DsTv Vs Netflix ~ Prices & Features Comparison 2020

So DsTv vs Netflix right? You want to know if to go for pay tv giant in Africa or the streaming service king across the globe. Well, let’s find out.

dstv vs netflix in nigeria

It is somewhat difficult to choose between the two right? I know, because i have been there or maybe i am still there. Okay, to be honest, i find myself having to make this decision almost every month.

Why? Because, they offer almost different service. DsTv is a Pay Tv service while Netflix is a subscription video on demand streaming service.

For the sake of the write up, i will be comparing the best dstv can offer which is the Premium bouquet and the Premium plan on Netflix.

So, guys where should we start? Okay, i think we should start with the requirements needed for both platforms which i will assume you already have.

Then, i will talk about the monthly subscription for their best services.

Which will take us to the advantages each of them has over one another and where each of them fell short.

I will then talk about the on-going arrangement between the two to make this kind of decision even much more easier.

DsTv Vs Netflix

TelevisionYes, Any TypeSmart Tv
LaptopNoYes, to replace a Tv
SmartphoneYes, For dstv nowYes, In place of Tv and laptop
Expert HelpYes, At no extra feesNo. Just sign up, pay and watch
Premium Prices16,200 Naira4,400 Naira
Lowest Fees1,850 Naira2,900 Naira
MoviesYesYes, more than 3700
SeriesYesYes, more than 2100
Internet AccessYes, only for Now & ShowMaxYes, uncapped preferred.

Getting Started with Netflix – Requirements

To watch and enjoy your time with netflix, you need at least a mid range smartphone but i will actually preferred you get yourself a smart Tv or a laptop that’s great for media consumption.

A mid-range smartphone from the likes of Xiaomi’s Redmi line and Samsung’s A series will cost you between 60,000 Naira to 120,000 Naira.

Good Smart Tv on the other hand depending on the brand, display size and specs will cost you between 80,000 – 120,000 Naira.

If you want to use a laptop, you can get a good one for media between 150,000 – 250,000 Naira running windows 10 and at least core i3 and 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD.

Also, you will need a very fast internet connection preferably with an unlimited subscription; i mean an uncapped plan.

Talking about fast access to the internet, Spectranet, Smile and wifi.com.ng comes to my mind.

I know i did said you need unlimited subscription if you want to really enjoy Netflix but it’s actually not compulsory if you can subscribe to higher plans from local networks such as mtn, airtel, 9mobile and glo.

However, you can check out the spectranet data bundles above 10,000 Naira, they have unlimited night plan for free but they only operate in 4 cities in Nigeria (Ibadan, Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt).

In fact, the 10,235 Naira plan is the spectranet subscription that i have been using for more than a year now.

So, when i subscribe to netflix, what i do is to select as much movies as possible to download between 1am – 8am (free unlimited night with spectranet). This is what i will watch for 2 to 3 days before i had to do that again.

wifi.com.ng on the other hand offers unlimited internet access for 12,500 Naira but you need a one time set up fee of 37,000 Naira. And they are only in Lagos and Ogun state.

If these 2 internet providers are not in your state or city, you will have no choice but to pay for a much more heavy plans from the local networks.

You might also need a VPN, if you intend to see movies and series that isn’t available for your region or country (in this case, Nigeria). I have seen trusted YouTubers continuously recommend Surf Shark and Nord, so those might be the 2 you want to check out.

Like i said, i assume you already get the most important requirement. Which is.

One of smartphone or smart tv or a laptop and fast internet network with big data volume. You most probably won’t need a vpn.

Getting Started with DsTv – Things you Need

You will need a dstv decoder; which can be the hd decoder (most popular) or the explora decoder which comes with some cool features you might not want to miss.

With installation and all accessories needed, you will get the hd decoder for 15,000 – 20,000 Naira and the explora decoder for 65,000 – 70,000 Naira depending on your location in the country.

You need a Tv, i will recommend at least a 32 inch. If picture quality is important to you, go for Samsung and LG if sound is your priority. They are both great in both aspect though.

If you are looking for something that offers what Samsung and LG both have but at a cheaper price, you should check out Hisense and TCL.

A normal flat screen Tv with 32 inch display from any of the above brand is between 40,000 Naira to 90,000 Naira. If i were you, buying a Tv right now, i most probably will go for a smart Tv.

If you don’t have stable power supply in your area, your dstv subscription might end up being a waste of money. So take note of that. Meaning you might want to get a generator as an alternative source of power supply.

Monthly Subscription

You can get the cheapest subscription on dstv for less than 2000 Naira and the most expensive package (which is the Premium plan) costs 16,200 Naira. They have 4 other packages in between them that varies in price and channels.

With dstv premium plan, you get access to over 160 channels which ranges from sports, news & commerce to documentary, music etc.

The premium plan also comes with free showmax subscription (more on this later).

Netflix on the other hand, has 3 plans which ranges from 2900 Naira for basic to 4400 Naira for premium and the good thing is you can now pay in Naira with your debit card. So, you don’t have to worry about exchange rate.

Netflix packages differs in video quality and how many devices you can watch it on.

For example, Basic offers SD quality and 1 device, standard Full HD (1080p) quality on 2 devices at the same time and premium allows you to stream at 4k quality and on 4 devices at the same time but you can actually have up to 6 accounts registered.

Yes, it seems Netflix wins here but when you consider how much data you need, then things started going up.


Having discuss what you need to get started with the two services and how much their subscription costs on a monthly basis. Now it is time to talk about their strenght and weakness.

With almost 6000 movies, series and documentaries on Netflix that are available for you to choose from anytime you want. It is hard for dstv to compete here.

In case you don’t understand the Pros here, you can never be bored with pool of movies to watch and you get to choose what you want to watch. Isn’t that amazing.

Unlike dstv that repeat movies even on Premium subscriptions and with no control over what you can watch.

DsTv though has numerous channels you can switch to from M-Net channels to Africa Magic and some other stations such as Ebony Life and you most of the time will enjoy them.

But you will agree with me that having the freedom to choose what and watch anytime you want makes paying for Netflix worth your while.

Netflix doesn’t seems to be competing with just DsTv here, they might be going after cinema houses too.

Before, they allow creators especially Local, to launch in cinema for couple of weeks before they acquire the movies and the likes of Sugar Rush and Merry Men comes to mind.

But these days, the acquisition is directly before production ends and the likes of Lion Heart by Genevieve and Mokaliki by Kunle Afolayan comes to mind.

Sports, News & Music

This is where dstv shine like a diamond. Infact, before Netflix shows up in Nigeria or Africa as a whole, people are already tired of dstv but majority still subscribe because of sport.

No other satellite tv on the continent can touch them on this right now. SuperSport brings all sport to your door step from English premier league, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga to Italy Serie A, Wrestling, Cricket, Champions League, Europa League etc.

Since Netflix isn’t offering any of this, yet. It means numerous sport enthusiast are still going to choose dstv over them.

The best you can do really, since if you are using netflix you subscribe to high data, you can watch highlights on supersport channel on YouTube and that isn’t going to cut it for most people.

When it comes to News too, dstv wins here because you will be having access to the likes of CNN, BBC, Aljazeera, Fox News and CNBC, Bloomberg, CGTN for your global and financial news and update and netflix isn’t in this space either (at least for now).

Same with music with 24 / 7 access to sound city, trace and mtv base, you are good to go.

But again, when it comes to News, most of these networks have their own YouTube and Instagram channels where you can subscribe or follow to get updated without having to sit in front of your Tv everyday and if you ask me a lot of people actually preferred that.

And for music, most people that can afford to get dstv or netflix have a smartphone and most probably subscribe to one of Apple music or Youtube Music already.

But the point is that with dstv, you get all of them at a single place and for a single subscription. Which is much more convenient. Then the likes of Kids and religion channels comes in.

DsTv Now, ShowMax & Netflix

DsTv also offers streaming services; dstv now and showmax.

DsTv now is just like an extension of your subscription. You can only stream what you have access to on your current dstv plan.

ShowMax on the other hand is a stand alone service which offers local and international movies and series on demand. It is something similar to Netflix

Why am i talking about it then, if it is a stand-alone service? Well, it is currently bundled with dstv premium. Meaning if you subscribe to premium, you also get full access to showmax.

On showmax, you can watch HBO series such as Game of Thrones, Billions, Ballers etc which aren’t available on Netflix for now.

Showmax Pro allows you to stream any supersport channels too.

Netflix & Prime Video on DsTv

As at the time of publishing this write up, dstv is currently in an on going negotiation to have Netflix and Amazon’s Prime Video as an add-on on their platform.

While dstv will send their already huge subscribers to both of them, they both will pay dstv an agreed percentage depending on what the subscribers they sent to them stream on both platforms.

It is still too early to be sure how this will go down at the end and if a deal will be reached.

But what i think they are proposing isn’t something new, it’s an arrangement that has been made in the UK and some other European countries with their own version of satellite Tv.

With this development, you can easily subscribe to dstv and probably base on your plan, you can choose if you want to add Netflix or Prime Video or both and i think it will make having access to the trio easier, cheaper and convenient.

However, you are going to need to buy a new explora decoder that dstv hasn’t made available yet.

The current decoders doesn’t support the technology that can handle what we are talking about here.

And i am guessing that Explora will be much more expensive than the current one.

Final Note

At the end of the day, the battle of dstv vs netflix depends on the individual consumers and what they want at that particular moment.

If what you want is access to wide range of series and movies both old and new, local and international, then Netflix is your best bet.

However, if your priority is sports and news, then you should go for dstv. You won’t even need Premium for this as compact plus shows all the major sports you need and you also get almost all the top rated news networks in the world on it.

Personally, there are months that i settle for just Netflix and there are some that i settle for dstv and i have some that i subscribe to both.

So like i said earlier, it really do boils down to you personally and what your priority is at that moment.

But i am looking forward to the outcome of the talk going on between netflix, dstv and prime video. I really do think whatever they comes up with will be a great offer for the consumers.

Yes, it will means you can now wacth or get netflix on dstv. Cool, Right?

Do you think i miss anything or you have something of your own to add. Do not hesitate to use the comment.

If you find this write up informative, share it with your friends and family and let’s educate more people on this topic.


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