DsTv Subscription in Nigeria ~ Packages Prices & How to Pay

As at the time of publishing this, there are 6 dstv subscription in total you can subscribe to and i will explain everything you need to know about each of these packages and also list different payment gateways you can use to renew.

dstv subscription

Digital Satellite Television (DsTv) is the most used Pay Tv not just in Nigeria but also in the entire Africa continent as a whole.

Why is that? You may ask.

Well, the answer is simple.

They understand their customers, know what they want and simply give it to them.

DsTv provides you with array of stations on each of their bouquets which ranges from entertainment to sports, news, documentary etc.

This gives their customers different options to choose from which will depend on their preferences and how much they can pay.

Inside this write up, you will learn about all the different method of payment for renewing dstv as well as all the plans available.

DsTv Subscription Prices 2020

  • Padi: N1850 per 30 days
  • Yanga: N2565 Every Month
  • Confam: N4615 every month
  • Compact: N7900 per month
  • Compact Plus: N12,400 every 30 days
  • Premium: 18,400 Naira per month

Padi Package

This is the cheapest dstv bouquet right now and it comes with some interesting channels for just 1850 Naira every month.

Access Package

This plan has been removed.

  • Price: N2000
  • Validity: 30 Days
  • Number of Channels: 91

This is the cheapest of all the plans available for dstv users in Nigeria.

It comes with some great channels but most of the major channels in each categories are missing.

Talking of missing Fox News, Super Sport 3 (Premier League Channel), 5 and 6 (UEFA UCL Channels), CNN, MTV Base, M-Net etc.

I personally subscribe to this bouquet myself once in a while in months that i know i will be super busy. Channels like BBC, CGTN, Africa Magic Yoruba, Trybe, TRACE Naija are always okay for me during this period.

There are other great channels there but those are just the ones i switch to in months that i am busy with work.

Yanga Plan

  • Price: N2565
  • Validity: 30 Days
  • Number of Channels: 108

This is one of the newly added bouquet which became active on December 1st 2019. It is 500 Naira more expensive than Access.

Trust me, i think you will enjoy your 500 Naira because of these 5 channels they included in this package. They are Africa Magic Epic, ROK 2, Ebony Life, MTV Base and Real Time.

If you still choose access over this package, then i think you are loosing more just because of 500 Naira.

Family Package

This plan has been removed

  • Price: N4000
  • Validity: 30 Days
  • Number of Channels: 121

These gives you access to some channels that subscribers of the 2 cheaper bouquet doesn’t have access to but you still doesn’t get Fox News, Ebony Life (though available on Yanga), Super sport 3, 5, 6 meaning no live premier league and UCL for you.

But then you will enjoy channels like MTV Base, CNN, ROK3, ROK2, majority of the AM stations and some M-Net channels.

If you ask me, i will say it is a good value for money.

Comfam Plan

  • Price: N4615
  • Validity: 30 Days
  • Number of Channels: 125

This is another newly added bouquet late last year.

It has almost the same combination of channels as the family package.

The only stations major stations available here that’s not on family is BET (at least in my own opinion). Others are TNT and Da Vinci.

So if those 3 channels are worth extra 500 Naira to you, then you can simply go for Confam package instead of Family.

Compact Package

  • Price: N7900
  • Validity: 30 Days
  • Number of Channels: 168

This package gives you access to Super Sport 3, meaning you can watch live premier league matches. However, you still will not be able to view live UCL matches as this plan doesn’t allow you to see SS 5 and 6.

There are lot of movie channels to choose from as well as News and Commerce stations.

Compact is simply one of the best bouquet you can subscribe into. It is a great value for the amount you are paying for it compare to other bouquet and other Pay Tv in Nigeria.

Compact Plus Package

  • Price: N12,400
  • Validity: 30 Days
  • Number of Channels: 176

If you have a viewing center or you are looking forward to have one, compact plus is the plan you will have to subscribe to. It has all the super sport channels and show almost all matches no matter the country they are playing it.

If there is a match you can’t watch on this plan, then no dstv users can also watch it. It simply means they do not have right to show it.

Other than sport, there are other couple great channels you will enjoy among them are Crime Investigation Network, Discovery Channel, AM Show Case, Lifetime Entertainment etc.

All the M-Net, ROK and Eva channels are at your finger tip if you subscribe to this bouquet.

Premium Package

  • Price: N18,400
  • Validity: 30 Days
  • Number of Channels: 187

This is the most expensive plan available for dstv subscribers in Nigeria. It covers everything you ever wish for when it comes to entertainment, sports, politics, news, commerce, documentary, music etc.

There is nothing you are looking for that you won’t find here.

How to Subscribe to DsTv in Nigeria ~ Methods of Payment

Make sure you decoder is switched On and on channel 157 (Africa Magic Yoruba) before you subscribe for fast restoration of viewing.

How to Activate After Payment

Text RA Smart_Card_Number to 30333 as sms to activate your subscription after payment.

How to Check Due Date

To check your subscription due date, text RA smart_card_number to 30333.


Above are every bit of information you need when it comes to dstv packages and subscriptions in Nigeria. It include the complete review and comparison of each and every one of the available plans and their prices in Naira.

You also get to know different method of payment and also how to activate your subscription immediately after you made your payment. Inside is also how to check when it will expire.

Obviously, you must be a owner of dstv decoder to even think about subscribing to one of these plans. SO if you do not have one, you can easily get one in your vicinity.

If there is any piece of information that you think is missing in this write up, kindly call our attention to it in the comment. If you enjoy this article, please share it with your family and friends on facebook, twitter, whatsapp etc.


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