Governor Salary in Nigeria ~ Main, Allowances & Total in 2022

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Executives and Legislators are among the most paid in Nigeria and here is a breakdown of a Governor salary in Nigeria right now. This is the right webpage for you. Here, you will learn about the exact amount Nigerian governors take home per year.

Governor Salary in Nigeria

The Main Salary of a Nigerian Governor is 2,225,710 Naira annually. But they also receive a Leave Allowance of 225,371 Naira and a Vehicle Allowance which is 400% of their main salary which is 8,902,840 Naira which makes their total annual take home becomes 11,353,921 Naira.

They also have End of Tenure Gratuity which is 6,671,115 Naira.

Deputy Governor Salary

Deputy Governor’s Main Salary is 2,112,215 Naira and like the Governor they also have a Vehicle Allowance of 8,448,860 Naira, and a Leave Allowance of 211,222 Naira. Their total annual take-home is 10,772,297 Naira.

Secretary To The State Government

The main salary of the Secretary to the State Government (SSG) is 1,337,225 Naira while their vehicle allowance is 5,348,900 Naira, and their Leave Allowance is 133,723 Naira. Their total take-home at the end of the year is 6,819,848 Naira.

They also have a Severance Gratuity of 4,011,675 which they received at the end of their tenure.

Who is a Governor?

Though a governor can also be a leader of a committee that controls an organization or one with a high-ranking profile either in an institution, society, committee, or political party, the term is mostly used today to refer to those who oversee the affairs of a state.

In Nigeria, a governor is highly honored and is bestowed with power and authority to rule over any state or any organization he operates. He is generally seen as a state manager. One who manages and governs a state.

Governors are paid salaries like every other civilian worker in Nigeria. However, their payments come with allowances such as leave allowance, vehicle allowance, house maintenance, food allowance, etc.

Apart from the state governors, the deputy governor, as well as the governor’s secretary, are also paid with allowances. Let’s take a look at what their salaries look like. Below is the breakdown.

How Governors Are Made In Nigeria

A governor can either be elected or appointed by his people. Based on the election, he is being voted for.

Based on appointment he has the right and privilege to govern the people for some specific purpose. He has the power and authority to execute the duties of a governor.

Such a person is known as the acting governor. And this situation only occurs when there is no governor on sit probably due to health issues or even death.

An acting governor is then appointed to serve the remaining tenure until the next election.

The power and authority exercised by governors can not be over-emphasized. However, being a governor entails a lot of responsibilities.

Some of these responsibilities include the formation of new industries which will, in turn, create job opportunities for indigenes of the state, especially the youths. Creating security measures for the state or organization that protects its member from harm.

The governor becomes responsible for the welfare of the people and has regard to the available resources of the state. He gives rules.

Full Duties Of A Governor In Nigeria

The following are some of the duties or responsibilities of a Nigerian Governor:

  • He serves as the chief executive officer of the state.
  • He co-operates and works with the legislature to ensure that the needs of the people are met. Without collaboration with the legislature, the governor will not be able to reach out to the needs of the people adequately.
  • He establishes laws that will guide the indigenes of the state.
  • The governor can influence, alter, amend or criticize decisions made by the state’s legislative bodies.
  • He can sometimes host dignitaries or important personnel from around the country or world in the state.
  • To seek assistance from the president in cases of emergency in the state.
  • In events of crises and chaos, the governor provides and calms the members of the state with information from the federation.
  • He also makes political appointments with other politicians within the states or outside the states.
  • He negotiates with other governors on important matters
  • He also signs bills into law. Serves as chief commander of the state.
  • He serves as the spokesman of the people of the state. He also creates a good image of the state for others.
  • He oversees all the operations of the state executive branch.
  • He also creates new policies and revises or edits old policies that govern the state.

All these roles and many others that are not listed here enable him to govern and rule the state effectively. And this will also earn him respect and recognition among indigenes of the state.

However, being a governor requires some essential qualifications as listed below.

Qualifications For Being A Governor In Nigeria

  • He must be a citizen of Nigeria by birth.
  • He must also be born from a family within the community or state.
  • Must be up to the 35years before he can be considered a contestant for the post of governor.
  • His level of education must be at least a basic nine.
  • He must be of a sound mind, intellectually, verbally, and psychologically.
  • He must also belong to an active political party from whence he gets his sponsor.
  • He must not be a member of any secret cult in and out of the country.
  • He must not be a citizen of another country.
  • Contesting for governorship three times is not acceptable so if he has contested more than twice he is totally unqualified.
  • His records must be checked for criminal offenses. No kidnapper of fraudster or murderer is allowed to contest the post of a state governor.
  • He must be financially stable.

All the above qualities are the criteria needed before anyone is considered for the post of state governor.

Procedures For Becoming A Governor

When qualified, the following procedures are applied. These procedures are steps to undergo in becoming a governor. There are:

1.) You must first belong to a political party. No one contest for governorship on his own. He must be identified within a political party. So registration in any political party is the first thing to be done. He can register in any political party of his choice. Pay the necessary fees. Provide all the necessary requirements needed to be a member of the political party. After which his request is either approved or disapproved. He must also be ready to abide by the rules and regulations of such a political party.

2.) When his intentions are made known to his party, or if they find him fit for the position, then he is nominated by his party to contest for his state governor. He then starts his registration. He registers with INEC providing the necessary requirements or documents.

3.) Getting acquitted with top politicians will be a supportive measure to take. It is important he meets with influential politicians and makes his intentions or plans known to them. They can provide him with ideas or political strategies to help him win over his opponents. They could even support him financially.

4.) He needs to Organize his campaign team. These are capable individuals who will help him plan and achieve a successful campaign. With them, he doesn’t have to worry about his campaign. It is advisable to get people within his locality and state.

5.) During the campaign, he has to be very careful not to make huge promises that will not be fulfilled. He also has to reach out to every community, town, and village within the state.

6.) Next is to anticipate elections.

The following are present governors who have successfully met all the requirements and passed through the procedures and then were able to win the hearts of their people.

Note that a deputy governor can not be voted for unless a governor emerges. What I mean is this, deputy governors are only elected after the governor is been elected.

All the procedures undertaken by the governor are also applicable to the deputy governor as well.

Final Statement

Governors are elected to serve the people as well as be served by the people. However, in cases of death or severe sickness, or impeachment, the lieutenant governor takes over the seat as the acting governor until the next election.

This article covers not only the Governor salary in Nigeria but also definitions of a Governor, the duties of Governors, the steps to take in becoming a Governor as well as present governors and the states they rule in Nigeria.

It also reveals the salaries of the deputy governors and secretaries of the governor, who replace the governor in case of death or impeachment.

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