How to Check Heritage Bank Account Number


If you have forgotten your heritage bank account number and you wish to retrieve it back, this write up contains all the information you need right now.

heritage bank account number

Without having your account number where you can easily access it, you may find it difficult sending or receiving money, purchasing of data bundles and recharging your mobile phone lines.

That is the major reason you must pay a close attention to the information revealed here and learn how to get your account details if you don’t have it stored on your phone or anywhere else.

Though Heritage Bank is not as popular as UBA, Zenith Bank, GTB or even First Bank, the bank has thousands of people banking with them and strives hard to meet the standard being set by other bigger banks.

The bank has many branches within the country to ease off some stress and make their customers happy.

Talking about getting your account number, there are many alternatives you can follow to do that easily.

1.) Code to Check Heritage Bank Account Number

  • With the phone number linked to your bank account, dial *322*030# for first and one time registration
  • Now redial the code again
  • A list of options will be shown on your screen, choose the option that says check account number.
  • Afterwards, a message will be sent to you containing your nuban account number.

Before you could be able to access this code, the phone number you want to use must be linked to the account.

Failure to meet up with this requirement, you will receive an error message.

You can dial this code as many times as you wish but a service charge of 2 naira will be deducted from your network account.

The good news about this option is that it can be accessed with any kind of phone and it demands no internet subscription.

Just make sure you are doing it with the phone number that is linked to the account. The same code can be used to make transfer from your heritage account to any bank account in Nigeria.

2.) Visit the Nearest Branch

You might be wondering why you need to visit any place before you can retrieve your account.

Yes, every bank keeps the details of their customers in their dashboard and so, retrieving your account number won’t be a problem to them at all.

Since this option is the most convenient for you, endeavor to be at the banking hall on time. The bank closes by 4:00 pm but opens at exactly 8 o’ clock in the morning.

Another thing to note is their working days. Their working days are from Monday to Friday.

The only challenge is that you will be asked to provide certain answers to some basic questions.

These questions are what you already know and are familiar to it. You will be asked to provide your full name, your address, the bank at which you opened the account, the phone number you used in opening the account and your date of birth.

If you are able to provide them the accurate answers to those questions, the offline customer care representative will help you retrieve your account number.

I know you might be wondering why you be i before being attended to. If an offline customer care personnel fails to ask you those important questions, I bet you, your account number will be forwarded to another person and that won’t be funny at all.

So do comply with them for the safety of your account. Their contact details are as follows;

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Phone Number: +234 1 236 9000, 0700-HERITAGE
  • Social Media:,,

3.) Check Account Number Online

Perhaps, you are fortunate to own a smart phone and you are much familiar with the Internet, so I think this option is for you.

It is almost the same procedure with the first alternative as listed here.

The only difference is that you will be attended to by an online customer care personnel and it demands the availability of a working network.

You can chat, call or email an online Heritage Bank personnel. The representative will request for details such as

Full name, phone number you used in opening the account, address, branch at which you opened the account and your date of birth.

When you provide them the answers to the questions, the online customer care representative will help you retrieve your account number.

4.) Internet Banking & Mobile App

You most probably have a smartphone and has your bank app installed on it. So just login to it and at the top of the homepage is your account number.

Same thing goes for internet banking. You will see your acc. number at the top of the dashboard immediately you login with correct details.

5.) Bank Account Statement

At the point of registration, you must have filled in your email address as one of your personal details and through it, you will receive a monthly statement of account.

On top of this document is your account number

Final Note

I hope you have through this article know how to get your heritage bank account number using different methods.

The tips listed here are very easy to follow, you don’t even need someone else to help you with it. Simply follow any of them and you will have your account details with you in minutes.

I hope the information here helped you achieve this. Please endeavor to leave a comment in the comment section and let me know how you feel about this post.


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