DsTv Prices in Nigeria ~ Types of Decoder & Current Amount

You will learn about dstv prices for all the types of decoder available in Nigeria right now in 2020 and more in this write up. First, let’s digress a little and try to brief you about couple of things.

dstv prices in nigeria

You must have at one point or the other heard that the world is a global village but most people attribute it to the way social media or let me say the internet as a whole has connected the whole wide world together easily.

But since i think differently from most people, i believe internet isn’t the only reason we have been so much closer together.

Yes, i know you are asking why right now! So permit me to explain myself.

Satellite / Pay Television like DsTv, GoTv, TsTv, Startimes etc had gradually been connecting us together for a very long time just like the radio and newspaper. They made the connection so easy and transparent when social media came along but i will admit social media did more than all of the aforementioned combined when it comes to connecting the people.

Most people think social media giants like YouTube and Facebook might send pay tv packing in some years to come while some think the internet based streaming services like Netflix will be the ones to do that and maybe their combination.

By the way i recently published a post that compared in detail both netflix and dstv based on my own personal experience.

But you know what? I think both can’t do that in so many years to come.

You won’t ask me why? Well i will tell you either you ask or not.

One thing! Yes, just one thing. It is cheap than both the internet and social media for the types of content they offer.

I mean you are probably going to spend more on data / subscription in viewing remnant videos of channels like CNN on YouTube than paying for a Pay Tv subscription.

And if you are mentioning Netflix and its like (i mean Video on Demand – VOD), you will agree with me that channels like AMC and Ebony Life have exclusive movies and series that you may also not find on cinema or streaming based services.

Now if you go the way of streaming, you might have to be paying for a bunch of them monthly when you can just pay little for satellite Tv and enjoy your day.

Talking of entertainment, sports still remain one of the major reasons Nigerians or maybe Africans as a whole pay for subscription and Pay Tv still gives better offer, approach and satisfaction than both streaming and social media combined.

I hope i have been able to convince you that Pay Tv is here to stay at least for many years to come if it is not going to be forever.

So let’s get to the point of this article. Which is how much acquiring dstv will cost you in this country and that include installation and first month subscription.

I will assume you have a Tv before you are even thinking of getting yourself a dstv decoder but if not, you are going to need one so get one.

Other than that, you need a decoder (there are two types), installer (you can do it yourself but i will recommend an expert) and finally familiarise yourself with different variety of available packages. All of which will be touched in this article.

Current DsTv Prices of Decoder in Nigeria 2020

The price of dstv HD and explora decoders including installation are 15,000 Naira and 65,000 Naira respectively.

What you will see in most Nigerians home is the HD decoder because it is cheap and if all you care about is watching programmes, it is basically what you need.

But if you want more, let’s say the ability to record, pause, resume, rewind, box-office (renting blockbuster movies for 48 hours) downloading movies, internet access and catch up along side what the HD decoder is already offering, then you had better go for the explora decoder.

The above price is the average price across the country but there may be a variation depending on where you stay and if you are doing the installation yourself.

Price of Zapper HD decoder is 9,900 Naira plus installation fee it becomes 12,500 to 15,000 Naira.

The Price of explora is 55,000 Naira but if you can’t install it yourself, you will have to pay up to 65,000 Naira in total (that’s 10,000 Naira for installation).

I will recommend you pay the money and avoid unnecessary stress.

Your new zapper decoder comes with Compact subscription while the Explora comes with Premium package.

Why You Should Get Yourself a DsTv Decoder in Nigeria

Because no matter how you look at it, it is still the best satellite Tv in the country if you can afford it. But if you can not, the parent company have a mini version named GoTv for low and average income families.

For those that can afford it below are the full channels you will be enjoying when you subscribe to the Premium package which is the most expensive one and will cost you 16,200 Naira to get access to.

DsTv Premium Channels

  • SuperSport Blitz
  • SuperSport 1
  • SuperSport 2
  • SuperSport 3 (HD/SD)
  • SuperSport 4 (HD/SD)
  • SuperSport 5 (HD/SD)
  • SuperSport 6
  • SuperSport 7
  • SuperSport 8
  • SuperSport 9
  • SuperSport 10
  • SuperSport 11 (HD/SD)
  • SuperSport 12 (HD/SD)
  • Eva
  • Eva +
  • AfricaMagic Showcase
  • AfricaMagic Epic Movies
  • AfricaMagic Urban
  • AfricaMagic Family
  • AfricaMagic Hausa
  • AfricaMagic Yoruba
  • AfricaMagic East
  • AfricaMagic Igbo
  • Maisha Magic Bongo
  • Discovery TLC Entertainment
  • Discovery IDx
  • BBC Lifestyle
  • NTA I
  • Silverbird
  • AIT
  • Channels
  • MTV
  • Lifetime Entertainment
  • CBS Reality
  • FOX
  • FOX Life
  • Turner Classic Movies
  • M-Net Movies Zone
  • Food Network
  • Spice TV
  • Ebony Life TV
  • E! Entertainment Television
  • Sony Entertainment Television
  • Sony Entertainment Television Max
  • BET International
  • Deutsche Welle
  • CCTV 4
  • CCTV Entertainment
  • China Movie Channel
  • Shanghai Dragon TV
  • Hunan TV
  • Jiantsu Television
  • Phoenix News and Entertainment
  • RTP Internacional
  • Faith Broadcast Network
  • ROK
  • Iroko Plus
  • Televista
  • Trybe
  • Galaxy TV
  • B4U Movies
  • Zee World
  • MiTV
  • Lagos TV
  • Wazobia Max
  • Arewa 24
  • WAP
  • K24
  • Adom TV
  • Cartoon Network
  • Boomerang
  • Disney Channel
  • Disney XD
  • Nickelodeon
  • Cbeebies
  • NickJr
  • NickTOONS
  • Disney Junior
  • JimJam
  • Mindset
  • MTV Base
  • TRACE Mziki
  • Hip TV
  • NDTV24x7
  • EuroNews
  • CNC World
  • Arise News
  • TVC News
  • Joy News
  • EuroNews German
  • Discovery Channel (SD/HD)
  • Discovery Family
  • Crime Investigation Network
  • National Geographic Channel
  • Nat Geo Wild
  • The History Channel
  • CGTN Documentary
  • RAI International
  • TV5 Monde Afrique
  • TBN
  • TRACE Naija
  • AFRO Music English
  • Sound City
  • Fiesta TV
  • Planet Radio TV
  • eTV Africa
  • BBC World News
  • CNN International
  • Sky News
  • SABC News
  • Al Jazeera
  • CGTN
  • CNBC Africa
  • Bloomberg Television
  • DayStar
  • Islam Channel
  • Eternal Word Television Network
  • Emmanuel TV
  • Dove TV
  • TV Mundial
  • M-Net West (HD/SD)
  • 1Magic
  • M-Net Movies Premiere (SD/HD)
  • M-Net Movies Smile
  • M-Net Movies Action +
  • Iroko Music
  • M-Net
  • M-Net Movies All Stars
  • Studio Universal
  • M-Net City
  • Vuzu (SD/HD)
  • Universal Channel (SD/HD)
  • Telemundo
  • BBC Brit
  • Comedy Central
  • ITV Choice (SD/HD)

That’s over 184 channels, 47 of which are audio. That been said, there are other 4 (four) packages available for the dstv holders that can’t afford the premium one.

Other DsTv Bouquet & Prices

We have;

1.) Padi – It costs 1850 Naira per month and you will have access to 80 channels and 11 that are audio.

2.) Yanga – Renewal is 2565 Naira every 30 days and it gives access to 105 channels including 11 Audio.

3.) Family (Removed) – You will be paying 4000 Naira every month to renew your subscription and retain access to 109 channels included is 11 audio.

4.) Confam: Its renewal is 4615 Naira per month and it gives you access to 122 channels among which 11 are Audio.

5.) Compact – It costs 6975 Naira monthly and gives you access to 166 channels inside of which contain 47 audio.

6.) Compact Plus – Your renewal is 10,925 and will enjoy access to 174 channels including 47 audio.

You can make your subscription payment using your bank’s mobile banking app or from their internet banking dashboard. You can also make use of quickteller (which is actually the most used by Nigerians) and you can stick to the dealer you bought the decoder from for renewal.


DsTv Prices for each of their decoder is actually worth the amount you are paying for them. How much you pay for some of their subscription? Maybe not much.

In some months that i know i will be busy, i only do Yanga subscription just to stay informed on happenings around the world with CGTN, CNBC, BBC, Bloomberg and Aljazeera. Yeah, i also have access to some Africa Magic channels and Trybe.

Not so much busy month or champion league months? I mostly go for the compact plus subscription which will give me access to all the super sport channels and also CNN, Ebony Life Tv and M-Net channels.

You see, depending on who you are and how busy you might be, you can decide which of the bouquet that best suits you at any particular point in time.

That being said, this write up will be updated to reflect new or additional changes to the channels, prices and all other information shared in it immediately i became aware of it. I hope you enjoy reading this piece.


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