DStv Yanga vs DStv Padi: Price and Channels Comparison

DStv Padi and DStv Yanga are the two cheapest DStv packages available today and this article is a comparison between the two using their price in Nigeria and a list of channels available on them.

DStv Yanga vs DStv Padi Using Price in Nigeria

The price of the DStv Yanga package in Nigeria today is N3,500 Naira while the price of DStv Padi package today is N2,500 Naira. There is a N1,000 Naira price difference between the two packages.

DsTv Yanga vs DsTv Padi

DStv Yanga vs DStv Padi Based on Channels

ChannelsDStv Yanga PackageDStv Padi Package
B4U Movies (Channel 451)YesYes
Africa Magic Epic (Channel 152)YesNo
eMovies  (Channel 138)YesYes
TNT Africa (Channel 137)YesNo
M-Net Movies 4 (Channel 108)YesNo
Africa Magic Family (Channel 154)YesNo
Africa Magic Hausa (Channel 156)YesYes
ROK 2 (Channel 169)YesNo
eToonz  (Channel 311)YesYes
Cloud Plus (Channel 294)YesYes
Trybe (Channel 195)YesYes
Televista (Channel 194)YesYes
POP Central (Channel 189)YesNo
Zee World (Channel 166)YesNo
ROK GH (Channel 164)YesNo
Maisha Magic Bongo (Channel 160)YesNo
Africa Magic Igbo (Channel 159)YesYes
Africa Magic Yoruba (Channel 157)YesYes
Real Time (Channel 155)YesNo
E! Entertainment (Channel 124)YesNo
TeleMundo (Channel 118)YesYes
Maisha Magic POA (Channel 144)YesNo
Big Brother Naija (Channel 198)YesNo
Maisha Magic East HD (158)YesNo
Spice TV (Channel 190)YesYes
NTA 2 (Channel 369)YesYes
Sunna TV (Channel 351)YesYes
WAP TV (Channel 262)YesYes
Arewa 24 (Channel 261)YesYes
OGTV (Channel 260)YesYes
Wazobia Max (Channel 259)YesYes
Galaxy TV (Channel 258)YesYes
ONMAX (Channel 257)YesYes
LAGOS TV (Channel 256)YesYes
MiTV (Channel 255)YesYes
AIT (Channel 253)YesYes
SILVERBIRD (Channel 252)YesYes
NTA I (Channel 251)YesYes
SABC 3 (Channel 193)YesYes
Mindset (Channel 319)YesYes
PBS Kids (Channel 313)YesNo
Jim Jam (Channel 310)YesYes
Disney Junior (Channel 309)YesNo
Cbeebies (Channel 306)YesNo
Nickelodeon (Channel 305)YesNo
 e Movies Extra (Channel 140)YesYes
AFRO Music English (Channel 326)YesYes
URBAN TV (Channel 328)YesYes
Sound City (Channel 327)YesNo
TRACE Naija (Channel 325)YesYes
HIP TV (Channel 324)YesNo
MTV base (Channel 322)YesNo
TV Mundial (P) (Channel 680)YesYes
Emmanuel TV (Channel 390)YesYes
Dominion TV (Channel 352)YesYes
Lumen Christi (Channel 350)YesYes
Dove TV (Channel 349)YesYes
Eternal Word Television Network (Channel 348)YesYes
ISLAM CHANNEL (Channel 347)YesYes
SBN (Channel 345)YesYes
TBN (343)YesYes
Day Star (Channel 342)YesYes
FAITH (Channel 341)YesYes
Joy News (Channel 421)YesYes
Channels (Channel 420)YesYes
NTA News 24 (Channel 419)YesYes
TVC News Nigeria (Channel 418)YesYes
Africanews (Channel 417)YesNo
Arise News (Channel 416)YesYes
EuroNews (Channel 414)YesNo
CGTN News (Channel 409)YesNo
Newzroom Afrika (Channel 405)YesNo
SABC News (Channel 404)YesNo
BBC World News (Channel 400)YesYes
Al Jazeera (Channel 406)YesNo
News Central (Channel 422)YesYes
China Movie (415)YesNo
SS Football Nigeria (Channel 205)YesNo
SS Blitz Nigeria (Channel 200)YesYes
NatGeo Wild (Channel 182)YesYes
Discovery Family HD (Channel 136)YesNo
POP Central (Channel 189)YesNo
RTPi (P) (Channel 525)YesNo
CGTN Documentary (Channel 448)YesNo
Deutsche Welle (Channel 446)YesNo
TV5 Monde Afrique (Channel 437)YesNo
NHK (Channel 431)YesNo
RAI International (Channel 430)YesNo
Plus TV Africa (Channel 408)YesNo
Citi TV (Channel 363)YesNo
Wasafi TV (Channel 296)YesYes
K24 (Channel 275)YesYes
NDTV 24×7 (Channel 413)YesNo

There are 40 more channels on DStv Yanga than there are on DStv Padi packages even though the difference in their monthly subscription is less than 1000 Naira.

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