How to Check FCMB Account Number ~ Best 9 Methods


There are numerous ways by which you can retrieve your fcmb account number but in this write up i will be sharing with you the best means to do it.

fcmb account number

Your account number should be kept in a save place where you can always reach out for it in a case of emergency.

1.) Code to Check FCMB Account Number

Dial *329*00# with the phone number registered to your bank account, enter your mobile ussd PIN / last 4 digits of your ATM card and your account number will be sent to you through a message.

Checking your account number using your phone is the easiest method to use. This method is easier and quicker because it requires no internet connection and it works for all phone types.

As soon as you get your account number, copy it out in your diary or you can save it on your phone contact list for quick reference.

Just so you know, this is only one of the numerous functions of fcmb mobile banking ussd code. You can also use it to transfer money and buy credit.

2.) Using Website

You can also retrieve your account number by contacting their customer care online. Of course FCMB offers customer care services online.

All you need to do is get an internet connection device usually a smart phone and;

  • Visit their website (
  • On the website move towards the end of the page, under the SITEMAP you will see different categories of services. They include personal banking, business banking, corporate banking, group and subsidiaries, about us, my bank and I.
  • Navigate to personal banking. Under it you will find some topics which includes; current accounts, saving account, investment, loans and credit cards, non-resident Nigerian banking, ways to bank.
  • Click on savings accounts. Write down your request you will receive a message containing your account details.

3.) Using Social Media

  • Login into your Facebook or Twitter account
  • Navigate to fcmb page
  • Make a request for your account number
  • You will be asked to provide your name and the phone number you used to register the account
  • Your details will be verified by the customer care agent
  • Your account number will be sent to you in a short time

4.) Using Mobile App

You can also retrieve your account number via mobile app.

With this application you can perform other banking services like paying of electricity, DSTV and water bills, data subscription, ATM card blocking, cheque book request, ATM card re-issuance, etc.

To check your account number using this application, here’s what to do.

  • Go to your app store and download fcmb mobile app
  • Register the app and login with your details
  • Open the application and go to manage account.
  • Select account number, you will see your account number written on the page.

5.) Visit the Nearest Branch

Another way to retrieve your account number is by going to the nearest branch of fcmb close to you.

In case you are unable to use any of the methods that have been discussed earlier or you don’t have access to phone at the moment the best thing to do is visit the nearest bank branch close to you.

Ask for their customer care agent at the banking hall. Ask for your account number. You may be asked the following question by the customer care agent; account name, phone number, date of birth.

Whichever question you are asked be sure to give the current information. Once your details are verified, your account number will be given to you.

6.) Call Customer Care Centre

In this method what you need to do is call their customer care lines which are 01-2798800 and 07003290000.

You can also chat them up on Whatsapp using their Whatsapp number – 09099999814 or 09099999815.

You will be asked to provide details on your account like your date of birth, account name, phone number

Your account number will be sent to you as soon as your details are verified and confirmed.

7.) Using Email Address

To check your account number using an email which is the customer service email address is very simple.

Just send a message from your email address to their email – requesting for your account details.

Give correct answers to the questions you will be asked. Your account number will be sent to you via your email address.

8.) Internet Banking

If you have registered for internet banking, just navigate to the platform and login with your username / email and password.

On the dashboard is your account number.

9.) Account Statement

All banks including fcmb send out email at the beginning of the month which contains information about your credit and debit of the previous month.

At the top of this statement is your account number.

Final Note

This write up reveals the several methods you can use to check your fcmb account number right away.

The best, fastest and easiest way is to use code but that is only if you do not have a copy of your account statement on your phone already. Using the code is also one of the fastest ways to check the balance on your fcmb account in Nigeria.

Mobile and Internet banking is another straight forward way to check it.

As soon as you get your account number write it down in a save place. I hope this article was useful.


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