How to Send Glo Call Me Back Message


Most Nigerians never had to use glo call me back and some just have no idea what it is or that it even exist.

glo call me back

Have you ever been stranded somewhere with no airtime on your phone? Have you ever needed to urgently get in touch with a family member or friend, but didn’t have enough airtime to reach out?

Yes, they can easily use glo borrow me airtime service but what if that has already been used?

If you often find yourself in such a situation, then the information in this article is the perfect solution for you.

Call me back service is a means of communication among customers of telecommunications companies.

Globacom, one of the leading telecoms companies in Nigeria offers over 50 million subscribers on their platform access to this service.

Glo is a Nigerian multinational company that was founded in the year 2003 and is owned by Mike Adenuga.

It has since spread its tentacles to neighbouring African nations like Ghana and Benin republic.

This telecom giant appeared in the Nigerian telecoms scene at a very crucial time.

As of 2003 when it began operations in Nigeria, SIM packs sold for quite a fortune and having a SIM was regarded as a luxury, a profile that was reserved for the wealthy.

They stepped in by selling SIM packs at a much lower rate than before.

Since then, they’ve been fervent in providing their subscribers with amazing services, at little to no cost.

On the list of topnotch services that are enjoyed by their subscribers, the Call Me Back service seems to be at the top. It is one of the most used services on the telecoms network.

Glo Call Me Back Code

The code to send call me back on glo network is *125*recipient’sPhoneNumber#.

Let’s say you want to send this message to the following phone number, 01234567890, you can do that by typing *125*01234567890# and then, the “Send” key.

A confirmation message is usually sent to the sender to inform them if their request was successful or not.

The recipient also receives a notification showing the number of the sender who is requesting a callback.

Why Use Call Me Back Messages?

Imagine that a subscriber on the Globacom network is in a very troubling situation or an emergency.

For instance, a pregnant woman at the point of delivery, a man stranded in the middle of a journey and needs to get directions via phone, or a university student who needs to contact home to request help.

Let’s assume that the people in these situations are short of airtime or call credit, how would they then communicate?

With the help of this service, people can get out of difficult circumstances. It’s a service that can save lives.

Its Working Principle

When a call me sms is sent, the recipient is notified immediately that their attention is needed.

Sending one isn’t as difficult as many think.

Every company uses special codes for sending this messages.

After the appropriate code is entered, it is usually followed by the recipient’s phone number and the hash (#) key.

Some telecoms companies have various call me back options on their menu e.g Call me, Call me back in 20 minutes, call me back in 1 hour, Call me ASAP (as soon as possible), e.t.c.

This way, customers have the opportunity to send Call Me Back messages that specifically outline their needs.

As mentioned above, the codes used to send Call Me Back messages with a Glo line are different from the codes used by other telecoms companies.

This is so because every company wants their services stand out from those of other companies that are their competitors.


1.) Question: Does Glo charge subscribers for using the Call Me Back service?

Answer: No. The Call Me Back service is completely free. There are no charges for them and no deductions from the subsequent line recharge.

2.) Question: Can I send Call Me Back messages to phone lines of a different company?

Answer: No. Call Me Back services only work between phone numbers of the same network.

For instance, a Glo number cannot send a call me back message to a number from another network. This is due to competition, as it pressures users of rival telecom companies to switch operators.

Just as 9mobile call me back services can only be used between 9mobile customers.

3.) Question: Is there a limit to the number of Call Me Back messages I can send per day?

Answer: Yes. This is to ward against the abuse of the service. In addition to this, unlimited access to the service can lead to congestion of the network system.


It is important for subscribers or customers who are not yet aware of the Glo call me back service or how to use the code to take advantage of it and avoid getting caught up in distressful situations.


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