GoTv Jinja Package Channels List & Price in Nigeria

Among the newly added packages is GoTv Jinja and in this write up i will discuss all you need to know about it from Price in Nigeria right now in 2020, list of channels and when and how it was introduced.

gotv jinja

GoTv is no doubt the most used Pay Tv in Nigeria. It was introduced earlier last decade as a response to Startimes which was sweaping the middle class and low income families market.

Being a subsidiary of Multichoice which also happens to own DsTv and a little effort from their marketing department, they were quick to share the almost captured market by Startimes with them.

One of the ways they were able to do this was with the introduction of bouquets like Jinja that offer good value for money.

GoTv Jinja Channels 2020

  • AfricaMagic Epic
  • Real Time
  • Spice Tv
  • E! Entertainment Tv
  • FOX Life
  • AfricaMagic Hausa
  • AfricaMagic Yoruba
  • AfricaMagic Igbo
  • TVC Entertainment
  • Trybe
  • SuperSport Blitz
  • Select Sports 1
  • Wazobia FM
  • Naija FM
  • Nickelodeon
  • Jim Jam
  • PBS Kids
  • AFRO Music English
  • Sound City
  • Urban Tv
  • Faith
  • Islam Channel
  • Emmanuel Tv
  • Dove Tv
  • Al jazeera
  • Arise News
  • WAP Tv
  • NTA Parliament
  • NTA2
  • Arewa 24
  • Galaxy Tv
  • R2TV
  • Wazobia Tv
  • RAVE
  • Lagos Tv
  • BCOS
  • Tiwa n Tiwa
  • Channels
  • OGtv
  • Liberty Tv
  • AIT
  • NTA News24
  • Silverbird
  • TVC News
  • EBS Tv
  • NTA International
  • ITV Benin

Price of Jinja Bouquet in Nigeria

For 1640 Naira, Jinja subscription will gives you access to 49 channels out of which 2 of them are audio / radio stations.

Jolli Vs Jinja Vs Lite

Jinja subscribers won’t be able to view Televista, Select Sport 2 and 3, CNN International, TNT Africa, B4U Movies, Discovery Family, NatGeo Wild, FOX Life, Disney Junior, Da vinci Kids, MTV Base, Hip Tv, BBC World News, CBS Reality, AfricaMagic Family, ROK 3, ROK 2 than Jolli package users on gotv can view.

Likewise, Jinja users will be able to view AfricaMagic Epic, Real Time, Spice Tv, E! Entertainment, FOX Life, AfricaMagic Hausa, AfricaMagic Yoruba, AfricaMagic Igbo, Select Sport 1, Nickelodeon, PBS Kids, Sound City, Urban Tv, Arise News, Tiwa n Tiwa, RAVE, R2TV while GoTv Lite plan users won’t be.

Lite subscribers on the other hand can view RSTV but Jinja users can’t.

How to Renew Jinja Subscription

The best methods of renewal are, banks mobile applications, internet banking and paga.

History of Jinja Package

On the 10th, December 2019, Multichoice Africa introduce 2 new GoTv packages one of which is Jinja and that increased the total number of available bouquets to 6.

But that led to confusion among the consumers because they new bouquets overlap in price and quality of channels available on them with some of the old packages.

I mean it was hard to choose between them without comparing all the channels available and then looking at the price. This was a bit of stress for an average consumer.

But it seems Multichoice also noticed that and removed Value and Plus packages in June 2020 or maybe that was their plan all along.

This reduced the total number of packages to 4 with 2 of them being the new ones while the other 2 which also happens to be the most expensive and cheapest are the old ones that was left.

Final Note

If you are looking to keep yourself entertained and up to date on global events at a very cheap price as a Go-Tv user then you should consider subscribing to GoTv Jinja subscription.

It doesn’t come with best of the best stations but what you are getting in my own opinion is a great value for the amount you are paying.

If you have anything to add or inquiry to make, do not hesitate to make use of the comment box.

And lastly, if you find this post useful, you are free to share with your friends and family and educate more people today.


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