How to Check Gtbank Account Number ~ Best 7 Methods in 2020


This write up is for those who can’t seems to remember their gtbank account number as it presents all the available means for you to retrieve it and how to use each methods.

how to check gtbank account number

Good news for GTB customers who has lost or misplaced their account number.

If you are a GT bank customer but due to one problem or the other, you couldn’t as a matter of fact, tell how you misplaced your account number and you seriously need to retrieve it, then this article is strictly for you.

Even if you are not opportune to own an Android phone, your interest is included here.
Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) is one of the commercial banks in Nigeria. It has so many customers around the country.

Their ability to retain and maintain their customers shows how dedicated their staff are.

Thanks to that fact, in any part of Nigeria you are living, you can have quality access to them and you will be attended to with all due respect.

The Central Bank of Nigeria, in a bid to make safe people’s account, brought out a NUBAN for all banks in Nigeria to make the people’s account unique and safe.

Since the banks are playing their part in keeping our bank details confidential, why not play your part and save it for future use.

This article will show you how to check and/or retrieve your GTB account number with ease, using different methods.

Ride with me as I take it one at a time

1.) Code to Check Gtbank Account Number

Dial *737*6*1# and you will receive a message that contains your guaranty trust bank account number.

In case you forget your account number and you prefer this alternative, you can dial this variation of gtbank mobile transfer ussd code as many times as you wish to get it back.

The only hindrance to it is when you dial it with a different number, you will receive an error message.

If you want to use this magic banking method, then make sure the Sim card on your phone is linked to the account, else it won’t be a success.

A service fee of 20 naira will be deducted from your network account.

2.) Gtbank Online Chat

  • Visit and click on the online chat tab at the bottom right corner
  • It is an online stuff, so go straight to the point because the online personnel wouldn’t have the whole time in the world to attend to just you
  • Request for your account number to be retrieved for you
  • Take note, you will be asked to provide the following details, your full name, the phone number you used in opening the account, your next of kin, your residential address, the bank branch at which you opened the account and your date of birth
  • Those information are for them to be sure that you own the account, that they won’t reveal your account details to a scammer. I know you wouldn’t want that
  • If you are able to provide them the answers to the above questions, surely the online customer care representative will give you your account number and please save it somewhere safe for future use

3.) Visit the Nearest Gtbank Branch

Gtb has branches in every state, so no worries.

Find out the nearest bank branch and make out time to be there as early as possible.

Remember there working days are from Monday to Friday and from 8 o’ clock to 4 pm, I know you wouldn’t want the security personnel to disgrace and hinder you from entering the banking hall due to your lateness.

The day you decide to retrieve your account number, endeavor to be there on time as it is usually “First come first serve”.

An offline customer care representative is there to assist you do the needful, so don’t beat about the bush because there are people also with the same need.

Just as the online customer care personnel did, the offline personnel will ask you some basic questions for account confirmation.

Questions like your full name and address, date of birth, phone number linked to your account, bank branch at which you opened the account, your next of kin and your residential address.

If you give the personnel the wrong answers, your account number won’t be retrieved but if you provide the right answers, in few minutes the offline personnel will source out your account number. Case closed… It is absolutely free.

4.) Through Mobile App

  • Navigate to Play Store
  • Download gtbank mobile app
  • Register with your account credentials and login
  • Your account number will be displayed on the home screen of the app

5.) Using SMS

Send “MY ACCOUNT” to 08076665555 if you want to know your account number through SMS. Do not include the apostrophe.

This is easy, no cost at all and convenient for any type of phone. You can achieve it using the lowest quality phone.

A message containing your account number will be sent to you immediately, you can count to know the number. It must be ten digit.

6.) Internet Banking

  • Go to
  • Click on login
  • Enter your online banking username /email and password
  • Your account number is at the top left corner of the dashboard.

7.) Statement of Account

Gtbank always sent a pdf file that contains all your cash inflows of the previous month.

Check any of the already downloaded files from your email to get your account number.

Final Note

How to check your gtbank account number will no longer be a problem to you if you adhere and follow any of the above options.

I wish you luck as you wish to retrieve your account number because you might need it any time soon, so save it and be at rest.

Smartphones users with access to the internet should use the mobile app, as it is the best, fastest and safest option while other mobile phone users should use code and sms first.

Do you know that using the code is also one of the ways you can check your gtbank balance? Well, it is.

Let me know if you find this article helpful.


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