DsTv Yanga Package Price in Nigeria & List of Channels

Multichoice Africa has reshuffled, added and removed bouquets in the past 7 months and one of the recently added ones is DsTv Yanga whose list of channels in 2020, price per month and comparison with the packages directly above and below it will be discussed in the write up.

dstv yanga

So, let me start from the beginning.

Before December 2019, there are 5 packages available for dstv users to subscribe to.

But on the 10th of the last month of the Year, the Pay Tv giant introduced 3 new bouquet increasing it to total of 8 to choose from.

Then, something interesting happen.

The new packages overlapped with some of the existing ones and that get lot of subscribers confused and furstrated.

Which was why i compared the new ones with the existing ones directly above and below them.

But then, some days ago in June 2020, they decided to remove Family and Access packages which have been existing for years and i have to come up with this write up to explain things to you.

Over the course of all these changes, stations are being added and removed from each packages but things seems to be stable now.

The following are the list of stations you will be viewing when you subscribe to Yanga.

DsTv Yanga Channels 2020

1.)E! Entertainment124
2.)FOX Life126
3.)Africa Magic Family154
4.)Africa Magic Hausa156
5.)Africa Magic Yoruba157
6.)Africa Magic Igbo159
7.)ROK 3164
8.)ROK 2169
11.)M-NET Movies 4108
12.)Africa Magic Epic152
13.)B4U Movies451
15.)EVA +142
16.)Zee World166
17.)SuperSport Blitz200
18.)SuperSport Football205
19.)BBC World News400
20.)Al Jazeera406
21.)CGTN News409
23.)CNC World415
24.)Arise News416
25.)Discovery Family HD136
26.)Real Time155
27.)Fashion One178
28.)NatGeo Wild182
29.)Spice TV190
30.)POP Central189
31.)MTV Base322
32.)HIP TV324
33.)AFRO Music English326
34.)Sound City327
35.)URBAN TV328
36.)Ebony Life TV165
37.)NTA I251
42.)LAGOS TV256
44.)Wazobia Max259
46.)Arewa 24261
47.)WAP TV262
48.)NTA 2369
49.)NTA Parliament370
50.)TVC News Nigeria418
52.)Disney Junior309
53.)Jim Jam310
54.)PBS Kids313
57.)Day Star342
62.)Eternal Word Tv Network348
63.)Dove TV349
64.)Lumen Christi350
65.)Emmanuel TV390
66.)TV Mundial (P)680
67.)Maisha Magic East HD158
68.)Maisha Magic Bongo160
69.)eTV Africa250
71.)Adom TV280
72.)Cloud Plus294
73.)Wasafi TV296
74.)Fiesta TV329
75.)Trace Jama333
76.)SABC News404
77.)Newzroom Afrika HD405
78.)Africa News417
79.)Joy News421
80.)NDTV 24×7413
82.)TV5 Monde Afrique437
83.)Deutsche Welle446
84.)CCTV 4447
85.)CGTN Documentary448
86.)CGTN French449
87.)CCTV Entertainment480
88.)China Movie Channel481
89.)Shanghai Dragon TV482
90.)Hunan TV483
91.)Zhejiang TV484
92.)Phoenix News & Entertainment485
93.)RTPi (P)525
94.)BBC World Service English850
95.)BBC World Radio 2851
96.)BBC African Languages852
97.)Voice of America853
98.)World Radio Network854
99.)Channel Islam Internationale865
100.)Radio France Internationale866
104.)TransAfrica Radio872

Price of Yanga Subscription in Nigeria

For N2565 Naira per month, Yanga package gives you access to 104 DsTv stations out of which 11 are Radio / Audio.

How to Pay for Yanga Bouquet

The best method to renew your Yanga subscription is by going to quickteller.com/dstv. Other methods are bank mobile app, internet banking, Paga and ATM.

Confam Vs Yanga Vs Padi

So you don’t know if you should add money and go for Confam or deduct small and downgrade to Padi.

Apart from the amount you have to pay, the number and quality of stations are the other determinants.

There are some stations on Confam that Yanga subscribers doesn’t have access to. Such as; BBC Lifestyle |174|, Food Network |175|, SuperSport La Liga |204|, SuperSport Variety 3 |208|, SuperSport Variety 4 |209|, ESPN |218|, BET |129|, CBS Reality |132|, FOX |125|, M-Net City |115|, Universal TV |117|, EVA |141|, Star Life |167|, TNT Africa |137|, CNN International |401|, Boomerang |302|, Cartoon Network |301|, Cbeebies |306|, Da Vinci Learning |318|, Trace Gospel |332|

But when you are on Yanga, there are no stations that confam subscribers doesn’t also have access to. Remember it is 2050 Naira cheaper than Confam.

But if you are trying to pick between Yanga and Padi with just 715 Naira differences. Here is the breakdown.

Yanga has some stations that Padi users does not have access to, such as; Discovery Family, Fashion One, Real Time, SuperSport (10, 9,7), CGTN, Al Jazeera, Euronews, PBS Kids, Nickelodeon, Disney Junior, POP Central, Hip TV, MTV Base, Sound City, ONMAX, Ebony Life Tv, Wasafi TV, SBN, TV5 Monde Afrique, CCTV 4, News and Entertainment, RAI International, Shanghai Dragon TV, Zhejiang TV, RTPi (P), NDTV 24×7, CCTV Entertainment, CGTN Documentary, CGTN French, China Movie Channel, Deutsche Welle, Hunan TV,Clouds Plus, Newzroom Afrika, AfricanMagic Family, Fox Life, Rok2, Rok3, E! Entertainment, Zee World, Eva+, Telemundo, AM Epic, M-Net Movies Zone, SABC News, Maisha Magic Bongo, Maisha Magic East, Missing Dominion TV, Phoenix.

While Padi has no channel that you will not also find on Yanga.

Meaning even though the difference in their price is so small, Yanga is way better than Padi.

Final Note

There are over 104 stations available for you to choose from and they cut across entertainment, sports, music, documentary, religion and many more.

This is the package that replaced Access but cost a little bit more which i think it’s really worth it.

If you are the type that doesn’t watch much because you are busy or not always home, then this might be the bouquet for you.

You have enough music channels, entertainment and News channels to keep your entertained and updated on global events when you are less busy.

If you want to enjoy more entertainment, maybe you should consider upgrading to compact subscription for more channels than what Yanga is offering you.

What do you think of the new packages and does DsTv Yanga in your own opinion a better replacement for Access? Let us know what you think in the comment box.


39 thoughts on “DsTv Yanga Package Price in Nigeria & List of Channels”

  1. Alfred Simon Ngbale

    I subscribed the Access Package last night through online MasterCard payment but up to now my decoder have not been activated. Even after sending me a success message promised me that it will take just two hours before activation yet nothing new happened.

  2. It’s a day before Christmas and I really needed to make a choice – the DStv website was absolutely futile in it’s effort, so I am super grateful for this article !!! Problem solved!!!.

  3. Muhammad Usman Dalvin

    I honestly think that Dstv made a mistake somewhere for thinking that people would pay more for less.
    I compared the two packages side by side and I quite agree with you that Access bouquet has more channels.
    Think I’d stay put where I am than make the switch.


    no sport station was added. nothing new to me, i would rather stick to my access. Afterall how much time do I have to watch TV.

  5. DStv did not seek my consent just went ahead and migrated my package from Access to DStv yanga why nah?

  6. Ihuoma Anselem Iheayorochi

    I subscribe the yanga package, am yet to see the stations listed non of the stations are showing.

    1. When did you subscribe and is it all stations that are showing? Trying switching to AM Yoruba (157) and leave it there till it shows and check if the others are now also showing.

  7. Ihekuna Chidiebere

    I was asked to pay for N2500 on my Dstv package and get two months free viewing but unfortunately my wife paid through one of the vendors who credited our account with N2400 instead of N2500. How do I pay the N100 shortfall. And do I still stand the chance of still getting the promo since today is the last day of the offer.

  8. Tari Tizhe Dlama

    In order to make the yanga station much attractive, I suggest you add more movies stations like M-net movies channel 110.

  9. Good initiative! But i think the stations are almost the same even with the few new additional ones. You could add something a bit unique like M-net movies channels 110, 111 or 112 and T&T 137 including more sports channels, just to make it add more value too. Please let’s get more value for our patronage and thank you very much for the service providing

  10. Enderson Nnamdi Mazambulous

    Yanga is great and excellent but adds CNBC Africa and Vuzu TV TV Mozambique they’re African channels .
    Is it possible to pay for extra 2 channels of choice to add to my yanga bouquet.
    Sincere Thanks.

  11. Peter emegbagha

    Am absolutely not satisfied with what Dstv did seriously, how can you guys just upgrade the subscription fee and expert people to be happy, please that yanga package should have at least supersport 4,7,8,9 and 10 just for football lovers…that is my main reason for subscribing my Dstv

  12. I paid today for DSTV access Extra today #2250 through online but up til now is not showing the ask me to paid another 1650 for yanga package after I paid 2250 why?

  13. I think I better go back to access since the main reason why i upgraded to yanga is removed (channel 167) no need for paying extra amount again since we only watch it at the evening time precisely 7pm or 8pm. Thanks but no thanks because u really cause me pain yesterday when I notice it because I wouldn’t have subscribe this month at all. 😞

  14. why is CNN not on Yanga, how much do i pay to watch CNN. this is totally unfair. i prefer my access family bouquet.

  15. Yanga is nonsense. DSTV increase the rate for our DSTV Access and promised we will hav more channels. What do you have more if you dont have CNN, SS7 and the regular one week SS3 channels you enjoy when you pay earlier than expiry date each month!!!

    this is pure rip off

  16. I subscribed yanga unfortunately some of the channels in the list are not available. Example channel 346
    Pls look into it

  17. I hope one can switch and subscribe to any package at wish without any problem viewing it or do one need to call contact agent again?

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