’s going to be an exciting ride!

1.) Basic Salary – N1,985,212

This is the basic salary a member of the House of Rep receives in Nigeria per year. The money comprises the monthly salary of N165,434.33 they receive.

With this money, the representative can take care of himself and his family, without giving an account of how he spent it. Just like the normal salary anyone can receive from his place of work.

2.) Allowances – N28,822,000

This amount is the sum of all the allowances received by the members of the Federal House of Representatives in Nigeria. These allowances are:

a.) Vehicle Fueling And Maintenance Allowance

The vehicle fueling and maintenance allowance is given to the lawmakers to enable them to fuel their cars and as well maintain them.

You don’t want to have lawmakers who will be struggling with bus conductors and market women for space in the bus during work hours due to lack of money for fuel or their cars breaking down.

b.) Domestic Staff Allowance

With this allowance, the lawmakers can afford the services of domestic workers and have more time on their hands for work.

c.) Constituency Allowance

This money allows the member of the House of Representatives to carry out small projects within his constituency. It’s unfortunate that this money is hardly used for what it is meant for.
If you go around the country, you can hardly find community projects that are done by these lawmakers.

d.) Personal Assistant Allowance

The personal assistant allowance is given to the members of the House of Rep to enable them comfortably take care of their personal assistants.

From this money, they can pay the assistants, furnish their offices, and ensure they lack almost nothing while carrying out their duties.

e.) Newspaper Allowance

Who needs to know more about the happenings around the country than the lawmakers in that country?

That is the essence of the newspaper/periodicals allowance. It is money given to the lawmakers to enable buy different newspapers of their choice and stay abreast of the happenings in the country.

f.) House Maintenance Allowance

Like the name sounds, the house maintenance allowance is given to lawmakers to enable them to take care of things at home.

They can use the money for rent, buying properties, or anything else they deem fit.

These are the major allowances received by the members of the House of Representatives in the Nigerian National Assembly.

There are other smaller allowances like the wardrobe allowance, estacode allowance, recess allowance, utility allowance, and entertainment allowance.

All these plus the basic salary, make up the huge amounts of money the lawmakers receive per year.

What Do Members Of The House Of Representatives Do?

The Nigerian House of Representatives is the lower arm of the Federal legislature of the National Assembly.

The other chamber that makes up the National Assembly is the Senate.

The chamber is constitutionally responsible for the creation of laws for the promotion of good governance, peace, and order across the Nation.

There are 360 members in the House of Reps elected from the 36 states in the country.

Each is constitutionally empowered to come up with laws that can help the region he is coming from and the entire country in total.

Working side by side with the Senate, members of the House of Representatives in Nigeria ensure that a country is a safe place will peace and order reigns. Without them, the whole country will not have laws to live by.

Although the House of Representatives is only the lower chamber of the National Assembly, the member of the House is well taken care of, just like those of the higher chamber (the Senate).

The government sees to it that their needs are well met, by paying them very large amounts of money as salary and allowances per annum.

As of matter of fact, the members of the Nigerian House of Reps rank among the highest-paid lawmakers across the globe.

When you compare the pay of their counterparts in highly developed countries like the United States and the United Kingdom, you will be so much amazed to see how much the people here pocket per month.

That explains the reason everyone wants to be elected to that position, even when they are the least qualified for it.

Final Statement

The Nigerian Senate and House of Reps combined make up the National Assembly which is the Legislative Arm of Government and their leaders (The Senate President and Speaker of the House) are the 2nd and 3rd in line of succession to the Presidency after the Vice President.

We took time to reveal the exact amount each member of the lower chamber of the NASS receives as a basic salary per year and his total allowances.

That’s a lot of take-homes annually for them if you ask me. So, what do you think of the house of representatives salary in Nigeria? Is their salary too much? Do you think they deserve it? Kindly give a reason for your answer.

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