GoTv Customer Care in Nigeria | Number, Website Email 2020

If you are a Nigerian and a subscriber, you can easily reach out to gotv customer care agents via phone numbers, email, social media profiles etc.

gotv customer care

GoTV is owned and managed by MultiChoice, one of the biggest cable TV service providers in Africa and also the makers of DSTV, another cable TV which is currently seen as the biggest in Africa due to the variety of channels they offer their users.

GoTv is an initiative of the MultiChoice company to make TV cable service affordable to its users.

This will give their customers the opportunity to get entertained and also informed at affordable subscription prices.

As it is now, customer can subscribe for as low as N400 to enter some of the services offered by GoTV.

GoTv Care Nigeria

For one reason or the other, you may wish to contact the GoTV customer service whether as a new customer or as an old one.

The good thing about this is that they are accessible and can be reached easily no matter where you need their services.

There are numerous reasons you may wish to contact the care service line it can be to make an enquiry on how to get a GoTV decoder, how much its costs, how to subscribe to gotv, methods of subscription and payments or the channels available with each subscription plan.

You can also wish to contact the customer care service line to get more information about their products and service or to make complain about any challenge or difficulty you experienced at the course of using their products.

Whatever the reason you may have to contact them, you should be informed that you can easily reach them through the different channels they have which include, through their official telephone number, various social media account, email address or even on their website via their live chat.

As a need customer, you may need the service of the customer care representative during the installation process and payment of subscription while for the old customers, it is when they encounter any difficulties as a result of using the GoTV product.

Should you need any of the services of the GoTV customer service representatives, you can contact them using any of the following channels.

GoTV Website

As a Nigerian, you can start your enquiries about the GoTV products and services by visiting their official website at

On the website, you can start a live chat with any of their available agents to get more information about GoTV.

Customers from other countries like Kenya, Malawi, Zambia, Uganda, etc can select their own country by clicking on the drop-down menu at the top of the website where the countries are listed.

On the GoTV website, customers can get first-hand information about the products and how to use them. They can also get other channels with which they can easily contact their customer care representatives.

Email Address

The use of their email address is another way you can contact their customer care representatives. You can channel all your enquiries, suggestions and complaints via their official email address at

Although, this method is not usually the best way of contacting gotv representative, especially when you need their help urgently.

This is because you might not receive a reply from them as soon as you may want it since they will need to be responding to many emails at a time.

This can be an alternative when you don’t have airtime or data, or if you are unable to get through to them via other channels.

It may take a while but they will definitely respond to your mail.

So you may need to exercise patience when you don’t get their reply as soon as you may want it.

GoTv Customer Care Number

It is 08039044688 and it is so far the best and fastest way you can reach gotv representative to lodge your complaints or make any enquiries. It is available to all networks.

Although the phone line is not toll-free, the good thing is that you are charged the normal call rate like when you call other normal phone lines.

With the GoTv care phone line, you get instant answers to all your question and solutions to all your problem.

Social Media

GoTv also operates various social media accounts where you can contact them.

This is because they too have noticed that there are many people who are very active on social media so it will enable their customers to contact them easily.

Note that you can ask any question bothering you about their products or services.

You can also make suggestions on how you think they can serve their customers better. This will help them improve the quality of the services they offer their customer.

You can contact the their customer care representative on Facebook via or on twitter via their official twitter handle. You can reach them on twitter via

This is actually the most convenient channel to contact them since you can still be attending to personal messages or updates while you wait for their response.

GoTV Office Address

You may, however, wish to visit the GoTV physical address. Their Nigerian head office is at Plot 1381 Tiamiyu Savage street, Victoria Island, Lagos State

Residents of the Lagos highland can easily locate their office to make an enquiry or complain.

You should also know that they have different offices all over the country.

You can always ask for direction to any of their offices nearest to you whenever you contact them through phone calls, email or social media handle.


The USSD method is another way you can get to understand GoTv products and services. You just need to dial 2281# and follow the prompt to select the areas which you need help with.

Through the USSD, there is still an option to be connected to a customer care representative especially when your enquiries or complaints are not among the options.

Final Note

Whenever you need to make any enquiry, complain, suggestion, or get customer care service support do not hesitate to contact GoTv using any of the above mentioned channels.

They are always ready to resolve any issue you may have with their products or services.

We have listed the various ways you can use to contact them so that they can assist you to enjoy their products the best way you can.


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